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Our 20 Favorite His and His Gift Ideas

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Even though we’ve come a long way on LGBT rights and acceptance, it’s still a world where there’s a lot of heteronormativity going on. So, here’s our favorite his and his gift ideas for the gay couple in your life… Or your boyfriend.

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His and His Gift Ideas

Heart Cutout Bookmarks

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These beautiful leather bookmarks are perfect for the couple who reads a lot. It’s a sweet reminder of their other half every time they pick up their book.

His and His Keyholder

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This sign has three hooks: two for the couple, and one for the third family member – a puppy. So cute!

Stoneware Mugs

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These handmade stoneware mugs have a unique leaf print on them and come stamped as “his” and “his”. Perfect for guys who like that whole rustic feel.

Mr. and Mr. Sign

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This cute engraved sign says “Mr. and Mr.” and has their anniversary date engraved. Perfect for a married gay couple!

Wine Glasses

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My boyfriend caught me adding this one to the gift guide and said we needed them. I can’t imagine why *eyeroll*. Anyway, it’s cute, it’s funny, it will make “Mr. Always Right” roll his eyes.

Die Cut Keyring Holder

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This his and his keyring holder perfectly secures both matching sets of keys in a tiny, loving house.

Mr and Mr Ring Box

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For the married couple, this ring box is a charming way to store their rings when they’re not wearing them.

His and His Coasters

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Hopefully this doesn’t get too confusing…

Unique Table Lamp

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This cube-shaped table lamp features a bunch of gay-friendly scenes and can be lit in a rainbow of colours.

Mr and Mr Wine Bag

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Get them a bottle of wine for him and him all wrapped up in this Mr. and Mr. burlap wine bag.

I Like His Mug

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I like his beard… I like his mustache. These matching mugs are perfect for a pair of facial haired guys.

Novelty Toilet Paper

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A relationship is about sharing, but maybe not everything.

Mr. and Mr. Cat Mugs

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The gentleman’s version of his or his, or shouldn’t I say, gentlecat version. Top hats and monocles only while drinking, please.

His and His Pillowcases

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A same-sex take on the classic His and Her pillowcase trend. Don’t worry, they probably know which “his” is which.

His and His Housecoats

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These matching housecoats are monogrammed with “his” and “his” and come in a 2 piece set. This would also make a great engagement gift!

Shot Glasses

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If they gay couple on your list are more of shot drinkers these his and his matching shot glasses are a perfect choice. Pair it with a bottle of their favourite alcohol for a fun gift.

Matching Hand Towels

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These stylish, monogrammed hand towels are a perfect gift for guys who have everything else.

Mr. and Mr. Pillow

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This garbage man sign would be a perfect gift for someone you don’t know very well but still want to get a little something for.

His/His Bracelets

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If they like to wear bracelets, this matching his and his bracelet set is a charming find. Handmade and customizable too!

Mini Dog Tags

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These adorably stamped mini dog tags are sweet gift to get a loving couple. One says “His one” and the other “His only”.

Finding His and His gifts for a gay couple might be a bit of a challenge, but it’s going to pay off when the couple unwraps your special gift.

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