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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 10 Year Old Girl

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Want to get the 10 year old girl you know a birthday gift that will actually make a difference to her life?

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Giving one of these STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) gifts will do just that. The best part is that all of these gifts are really fun so she won’t even know that she’s learning!


STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 10 Year Old Girl

K’NEX Mighty Makers Fun on the Ferris Kit

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With this kit, they girls can design their own mini fairground rides! They can first make a moving Ferris Wheel and then use the same parts to build two other fun rides.

Lip Balm Lab

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The lip balm lab will show 10 year old girls that science can be fun. She won’t realise that she’s learning chemistry as she designs her own beauty line!

Code Gamer

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Does the 10 year old girl you know love playing video games? Take her addiction to the next level with Code Gamer so eventually she’ll be able to code her own games!

Wallscapes Winged Wonders

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Every 10 year old girl loves decorating her bedroom. Why not with giant bugs? With this kit she’ll be able to create five huge winged wonders including a ladybug and a dragonfly to display on her wall.

Ultimate Spy Bag

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If the 10 year old girl you know loves mystery stories, she’ll love this spy bag! With everything she needs to be a super spy, your secrets won’t stay safe for long.

Wowee MiP the Toy Robot

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This bright pink robot makes for a futuristic gift! It can navigate its environment, follow hand signals and even balance objects. What a great intro to robotics!

Makey Makey Invention Kit

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Makey Makey is an innovative invention kit that will spark any 10 year old girl’s imagination. By plugging it into a computer she’ll be able to use it to turn any object into a touchpad. The possibilities are endless!


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This first microscope would be a great gift to get for any 10 year old girl who’s already interested in science. She’ll be able to examine specimens and learn more about the natural world.


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Dot is a seriously cute robot whose main aim is to help kids learn to code. With a little bit of code, Dot can transform into loads of other cool gadgets. Including an alarm clock, instrument, flying spaceship and even a fortune teller!

Soap Lab

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A chemistry kit that kids will get excited about! With this gift girls will be able to learn about soap formulas, experiment with different shapes and then design their own range of soaps. I wonder what you’ll be getting from her next Christmas?


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This genius pen enables 10 year old girls to turn their imagination into 3D creations. Girls can draw whatever they like and then the ink will cool down, solidify and make a real 3D toy!

Ultimate Crystal Growing Kit

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Crystal growing is a beautiful way to get kids excited about chemistry. This kit will show kids how to grow their own stunning crystals and learn a little bit more about how they are made.


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Kids will be able to turn each evening into an intergalactic adventure with this professional looking telescope!

Hidden Message Code Bands

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This brilliant kit makes the weird combination of jewelry-making and maths actually work. Girls will love coding secret messages into the bracelets that only their friends can read.

Perfume Lab

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Chemistry is key when it comes to creating perfume. This engaging kit will show girls how to invent their own lovely perfumes and teach them a bit of chemistry all at the same time!


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Know a 10 year old girl that loves technology? This is the gift to get. She’ll love learning more about computer science and coding with Ozobot the robot!

Snap Circuits FM Radio Kit

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This kit is basically two gift experiences in one. First, they get the learning experience of creating their own electrical product and then they get to listen to Justin Bieber on their very own radio. Perfect.

Smart Friendship Bracelet

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This Smart Friendship Bracelet doesn’t just remind girls who their BFF is. They can also use it to communicate with each other and learn to code!

CHiP Robot Dog Toy

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CHiP is both a great alternative to a real dog and a way to inspire an interest in computer science! He can fetch, nuzzle and learn new tricks and will be any kid’s new best friend.

Binoculars and Wildlife Activity Journal

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This gorgeous set will inspire any animal-loving 10 year old girl to take their interest further. The activity journal is designed to give girls hands on science experience including observation and journaling skills.

What difference will your gift make to that 10 year old girl you’re buying it for? Will she find maths easier at school or be inspired to learn more about zoology? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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