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20 Gift Ideas for Hobby Photographers

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Photographers, whether professional or hobbyists, express themselves through their photos. They use color, line, shape, contrast, depth of field, and composition to show what they find beautiful. Photography is an expensive love to find, but the joy and challenge it brings is worth it. While a photographer knows what things they need, others may not understand what all is necessary for photography or what gifts they would like. To make it easier, here is a list of some photography related things they may like. Some work better for novices or hobbyists, while others are for more serious photographers.



Gift Ideas for Hobby Photographers

A Nice Camera

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This is a nice camera for those wanting to upgrade out of the point and shoot or camera phone stage into a mid-range camera that can take some really nice shots. It is on PC Magazine’s top digital cameras of 2015 list.

A Really Nice Camera

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This is an even nicer camera. This is on the high quality side and it is for those who are serious photographers. This is also listed on PC Magazine’s top digital cameras of 2015 List. Here is the rest of the best cameras list if these don’t do it for you: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2369450,00.asp

Camera Bag

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Unless it’s a simple point a shoot, cameras need a bag. Cameras aren’t really the most durable when you drop them. I would know. I once lent my camera to a friend’s mom and she dropped it. It no longer works right. Don’t be like me, get a camera bag. They also help keep all of your cables, chargers, and spare batteries together.

A Bigger Camera Bag

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If the photographer in question is a serious photographer, they are going to have a lot more camera accessories than will fit in a small bag. Go big or go home.

Camera Lenses

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Any photographer knows there can never be enough lenses. Find out what their favorite type of photography or what lenses they still want and get a really nice one for them. No, they are not cheap, but they need this.

Nice Glossy Photo Paper 13 x 19”

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Just like they need more lenses, photographers also need nice paper. Nice paper can make the difference between a print looking average and spectacular.

Photoshop Book

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Most photographers utilize photoshop to polish their photos. It’s a pretty complex program and it is always nice for them to learn new techniques.

Sleek Black Wood Frames

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You got the paper and they have a bunch of prints, now they need to be framed. These frames are very simple and sophisticated. This means they will go well with almost any photo. Remember when choosing frames to pick a frame that compliments the work without overpowering it.

Film Camera

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Even if a photographer does not typically use film, film is a really fun medium to work with. It’s also really trendy right now.

Light Set

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If your photographer is into studio or portrait photography, a good lighting set is necessary to getting pictures just right. This is also good for blinding people.

How to Create Stunning Photography

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This book not only gives tips for taking photography to the next step, it also has really pretty pictures.

Clip on Lenses for Phones

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These lenses clip onto a smartphone so fish eye, wide angle, and macro photos can be taken on the go. Despite loving photography, they are always going to want to carry their camera around.

Lens and Tripod set for iPhone 5 and 5s

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Phones these days take pretty good pictures, so why not just get accessories to improve their phone photography game?

Phone Case

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Phone case can really show someone’s personality and passion unless they’re clumsy and require a more heavy duty case. Anyways, this is cool and will show their love for photography.

Camera Necklace

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I don’t recommend getting this for a guy.

I Shoot People Bumper Sticker

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You know this is funny and if they have any sense of humor, they will too.

Motivational Poster

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Photographers decorate their house or apartment with something other than their own photos sometimes.

License Plate Frame

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It’s important for drivers around them to know why they suddenly slowed down. Also, your photographer is not ashamed of their photo habits and will be proud to display this. Probably because it is completely true.

A Pillow with a Vintage Camera on It

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Photographers really like photography related décor and this certainly fits the description, especially since it is soft and sturdy.

Printed Camera Strap

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A camera strap is great to keep their favorite tool close by their side while still being convenient. It also comes in pretty patterns.

Bonus: The Infamous Selfie Stick

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Sometimes it’s hard to take pictures of yourself. Beware: these are banned in many public places. Please check regulations before use.

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