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20 Toilet and Poo Themed Gifts that are Truly Amazing

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There’s nothing that stinks about these awesome and hilarious gifts! Perfect gags and presents for any occasion, these toilet and poo themed gifts are sure to knock your socks off. Roll up your sleeves and dive into this pile of steaming fresh gift ideas!

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Poop is never not funny…


Toilet and Poo Themed Gifts that are Truly Amazing

Poop Emoji Pillow

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The classic and arguably timeless poop emoji has his own pillow, why don’t you have one of these?

Poo-Pourri Spray Bottle

Poo stinks so this toilet and poo themed gifts is perfect.

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This concentrated spray coats the toilet bowl to ensure your #2 does not stink up the washroom for future visitors. Being both incredibly practical as well as comedic, a bottle of this stuff makes a great gift for anyone!

Poo: The Card Game

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In this portable and humorous card game, 2-6 players battle it out to decide whos the best slinger of all. A great themed present for anyone who enjoys card and board games!

What’s your Poo Telling You?

You always need to know what your poo is saying so this toilet and poo themed gifts is a knowledgeable one.

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This book is the end all be all of poop guides. Look no further for a comprehensive and well thought out poop guide, telling you what secrets about your health lie in your dispose. With illustrations and tons of information, make this a must-buy for your poop themed wishlist.

12oz Toilet Mug

They can drink their morning joe out of this toilet and poo themed gifts.

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This hilarious ceramic toilet mug is exactly what you need for a gag gift at the office or a funny present for a friend or coworker. Grab them one of these other coffee gift ideas to round it out. Get it? Round? 

Remote Control Poop

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This remote control poop is sure to have people doing a double take when they see it driving through the living room. With farting and spinning capabilities, be prepared to unleash your prankster side with this awesome gift.

Toilet Roll Talker

This toilet and poo themed gifts will let them know when they are almost out!

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This toilet roll talks. Replace with your usual crappy toilet roll holder to play some epic practical jokes on your family and coworkers. Record a 10 second audio clip to surprise your bathroom’s next visitor with this humorous gag gift.

Poop Emoji Fidget Spinner

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Don’t take sh** from anyone, fidget spinners are all the rage and that doesn’t stop here. This poop emoji fidget spinner toy will have people laughing their heads off.

Poop Character Coin Bank

This toilet and poo themed gifts will help them save their coin in a discreet matter.

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This poop emoji themed coin bank is the cutest dookie you’ve ever seen in your life, plus he’ll have you jumping for joy when you dump your stash of pennies and dimes out. A perfect unique gift for anyone, it’ll be sure to get people laughing.

Have a Nice Poop Sign

We all need a reminder so this toilet and poo themed gifts is a fun one for the bathroom.

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This thoughtfully designed sign features the phrase, “Have a nice Poop’ set in handwritten style on a minimalist frame. Hang it in your bathroom of gift it as a present to anyone with a good taste in humour and decor!

Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb

This toilet and poo themed gifts is a relaxing one.

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This rainbow coloured, sparkly bath bomb is the cutest and funniest of its kind. Fizzy and delightful, it’ll provide that person on your gifting list with a relaxing evening in the tub, and they might even get a few laugh out of it.

Sh** Happens Doggie Poop Leash Dispenser

This toilet and poo themed gifts is a fun one for when they walk their dog.

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This adorable pouch houses poop bags for dog walkers. Have a pet lover in your life with a good sense of humour? This gift is for them!

Funny Bathroom Sign

This toilet and poo themed gifts will provide them with some reading material.

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“Home is where you poop most comfortably” adorns this unique and stunning handmade sign that will make the perfect addition to anyone’s home decor. Besides, who wouldn’t agree?

Poop Scoop Enamel Keychain

A funny toilet and poo themed gifts for cat owners.

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This gorgeous enamel keychain is based off of the ubiquitous plastic kitty litter poop scoop all cat lovers have come to know and appreciate. We’ve all done our time cleaning the litter box, show some pride in it with this cute and funny gift.

Funny Poop Mug

This toilet and poo themed gifts will definitely keep them regular.

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This mug really tells it like it is, “Coffee makes me poop”. Set in a tasteful brown ceramic, this coffee mug makes a great present for any serious or amatuer mug collector.

Poop Emoji Air Freshener

Their car will smell nice with one of these toilet and poo themed gifts in it.

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Worry not, they don’t smell the way you think they do! This pack of vanilla scented air fresheners is sure to turn some heads in traffic!

Cute Enamel Poop Character Pin

This cute toilet and poo themed gifts would look fun on any jacket or bag.

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This cute little guy is a great fit for any keychain or pin collection. This is sure to be a great gift for any collector, especially one with a good sense of humour.

Gag Toilet Paper

Toilet and poo themed gifts include a funny gag one.

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This hilarious bathroom gag is a great gift for any prankster, as well as a good tool to have in your arsenal for the first!

Unicorn Poop Slime

Toilet and poo themed gifts include all the slime.

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Slime is all the rage! The impossibly clean yet slimy and fun substance is the new silly putty. According to this slime, Unicorns poop rainbows!

Keep Calm and Poop On Toilet Seat Decal

A decal for the toilet is a funny toilet and poo themed gifts.

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This humorous toilet decal is a surefire way to let everyone know you’ve got a great sense of humour! Available in a variety of colors, give someone the gift they never knew they wanted, toilet decals!

Goat Poop Lip Balm

This toilet and poo themed gifts will leave their mouth feelin nice.

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Who would have thought something poop themed could be so practical? Protect your lips and get a couple of laughs out of it with this hilarious ‘goat poop’ lip balm. It’s the perfect gift to turn heads in the office.

From gag gifts to the arguably practical, this gift guide is anything but crappy. Grab the perfect poop themed gift for anyone on your list with this selection of hand picked and toilet humour approved presents!

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