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20 Gift Ideas for a Libra Man

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Even though they may be next to the Virgo on the Zodiac calendar, they are an entirely different man. Libra men are well balanced and that’s why its not easy to pick the perfect gift. There taste from one object to the next could be completely the opposite and leaves you wondering if you can ever keep up!

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We’ve chosen 20 stunning gift ideas for a Libra man to help you choose the right one.

Gift Ideas for a Libra Man

Dad Stamped Penny Fishing Lure

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Libra men love beautiful items related to their active lives. And if he is a dad, this gift is perfect.

Personalized Baseball Stand

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The active Libran gets a kick out of personalized items. You can’t go wrong with anything that has his name on it.

Custom Engraved Poker Set

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If the Libra man is not that into action sports, then a customized poker set will get him excited. Librans love team activities, so this is an excuse to get social.

Gourmet Cheese Gift

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He’ll love this gift, let’s hope he shares, although he doesn’t have to.

How to be a programmer – By Robert L.Read

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Some Scale-Bearers are proud computer geeks. This book will help them at being more geekish as possible.

Raw Vegan on the Fastlane Cookbook

The 60 Second Power Smoothie Handbook – by Alicia Ann Lip

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And if he is not that into geek, perhaps he decides to convert to veganism, using this book.

William’s Cashmere Stripe

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If you’re not around to keep your man warm, let it be this William’s cashmere crewneck raglan that does it.

Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers

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These sneakers will score you 10 extra points with him. And quite a few points with Polo Ralph Lauren. Not really, but the man in your life is all that matters.

Samsonite Duraflex luggage set

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Jetsetter Libran is a sucker for a great luggage set. The Samsonite Duraflex luggage set will have him travelling in style.

Sherlock Season 1 – Benedict Cumberbatch

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Help him unleash the inner sleuth with this series.

C-1 SGR Electric guitar

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Figured yourself to be a groupie? Get your man this C-1 SGR Electric guitar.

Sasquatch Extra Large Cocktail Shaker

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He will love this cocktail mixer that much that it will make all feel like getting jiggy with it..

Fabric Wall Mural

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Your favourite selfie together could be turned into a memorable mural that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Android Smartphone

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Stay in touch with the RCA Android smartphone.

SARAL Track Me Down App

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And if you have stalker tendencies

Night People – Album

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You can listen to this album anytime of the day. Pay no mind to the title. And there’s some great tracks too.

Cordless Drill

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Handyman Libra will go gaga over this power drill.

Concrete Jack Hammer

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Or if he finds demolition soothing

Stand-up Paddle Board

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Any water loving Libra man must have this stand up paddle board.

Coffee Maker

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Sometimes a Black & Decker coffee machine is all it takes.

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