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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy

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Do you remember how exciting birthdays were when you were a child? Don’t be the one to dampen that excitement for the 5 year old boy you know! Choose a birthday gift that he’ll love with one of these STEM birthday gift ideas. You’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ve got him an exciting gift that will also help him to develop those essential STEM skills that he’ll need to get ahead in class.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy


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Inspire a future Elon Musk with this cool Code-a-pillar! Kids will love putting his body parts together in different ways and learning how to program his movements.

Drill Helicopter

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With this gift, boys will be able to build their own helicopter! They’ll snap together the pieces and then tighten up the bolts with their very own drill.

Monkey Math

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This fun game will help boys practise their addition by balancing bunches of bananas in the monkey’s hands!

Eyeclops Toy Microscope

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This video microscope is a seriously cool gift. After plugging it into the TV, boys will be able see their tiny discoveries become massive on the screen! No spiders or creepy crawlies though please!

Super Magnet Lab

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Playing with all of the cool magnets in this lab will give 5 year old boys hours of fun. They’ll also be developing those fine motor skills and their critical thinking while they play!

Sink or Float Activity Set

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Add some extra fun to bathtime with this activity set. He’ll love playing with the submarine while learning new scientific vocabulary such as sink, float and buoyancy.

Fischertechnik Junior Little Starter

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This little starter kit contains 60 pieces that boys will enjoy fitting together to engineer 6 different vehicles. The best part is that they can have even more fun racing their new creations around after building them!

Scientific Explorer Backyard Kit

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Get him this Scientific Explorer Backyard Kit and, before you know, it he’ll be hiking through the Amazon rainforest searching for undiscovered species!

Wow Wee COJI

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COJI is a cute introduction to the world of coding. Boys will have fun using their problem-solving skills to program COJI using (you’ll never guess what)… emojis!

Shrinky Dinks Insects Activity Set

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If you know a 5 year old boy who is excited by insects, he’ll be sure to enjoy this Shrinky Dinks activity. Putting the insects into the oven to shrink also turns this activity into an engaging science experiment. Perfect!

Meccano Junior Toolbox Pull Back Race Car

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This Meccano Toolbox is a great gift for any 5 year old boy who loves cars. It’ll also kickstart his engineering skills as he creates one of six pull back race cars or even designs his own!

First Science Lab

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Engage his natural curiosity with this First Science Lab. He’ll have everything he needs to be the world’s youngest scientist – test tubes and pipettes included!

Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs

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Inspire a future paleontologist with these Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs. Boys can get excavating straight away to discover which dinosaur lies in which egg!


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A box of LEGO is the perfect gift for any 5 year old boy! It’ll become their go-to toy for years and he’ll even be developing those essential STEM skills whilst playing.

Math Mat

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This fun math mat is an active game that’ll help him to practice his maths skills. He’ll be top of the class in no time!

My First Microscope

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Aspiring scientists will feel so grown up when they receive My First Microscope as gift. Boys will really enjoy using it to get a closer look at their backyard discoveries.

Laser Pegs Plane Building Set

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Get a future aerospace engineer into training with this amazing Laser Pegs Plane Building Set. First, boys will get to engineer one of six plane designs and then they’ll get to fly their eye-catching, bright creation around!

Imagination Magnets

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Creative kids will enjoy playing with this Imagination Magnets Kit. They’lll also develop their fine motor skills as they fit together the magnetic blocks to create the colorful designs.

Outer Space Science Kit

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If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a 5 year old boy who is curious about space, you’ve found it! He’ll love creating his own awesome displays of stars and planets using this Outer Space Science Kit.


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What 5 year old boy wouldn’t enjoy building his own fort? These Buildabouts are a fantastic way for children to create their own building that they can actually get in and play with!

Which of these exciting STEM birthday gifts are you going to choose to keep that 5 year old boy’s birthday magical? Whether it’s a gift that will help him to have outdoor adventures or a gift that will spark his curiosity about experiments, you know that it’ll be well received. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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