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30 Toys That Begin With The Letter Z For All Ages

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I know how it feels to look up a zillion different toys and not be able to find that superb toy that starts with the letter Z that you so desperately seeking! It’s almost like a needle in a haystack. It’s totally okay, I got you covered! Below is a huge list of items for all age ranges. Whether you are looking for something zany, zigzaggy, or zoological it is probably in this list! Time to get down to business and check out these enjoyable toys.

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Find more toys for the rest of the alphabet:

 Toys That Begin With The Letter Z Ages 2-5

Zoo Animals

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There is a zero percent chance your 2-5-year-old won’t go crazy when they open this bucket of animals! All his or her friends are going to want to play too!

Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

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Remember all those times you go to the doctor and they have one of these awesome cubes? And all you can think about is the last time it was cleaned and all the sick kids that have probably played with it? Now you can get one for your own home and maybe you can avoid some germs!

Zuma’s Ultimate Rescue Hovercraft

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Any Paw Patrol fans out there? Take advantage of this adorable rescue hovercraft toy. His or her imagination will go wild!

Zebra Pillow Pet

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Eeeek! Alert….this pillow pet is so darn cute it will be hard to pass up! Snuggle time all day with this zebra!

Zurg Action Figure

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Remember Zurg from Toy Story? This action figure looks just like the toy in the movie. His face lights up and he speaks several phrases.

Zoo Animals Memory Game

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I remember being a little girl (and a grown mom) and playing memory and having such a great time! This game also comes with a floor puzzle too!

Zuma Paw Patrol Plush

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Time to cuddle with your favorite pup pal! Your kiddo and Zuma will be best friends forever.

Zig-Zag Tower

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Your preschoolers face is going to light up when they see this zig-zag tower. It has fun colors that are bright and cheery. This toy never gets old!

Zebra Shark

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This isn’t just a plain old shark….it’s a zebra shark which is way more awesome! I love the colors and that it is something completely unique.

Toys That Begin With The Letter Z Ages 6-8


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It is impossible to have a bad time when playing this game! It is based off the game Bingo, but they added a “zing” to it! There will be a lot of laughs!

ZOOB BuilderZ

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Not going to lie, the word ZOOB is a blast to say! This 500 piece set comes with a storage container so you don’t have to worry about finding it all over the house, car or yard.

Zing Air Storm Bullz Eye Bow

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Your child can practice his or her skills at shooting an arrow. Plus, it is a really entertaining game too! It will hold their attention for a while too.

Zipes Speed Pipes

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Say that 3 times fast! The vehicles go really, really fast and are capable of going up the pipes! Really amusing to watch.

Zurg’s Glow In The Dark Blaster

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Your child will love pretending to be Zurg! Watch out though you may end up in the crossfire! The best part will be playing it in the dark when you see the balls shoot across the room.

Zuru Hamster

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These Zuru hamsters come in a large variety of patterns. They win the category for most darling too! Your child’s new little hamster is going to zoom all over the house.

Zootopia Plush: Judy Hopps

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Judy is a down to business bunny that dreams big. She is sweet and feisty! She will be the perfect friend to your child.


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This grand disc can jump up to five feet in the air! There will for sure be some “oohs” and “awes.” Your kiddo will never get tired of this one!

ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer

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Whoa! You can actually build 3 different cars at the same time! How awesome is that? This is so cool because it encourages creativity!

Zipper Bracelet

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Impressive bracelets that help entertain your kiddos when they can’t focus. They can be zipped and unzipped tons of times. Great thing to fidget with.

Zig-Zag Striped Furby

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Download the Furby Boom app to go with this toy and it can do so much more! It’s fascinating because the way to children take care of it will shape the Furby’s personality.

Toys That Begin With The Letter Z Ages 9-12

Zen Garden

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Your tween will be able to spend hours playing with this zen garden. It is so relaxing to play with the sand and move things around.

Zeus On The Loose Game

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You can have up to 4 players with this game. The goal is to catch up with Zeus and get him. Fun for all ages.

Zombie Pirate

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This stuffed toy is for sure for older children. You don’t want the little ones having nightmares from this cute zombie!

Zelda Chess Game

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You are never too young to own your own chess game. Chess is one of those games you can play your whole life and never get bored because it is different every time.

Zombie Action Figures

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What preteen doesn’t need a bucket of 100 action figure zombies? I can totally see the zombies taking over your living room!

Zipline Kit

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I think the coolest thing ever is to have your own zip line in your own yard! Your kids will have an epic time with their friends and this zip line.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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There are plenty of full-grown men that collect anything, John Deere. If you have a kiddo that is a huge John Deere fan he or she is going to love this mower! Unique and entertaining.

Zing Bow & Arrow

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This bow & arrow is built safer because you can only use foam and suction cup arrows to shoot. Thank goodness you don’t have to worry about dangerous stuff like pencils!

Zombie Dice

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Zombie games are so popular and even though it’s a little creepy this game is super enjoyable! You only need 2 players and you can get through a game pretty fast.

Zombie Nerf Hammershot Blaster

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Any kind of nerf gun is going to be a huge hit with preteens. Then you go and add a zombie to it and you have a killer fun toy!

Hope you found some inspiration on your next toy purchase that starts with a Z! What Z word is your favorite?

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