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60 Gift Ideas for a Leo Woman

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The Leo woman. Born in July and August. She is creative, passionate, generous, and so much more. When you’re Queen of the Jungle, it’s hard not to feel spoiled. Leo ladies enjoy getting gifts from the people in their life who love them. And, any reason is the right season to give your favorite Leo lady presents.

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But whatever should you gift her? Gift ideas for a Leo woman aren’t easy to come by. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use her astrological sign to come up with ideas that speak to her traits, whether she’s “into her horoscope” or not.

We have you covered.

Here are gift ideas for a Leo Woman.

Unique Gifts a Woman Born Under the Leo Star Sign Will Love

Don’t wait until this summer to spoil your favorite Leo in your life. Make up for all of the years without birthday parties at school because of having a summer birthday. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Inspirational Journal

The best way to be inspirational is by keeping all of your most motivational thoughts and ideas in one place. Let this inspirational journal be that place for your Leo friend.

Inspirational Journal Prompts

Do they already have an awesome journal? Keep them inspired anyways with these great insert-able inspirational journal prompts.

Beach Cover Up

Beach Cover Up

This swimsuit cover up is perfect for a day at the beach this summer!

Leo Queen Travel Mug for a leo woman

Leo Queen Travel Mug

For the Leo queen in your life! This travel mug is a nice, practical gift – plus the design is great too.

Zodiac Scented Candle

These candles are extremely trendy and come in every zodiac sign. They also smell fantastic, which is always important when it comes to candles.

Winnie the Pooh Quote Necklace

Because let’s face it, if they’re a friend of yours, then they are absolutely smart, strong and brave.

Retro Leo Zodiac Sweatshirt

By combining a retro font and stylish throwback colors, this sweatshirt blends Leo pride and cool design for a sweatshirt that she can wear on cool summer evening and this coming fall.

Leo Sign Necklace

Leo Sign Necklace

This necklace is very simple, very subtle, and quite elegant. It can be a great accessory to nearly any outfit.

Gift ideas for a leo woman include ones that let her be the artist she truly is.

Acrylic Paint Set

Did you know that Leos are super creative? Give her the opportunity to show off her creative side with this paint set. We have more gift ideas if she loves painting

This brushes got great with the last gift ideas for a leo woman.

Acrylic Paint Brushes

And these paint brushes.

This gift ideas for a leo woman helps her nurture her inner artist.

Drawing Set

If she would like less of a mess around the house, then this drawing set is the perfect way to get started.

sketchbook gift idea

9” x 12” Sketchbook

She could keep all of her masterpieces in one place with this sketchbook.

Trifold Mirror

Trifold Mirror

Show her her beauty with this awesome trifold light-up mirror.

Leo Zodiac Keychain

Keychains are nice, inexpensive gifts that almost always are appreciated. This one is trendy and stylish; just like a Leo. Love the art!

A professional selfie stick makes gift ideas for a leo woman a snap. Literally.

Professional Selfie Stick

This isn’t just a selfie stick, this is a PROFESSIONAL selfie stick. It can even hold cameras.

An art journaling book is great for gift ideas for a leo woman.

No Excuses Art Journaling Book

Art journaling is the ultimate mixed-media creative experience. It is an incredible creative outlet with tons of possibilities.

This gift ideas for a leo woman reminds her it's okay to be a work in progress.

Undone is Beautiful

This book is a collection of inspirational quotes, stories, and life experiences from the author. It is a great addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

This gift ideas for a leo woman is for the one who loves the beach.

Round Beach Throw

These new beach blankets are going to be a HUGE hit this summer, I can already tell. Part towel, part blanket, and super comfortable, these beach throws are going to be a beach staple.

This gift ideas for a leo woman helps her unlock her mind.

Let Me Out Book

Who doesn’t want to be more creative AND productive? This book answers how to do just that.

Some mirror sunglasses make the perfect gift ideas for a leo woman if she loves the sun.

Mirror Lens Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love new sunglasses? Especially for a summer birthday!

She's a show stopper so this book makes an excellent choice for gift ideas for a leo woman.

Hamilton: The Revolution

Hamilton the Musical took America by storm this past couple of years. Let her read up on the story behind the music with this great book.

Gift ideas for a leo woman include anything that helps her shine.

Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story

If Hamilton isn’t her musical, this broader perspective on musicals may be just the gift you are looking for. It is the complete history of musicals since Ancient Greece. It even has color photos! We have more ideas for a Broadway lover here

This floppy hat makes a perfect gift ideas for a leo woman.

Floppy Derby Hat

This hat is adorable, just like your Leo friend!

Becoming Michelle Obama Audio Book

The next time you’re in your car, enjoy learning more about the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. An inspiration for those of us still on the journey to becoming our best selves.

Unf#ck Yourself Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life (audio)

Gary John Bishop encourages readers to start taking action instead of staying focused on all the wrong things. I didn’t realize he was Scottish until I heard him speak in person recently if you get a chance to see him in person, run don’t walk to get your tickets. Otherwise, read his book.

Born a Crime Trevor Noah (audio)

Many of us love Trevor Noah’s hilarious takes on life, politics, and everything in-between. But, his origin story is nothing to laugh about. Born in South Africa as the mixed-race son of a couple that wasn’t supposed to happen. His story will inspire everyone who reads it.

