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20 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s 30th Birthday

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For some people, turning 30 is a huge deal. In our society, turning 30 usually means that you’re a full-fledged adult, right? Make sure your boyfriend feels extra loved and appreciated once he hits this milestone birthday. Here are a few that would be just perfect gift ideas for your boyfriend’s 30th birthday!

Gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s 30th Birthday

Consider gifts that are masculine and practical. Like the ones on this list! 

This Funny “’WTF You’re How Old?” Birthday Card

WTF you're how old card

This is bound to make your boyfriend chuckle!

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Men Vintage Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

A swanky bag is perfect for gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday.

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By 30, your guy should have a professional looking briefcase/messenger bag. With a bag like this, he’ll be carrying all of his work documents or a laptop in style.

High Quality Chef Knives

chef knife set

If your guy loves to cook or is planning on learning, his 30th birthday is a great opportunity to give him a great quality knife set. After all, what says “mature adult” more than having your own set of knives?

Deep Tissue Massager

deep tissue massager for your boyfriend's 30th birthday

At first it might seem like a gag gift but trust me, once you reach your 30s having a deep tissue massage gun on hand is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for recovering from sports injuries, relaxing after a long day, and massaging out all those weird kinks he’ll get while sleeping now, apparently.

Beard Grooming Kit

If he has a beard, this gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday is just for him.

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If your boyfriend has a beard, get him this gift to help keep it soft and tamed!

Set of Whiskey Glasses

Gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday for those who drink whiskey.

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Now that he’s turning 30 up your boyfriend’s bar with some trendy adult glassware. Make sure you get a large enough set so he has plenty of barware for entertaining!

Black Valet Tray Catchall and Storage Organizer

Help your man keep his things organized. Great for keys, watches, change, or anything else he’s trying to keep track of.

Gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday cause cuff-links are a guy'es best friend.

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By the time he’s 30, he needs a solid pair of cufflinks to go with a suit or tux. The older he gets, the more professional and formal events he may have to attend. If he really likes cuff links, we have the perfect list for you to check out here

Nice Sunglasses

men's sunglasses for your boyfriend's 30th birthday

By the time you reach your 30th birthday you (hopefully) already have almost everything you need. 30th birthdays are a great time to splurge on something that’s just for him! If he wears sunglasses (most guys do), spoil your boyfriend with a nice pair for his birthday this year.

Personalized Stainless Steel Lock-Back Knife

Personalized knife to give your boyfriend on his 30th birthday

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Lots of men carry around pocket tools and knives. If he’s into any type of home projects or outdoor activities, he might find a customized knife useful.

High End Men’s Watch

fossil brand men's watch

Grab whatever style of watch you think your boyfriend would like best for an amazing 30th birthday present. A good quality casual watch is perfect for wearing to work or out on dates, splurge on a fancy one for those suit and tie events, or grab him something digital like an Apple Watch for a practical gift.

Bourbon-Peppercorn Marinated Steaks – Four-Pack

Marinated steaks

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Is your boyfriend a grillmaster? A set of steaks to cook on the grill would be a great present to unwrap!

Game Console or Accessories

pro xbox gaming controller

If your man likes to play video games get some gaming related gift ideas for your boyfriend’s 30th birthday. Now’s a great time to spoil him with an accessory he’s been wanting for awhile like this elite gaming controller.

Tickets to a Favorite Event

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sports Tickets

Consider getting him tickets to one of his favorite events! These could be tickets to a concert, a festival, a convention, or even a sporting event! He’ll love that you’ve taken the time to give him a gift of something that he really enjoys.

ManHands™ Soap

Manhands manly soap

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This funny soap comes in several “manly” scents. Makes a great add-on to a larger gift.

Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

This beer brewer makes a fun gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday!

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Many guys are into making their own brews and this would give your boyfriend the chance to start making his own home-brews of beer! It also lets him brew other recipes from craft breweries!

Casa Magna Domus Magnus II Cigar Set

Cuban cigar gift set for your boyfriend's 30th birthday

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If your boyfriend is into quality cigars and tobacco, consider a box of cigars for a gift. Bonus points if it’s from a unique location!

Twenties Have Expired Mug

twenties have expired mug

This silly mug is a fun way for him to commemorate turning 30. Great for a new boyfriend, white elephant birthday party, or to add into a bigger gift basket.

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gift ideas for your boyfriend's 30th birthday that helps him achieve a close shave.

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Tell your boyfriend to ditch the disposable shaving products, because you’re treating him to some much fancier shaving products to use at home.

This “You Are Loved” Personalized Boyfriend Gift

You are loved journal

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This is a printable gift that YOU get to fill out! There are spaces for you to write in all the reasons that you love your boyfriend. Fill it in ahead of time for a very personalized gift to display!

Even though he’s turning 30 and probably celebrating a lot of life’s milestones, there no reason to not have a little fun with gift ideas for your boyfriend’s 30th birthday too! Make sure to give him something that shows you care, but something that can also be fun and useful. If you’re looking for something for your husband, check this list out. 

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