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Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter E for Adults

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The letter E is so fun, and so are gift ideas for the letter E. You’ve got so many interesting words starting with E: ears, eyes, eagles, elephants, elks, emus, and much more. Check out some of these gift ideas that start with the letter E!

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What are our favorite gift ideas for the letter E?

These fun E themed gift ideas are definitely going to make the person you give them to feel special. Who knew shopping for gift ideas for the letter E could be so fun?

Elephant Throw Pillow, Elephant Wearing Glasses

Elephant pillow gift idea for the letter E

This elephant throw pillow is so cute and the perfect addition to your friend’s living room or bedroom. They can display it on a couch or a chair, or even their bed!

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Eagle Feather Pendant

Eagle Feather Pendant - gift ideas for the letter E

Eagle feathers are beautiful, and this eagle feather pendant is a nice for jewelry to be used as a pin or on a necklace!

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Earmuffs, White Faux Fur

gift ideas for the letter E - Earmuffs

Earmuffs are cozy, and these look exceptionally luxurious. Grab these up for a friend that lives in the cold and needs to keep their ears warm!

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Eyes of Buddha Watercolor Art Print

Eyes of Buddha art print great gift idea that starts with the letter E

Buddha’s eyes watercolor art print is an excellent gift for a friend who believes in Buddhist principles. They can display it on their wall as a conversational piece or to remind them everyday!

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Ever After, Mirror Mirror, The Princess Bride, and Tristan & Isolde Movie Pack

E themed movie pack - gift ideas for the letter E

This four-pack of movies, starting with Ever After, is full of interesting fairytale stories for your friend who enjoys watching them.

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Estee Lauder “Pleasures” Perfume

Perfume gift ideas for the letter E - Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has a lot of wonderful perfumes, and “Pleasures” would be a nice gift for a friend who loves perfume!

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Elf Quote Print- Dobby from Harry Potter Quote

Elf quote print unique gift idea that starts with the letter E

Dobby is a cool elf in the Harry Potter movies, and this quote poster is a nice thing to give your friend, who is a Harry Potter fan.

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Ellen Shop: Women’s V-neck Ellen Show Shirt

Ellen t-shirts start with the letter E - gift ideas for the letter E

Ellen TV Show is popular, so why not buy this tee shirt for her show for a friend who loves the show!

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Eagle Head with Flag Wood Art

Eagle head gift ideas for the letter E

Eagles are the United States bird. This nice wood art has the flag on it too. If you have a patriotic friend, this will make the perfect gift for them!

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Ella Enchanted Book

Ella Enchanted books make great gift ideas for the letter E

This Ella Enchanted Paperback Book is such a nice gift for those who are a fan of fairytales and like to read!

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“Eat, Pray, Love” Sign

Eat, Pray, Lover sign starts with the letter E, perfect gift ideas for the letter E

Do you know someone who loved the Eat Pray Love book or movie? Get them this sign to go in their kitchen!

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Escape Bathroom Sign

Cool gift ideas for the letter E - escape sign

A lot of us escape to the bathroom to get some privacy or alone time. Something such as a nice hot shower or a luxurious bath is an escape. Snatch up this Escape sign for your friend who needs a break from the world.

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Euphoria Board Game: Build a Better Dystopia

The best gift ideas for the letter E - Euphoria

This board game is perfect for a friend who likes to build dystopias or to be creative on a large scale.

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El Paso, TX Tee shirt

El Paso gift idea that starts with the letter E

El Paso may not be one of the largest cities in the U.S., but it is home for a lot of people. If you know someone from El Paso or who likes the city, give them the gift of this shirt.

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Elk Silhouette Night Light

Elk - gift ideas for the letter E

This elk silhouette nightlight is the perfect gift for your outdoorsy friend to place in their hall or bathroom for when they need a little light in their lives.

