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Whew, I was stumped for gift ideas for a sophomore, aka my niece. This helped a ton for all my holiday presents.

20 Gift Ideas for a Sophomore

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Freshman year can be a bit of a challenge – leaving home, starting to figure out life on your own, screwing up a few times.  By sophomore year, most college students are amped to get back to school, see their friends and have a great time.

The following gift ideas for a sophomore can be tailored to the person on your list and make an excellent starting point.  We’ve got some great gift ideas for college students of all stages, take a look at the freshman gift idea list here!

1. Flash Drive

Piles and piles of papers have to be carried around because there are more assignments. For that reason, a digital copy of work is necessary, and that is why backup is critical. In the midst of storing word documents, other files may also need to be carried โ€˜digitallyโ€™. These include music and videos. Therefore, a flash drive with a large storage capacity is better.

Eagetยฎ U90 High-speed 64GB USB 3.0 Metal Flash Drive Media Storage Key Ring

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2. Laptop sleeve

Chances are high this person bought a laptop in freshman year. Make life easier by getting a nice laptop sleeve for safety.

Case Logic LAPS-116 15 – 16-Inch Laptop Sleeve

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3. Scanner pen

A scanner pen will come in handy when there is a need to convert text into a digital copy. The pen can be used to get quotes from textbooks or copy other information that is in text form.

IRISPen 7 Executive Portable and USB-powered Digital Pen Scanner

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4. Sunglasses

First, do a little bit of research. Fashionistas claim the face should be compatible with the sunglasses. If you are not sure, go for sporty sunglasses.

Icon Eyewear A10001 AND1 Sport Style Sunglasses

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5. Computer backup system

Save the frustrations from a computer crash or theft. As a bonus, you can also throw in a backup power system for use during power blackouts.

Seagate 500 GB Complete Multi-PC Backup System with Dock

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APC BE350G Back-UPS 350VA 6-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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6. Portable speakers

Portable speakers will provide enough flexibility in-house. Music lovers treasure these items. Higher quality is preferable because of the need for quality sound.

JBL Flip II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

7. Coffee Maker

By the second year, learning will take its toll on such a student and sometimes sleep will not be a priority.  Even if your sophomore didn’t start drinking coffee in high school, chances are good they have started by now!

Krups programmable coffeemaker

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8.Magnetic Strip Bulletin Board

Display tickets, pictures with friends, course schedules and more in a fun way that decorates their room and is handy.  Think of it like the magnetic fridge that they don’t have all to themselves.

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Even if a backpack was on their shopping list during freshman. It is now old or outdated. Go out and get something trendy.

DAOTS Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack Rucksack for College School Travel Daypack

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10. MP3 Player with a voice recorder

Sometimes there will be need to listen and focus more on the lecture without scribbling down every word. For that purpose, an MP3 player with a voice recorder fits as the best gift.

Intsunยฎ Multifunctional Digital Audio Voice Recorder Pen with U Disk Function Dictaphone With MP3 Player

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11. Wallet

Definitely a good time for a new wallet because the freshman wallet is already worn out.

feminine Wallet

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Masculine wallet

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12. Athletic Gear

At times, they will stop visiting the recreational center because they do not have the right attire. An athletic gear will motivate their fitness.

For Her

90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

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For him

Adidas Performance Men’s Tiro 15 Training Pant

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13. Clock Radio universal dock for iPod

A sophomore needs this more. Reason: waking up, music, and FM radio.

FM-RBDS / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Atomic Clock Radio with iPod Dock

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14. Travel bag

There is going to be plenty of travelling, and a travelling bag will be a lifesaver. Also, a spacious bag will be needed when going for the holidays.  How else can they do their laundry for free at home?

Everest Luggage Sporty Gear Bag โ€“ Large

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15. Tote bag

In some instances, items will be scattered everywhere. A tote bag will help to put everything together. A tote bag will enhance the in-house organization.

Poly Zipper Tote Bag

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16. Noise cancelling headphones

Why? Because sometimes external noise should not be tolerated.

Darkiron N8 Headphones Headset with In line Mic and Volume Control

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17). Air plants

The room may be looking dull without some decorations.

5 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

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18. Portable Projector

Watching Spectre on a wall-mounted projection screen is much welcome. This will also come in handy when doing presentations with classmates.

Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater Projector

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19. Artwork

If the graduate-wannabe has a new room, then some artwork will make the place look like a modern gallery.

Santin Art – Modern Abstract Ready to Hang Stretched Canvas Oil Painting

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20. Amazon gift card

When you are lazy, let the sophomore collect their item of choice.

Amazon gift cards

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