Leo Beer Glass

Leo Beer Glass

What beer drinker doesn’t love a stylish glass? This one is Leo themed, perfect if you want a zodiac gift for the beer loving woman in your life. Pair it with her favorite brew!

The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage Brene Brown

Brené Brown shot to fame after her TedX talk about vulnerability. We’re in a time when it’s hard to be vulnerable and it’s great to have someone speaking about the importance of being vulnerable to others. It’s not a weakness.

You’re a Badass at Making Money Jen Sincero

Have you ever struggled to make more money? Do you feel frustrated and confused about why you’re not making more? Jen Sincero reminds everyone that they can be a badass at making money and shows us how.

Star-Cross Zodiac Art Print

Fit Bit Flex

If you’re trying to stay fit and keep track of your fitness, the sleek Fit Bit Flex may be the tool for you to use. The Fit Bit is small enough that it can pass for jewelry.

Fit Bit Flex 2 Bangle

If you prefer your fitness tracker to look like actual jewelry, ditch the plastic band that the FitBit comes in and wear the bangle instead. You’ll get tons of questions and compliments the next time you wear your bangle and it lights up unexpectedly.

Leo Constellation Sweatshirt

Show your Leo pride while staying warm in this Leo Installation sweatshirt.

Everything is Figureoutable Marie Forleo

Have you ever felt frustrated about a situation and struggled to find the solution? Marie Forleo shares that there’s always a solution.

Sorry I’m a Fire Sign T-Shirt

This t-shirt is one of the most stylish Leo t-shirts I’ve seen and I can’t wait to show my Leo pride during the summer while wearing this shirt.

Leo Queen T-shirt

Leo ladies are the Queens of the jungle, don’t you ever forget it!

Leo Socks

You can never have enough socks. Enjoy wearing your Leo socks the next time you don’t want to go barefoot.

Gold Leo Necklace

I’m not sure how much gold is actually in this necklace or if it’s gold-plated. Either way, it’s a cute and dainty way to show your Leo love.

Leo Mug

Sip your favorite coffee from your favorite Leo mug. The best thing about this mug? You can have it personalized.

Leo Pencil Set

When was the last time you used a pencil? Not sure when? Well, this Leo pencil set will give you the excuse to use pencils all the time.

Leo Crystal Necklace

If you love crystals, you will love this necklace. Don’t forget to research the meaning of your favorite crystal before you finalize the design.

Leo Art

Decorate your home office with the following framed Leo installation art piece.

Leo Mug

Gift this mug to your favorite Leo today.


If you’re heading on vacation, don’t forget to bring your book library with you. Read your favorite books from wherever you are as long as your Kindle is charged and ready to go.

Kindle Cover

Keep your Kindle from breaking with the following simple Kindle cover.

Leo Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

These crystals are based on the Leo star sign so it aligns perfectly with her charts. Plus it’s pretty, too!

Portable Phone Battery

Are you constantly needing to charge your phone and are afraid to be too far from an outlet? Ease your fears by carrying this portable phone battery.

Selfie Light for Phone

Selfie Light for Phone

What would life be without selfies? But, there’s nothing worse than taking a selfie with bad lighting. Never deal with that problem again with this selfie light for your phone.


Do you have those days when you don’t want to carry your laptop with you? The Dragon Touch Tablet may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s light, you can connect it to your email mailboxes, and it’s great for note-taking.

Amazon Fire Stick

If you’re subscribed to as many streaming services as I am, you probably would love to have an Amazon Fire Stick so that you can manage your subscriptions and stream on your t.v. screen.

Echo Dot

It’s crazy how affordable the Echo Dot is. For those of you who are too busy to go to your laptop and look things up, the Echo Dot has you covered.

Ring Doorbell Cam

Before you answer your door, check to see who’s standing outside with your Doorbell Cam.



Many people find Chromebooks a little confusing. What’s not to love? They connect with all of your favorite Google-based software. If you need to create a document, read a book online, or create a slideshow, you can use your Chromebook to get all of those tasks done.

Powerbeats Pro Earphones (Wireless)

Powerbeats Pro Earphones (Wireless)

Do you think that Apple’s earphones are kind of awkward? The Powerbeats Pro Earphones are a much more stylish alternative for the Leo woman who cares about those kinds of things.

24k Gold Mask

24k Gold Mask

Keep your skin looking good with a 24k Gold Mask.

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Leo Card

A birthday card is always nice, especially if you include a gift card inside to the Leo woman’s favorite store or place to eat.

Hair Dryer Diffuser

Hair Dryer Diffuser

Style your mane with this diffuser. They’re all the rage right now, especially for curly hair.

Zodiac Pillar Candle

OPI Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss Duo Pack

For the Leo lady who isn’t flashy, keep your simple manicure looking fresh and nice with this OPI dual nail care kit.

foot spa gift

Foot Spa

If you don’t have enough time to visit your favorite nail salon for a pedicure, this foot spa does a great job of duplicating the experience.

Calming Lavender Soak

I love lavender. And, if you love lavender as much as I do you’ll enjoy using calming lavender soak to soak the stress away.

If you liked these gift ideas for a Leo woman don’t forget to check out the male version for the guys in your life.

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