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“Ewe in the Meadow” Pillow with Embroidery Kit

Ewe gift ideas for the letter E

Know someone who likes to do embroidery? This cute ewe in the meadow pillow with an embroidery kit would be a thoughtful gift for them!

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Earth Art Planet Poster

Earth art planet poster - gift ideas for the letter E

This Earth art poster is beautiful and would make a great decoration for a friend who needs a reminder of how big the world is to hang up on their wall.

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Egg Slicer

gift ideas for the letter E - Egg slicer

Do you have a friend who loves to eat eggs? You can get this hard-boiled egg slicer to make their cutting easier when they cook!

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Envelope on a Necklace, Silver or Gold

Envelope on a necklace gift ideas for the letter E
This envelope necklace is adorable and pretty at the same time!

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Eyelash Coffee Mug “You’re like, really pretty”

Eyelash coffee mug great gift idea that start with the letter E

An eyelash coffee mug that says, “You’re like, really pretty” would be nice for a friend who needs a daily reminder that they are pretty!

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More Letter E Gifts for Adults

When it comes to finding a gift that begins with the letter “e,” it is a lot more tricky than you may have realized. Though “e” is used often in many words, finding a word that begins with the letter “e” that can also be turned into a gift is a different story! But don’t worry, I managed to come up with twenty interesting gifts ideas for you. Happy shopping!

Elephant Yard Ornament

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Recycled metals turned into art? Yes, please! This metal, a baby elephant, is simply too cute not to gift! It would look great as a yard ornament, or on the front step!

Endgame DVD

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Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to sit in front of the flatscreen, with a bowl of popcorn? Endgame isn’t going to disappoint, and you don’t even have to be a comic book fan to enjoy it!

Ear Headband

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These are whimsical fox ears, because, well, why not?!

Embroidery Kit

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This embroidery kit comes with all of the essential tools and supplies necessary to craft a beautiful piece of art. Who knows, maybe it is even going to create the beginning of a new hobby.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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One never knows when an emergency is going to occur, so it’s a good idea to keep emergency supplies handy. But no one wants a bulky sleeping bag taking up valuable room, so check out this space-saving, emergency sleeping bag. It fits just about anywhere!

Emery Board Case

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An emery board is one of those things that most people don’t carry around with them, but there are numerous times when they wish they did! Well, this emery board case can help with that problem, and it even comes with a chapstick holder keychain, as well!

Early Bird Mug

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This hilarious mug is a fantastic gift idea for someone who isn’t particularly fond of mornings. Or worms, for that matter!

Essential Oils and Diffuser

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Not only does this set come with 10 different essential oils, but it is complete with a brand new oil diffuser that provides seven different shades of ambient light. Can you say relaxing?

Emerald Ceramic Bowl

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Completely handmade, this ceramic bowl was crafted to look similar to a cut geode. Inside is a gorgeous emerald shade. There are tons of uses for this bowl, from a candy or nut bowl to a trinket bowl. The options are endless!

Easy Button

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Looking for a bit of a gag gift? This easy button can be funny and a random gift idea. Best of all, it is completely unoffensive!

Elderberry Syrup

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No one enjoys being sick. Get those health-conscious friends of yours a bottle of black elderberry syrup. The syrup is widely known to help boost immunity, to keep those sick days to a minimum!

Eco-Friendly Produce Bags

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Produce bags that you find in the grocery store are hardly reusable. Gift this set of six, mesh, reusable bags that can help keep those tiny plastic produce bags out of the landfill.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Towels

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If you are in need of a cute gift idea for a bridal shower or housewarming gift, check out these adorable teal towels. They are just the right size for a kitchen towel!

Eskimo Friends Figure

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How cute are these tiny eskimo bear figures? These cherished teddies would make a lovely gift for any close friend of yours!

Element of Confusion

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Know someone who gets confused a little more than others? This funny shirt is right up their alley! And it’s available in both mens and women’s sizes!

The ideas are endless with the letter E. Be sure to check out the items listed above for your friends and grab up something that they will enjoy!

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

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