20 Gift Ideas for a Pisces Woman

20 Gift Ideas for a Pisces Woman

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Pisces women are often mysterious, sensual, and intuitive, and they should be spoiled with gift ideas that respect their dual nature. They are the dreamer of the zodiac signs.

Pisces season runs February 19th to March 20th. If the woman you’re shopping for has a birthday that falls within this span, she’ll love these Pisces themed gifts!

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Spiritual, imaginative and idealistic are also qualities that can be used to describe her. Just because she’s mysterious, though, doesn’t mean finding the perfect gift has to be a mystery too.

Gift Ideas for a Pisces Woman

Here is a list of gift ideas you can spoil her with and show your appreciation, whether it’s for your friend, for your wife or for your girlfriend, she’ll love these horoscope inspired ideas so you can show her you care.Β 

Shopping for a guy? Here’s some gifts for a Pisces man you might like too!

Lavender relaxation gift basket

Lavender Relaxation Gift Set

It’s Pisces season, which is a time of year that usually draws everyone to de-stress. Help spoil the Pisces woman in your life (especially hard to shop for ones) with a luxurious gift set for their birthday.

Although we don’t often recommend bath gift baskets, we’ll happily make an exception for a well-crafted option like this luxurious gift set.

dream interperting book

Guide to Dream Interpretation

If the Pisces in your life loves to share her dreams why not encourage her to discover their hidden meaning too? This book analyzes the meanings of over 12,000 of the most common dream themes.

Pisces funny pencils

Funny Custom Pisces Themed Pencils

Is the woman in your life such a Pisces? Help her stay creative and organized with this funny set of stereotype pencils every Pisces woman will adore.

pisces zodiac etched whiskey glass

Etched Cocktail Glass

For the Pisces woman who enjoys spirits or cocktails at home! Pair it with a bottle of her favorite alcohol for a thoughtful birthday gift idea for a friend.

fijifilm instant camera

Instant Camera

Most Pisces are hopeless romantics and that goes for both relationships and friendships. Chances are she already loves immortalizing every occasion with a photograph, but an instant camera makes that even more fun. Don’t forget to include some extra film!

Beginner Crystal Set

Beginner Crystal Set

Pisces women are often spiritual, even if they’re not in tune with that spiritual side quite yet. Help a Pisces woman start a new hobby with this beginner crystal gift idea.

If she’s already into crystals (a lot of Pisces are!) then you’ll have to narrow down her specific interests (and what she already has) more to find the perfect crystal gift. But it’s worth it!

heated towel rack

Heated Towel Warming Bar

A Pisces woman will appreciate life’s little luxuries, and that includes warm towels after you get out of the shower. Especially if you live in a colder area since Pisces season falls in the still-cool months of February and March. Bonus points if she has a hot tub to set this up next to!

Pisces Tarot Card Art Print gift idea

Pisces Tarot Card Art Print

According to the tarot, the Pisces is represented as two swimming fish. This card is supposed to symbolize the duality of a Pisces; split between real life and her dreams.

This gorgeous art print recreates that tarot card for a moody, almost academic aesthetic that will look great in the home of even the most discerning Pisces woman.

amazon halo rise alarm clock

Amazon Halo Rise Alarm Clock

These sunlight simulation alarm clocks are all the rage, but Pisces women will be especially appreciative of the gentle wake-up these provide. As the last star sign, anything renewal themed like this gift will probably appeal to the Pisces in your life.

emerald green and purple shiny eyeshadow

Green and Purple Eyeshadow

Pisces colors are greens, blues, purple, and silver (or metallic/shiny), off which are captured in this eyeshadow combo. Perfect for a feminine Pisces woman to wear out on her birthday or any occasion that calls for gorgeous eye shadow hues.

aquamarine bullet journal

Bullet Journal Planner in Aquamarine

Pastel hues like light green and aquamarine (think water) are also popular amongst Pisces women. So is journaling, either to stay organized or record thoughts and feelings. Mix both with this boldly colored bullet journal from Leuchtturm1917, one of the best brands out there.

Rainy day scented candle

Rainy Day Scented Soy Candle

Evoke her watery inspired star sign with this rainy day scented candle. The combination of jasmine, water lilies, and musky undertones are reminiscent of walking in nature after the rain.

Colorful pisces mug

Cute Pisces Mug

Pisces are often creative, especially when it comes to color and art. When you’re not sure what to buy, mugs always make great gift ideas, and that’s true even for a Pisces woman. I love the design of this cute mug for a fun-loving woman or teen.

wet n wild pisces lip gloss

wet n wild Color Icon Pisces Lip Gloss

Specially designed to designate with a Pisces woman, this lip gloss makes a great gift idea, gift basket filler, or stocking stuffer.

light up fish tank

Halo Aquarium with Light

I think the idea of getting a Pisces woman fish makes really cute gift ideas. This pretty aquarium doesn’t take up much space and would look stunning set up at home or in her office. Pair it with a pet store gift card so she can pick out some fish to call it home.

Monet Water Lilies Art Tote

Not only do Pisces women often appreciate art, but water lilies are also the flower that’s most commonly associated with this star sign. Combine both with this Monet “Water Lilies” painting tote bag.

Give this tote as a practical gift on its own, or use it as a reusable gift bag for a bigger present!

pisces constellation necklace

Pisces Constellation Necklace

If you prefer to give jewellery, consider something that reflects a Pisces woman’s star sign. This pretty necklace is a great option; it’s understated, perfect for formal or casual wearing.

paint by numbers set

Paint by Numbers Set

A Pisces woman is going to appreciate any gift that encourages creativity, and hobby or art supplies are always welcome gift ideas. If you want to offer something new, consider gifting a craft kit like this paint by numbers set. Bonus points if it’s water themed.

romantic experience gift ideas for a pisces woman

Romantic Experience Gift

This gift idea is pretty open ended and you should definitely cater it towards the temperment of the Pisces woman in your life. But, if you want to really wow your girlfriend or wife during Pisces season, a grand romantic gesture like a getaway for two would be very well received.

This gift combines two things a Pisces loves: romance and new experiences.

fish pillow

Giant Fish Pillow

Not everything has to be serious! Cute fish stuffed toys and pillows are great gift ideas for the fun-loving and youthful Pisces woman out there.

Pisces women are emotional (in a good way!) and creative, and need gift ideas that are adventurous as they are. One great thing about this water sign’s romantic nature is that when you do give thoughtful gifts to a Pisces woman she’ll sincerely appreciate the thought and gesture.

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