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20 Gifts To Remind You How Awesome Being a Kid in the 90’s Was

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The Nineties were a misunderstood and underappreciated decade, similar to the Eighties. It was a time where internet hardly existed and if you did have it, it was dial up and insanely slow. Gaming systems were coming out left and right and power rangers and Pokémon were on everyone’s wish lists. Let’s not forget furby coming out and driving parents insane all day and night. The 90’s were a fun time to be alive and anytime I can take the time to talk about it and share some awesome stuff from it, I’m in! This list of amazing toys will remind you awesome being a kid in the 90’s was! Check it out below.

Awesome Toys To Remind us Being a Kid in the 90’s Was The Best

Born in the 90’s? This list will have tons of stuff to remind you just how awesome it was! Check out our list of 20 Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s when you are done!

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Megazord Megapack Includes 5 MMPR Dinozord Action Figure Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 4 and Up Inspired by 90s TV Show (Amazon Exclusive)


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GO GO Power Rangers! Any kid who grew up in the 90’s knows how AWESOME the original power rangers were and how everyone at one point wanted a Megazord! 

TY Doby Beanie Baby 1996 ''Replacement, Multicolor, 8 inches

TY Doby Beanie Baby

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The beanie baby craz in the 90’s was real and AWESOME! These cute guys were in high demand! This guy came out in 1996 and may be familiar since he was also part of the TY hapy meal collection.

Tamagotchi Original - Tama Ocean


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Ah Tamagotchi! These fun little virutal pets kept kids busy in the 90’s.

The 1990s Coloring Book: All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included.)

1990s Coloring Book

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Spend some time going down memory lane with this well though-out coloring book that celebrates the 90’s. It will have you laughing (and remembering) all that the Nineties had to offer

Crayola Original Silly Putty Packaging May Vary (Pack of 3)

Silly Putty

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Enjoy the simple magic of Silly Putty. We’re not quite sure what it is, but in any case it’s a lot of fun to play with.

10PCS Mini Troll Dolls, PVC Vintage Trolls Lucky Doll Mini Action Figures 1.2' Cake Toppers Chromatic Adorable Cute Little Guys Collection, School Project, Arts Crafts, Party Favors


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These cute little figurines were considered good luck in the 90’s . They were also a lot of fun to have on your desk so that you could play with them during long meetings. Each comes with a large tuft of brightly colored hair that goes crazy when you twirl your troll in between your hands.

Rhode Island Novelty 4 Inch Mini Clackers, One Dozen

Mini Clackers

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We all had these in the 90s. For whatever reason. Mostly from Party favors or Easter Baskets. BUT we all had them and we loved them.

LED Armbands Slap Bracelets Wristbands Flashing Sports Pack of 6/7 Glow Party Supplies for Lives, Festivals Running Parties Night Events 13.75 x 1.57 Inch (6 Pack Red)

LED Slap Bracelets

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These bracelets haven’t really ever gone out of style. They make a simple and fun party favor that provides at least 15-20 minutes of mindless fun. This set are lit by LED lights so that you can wear them at your next party or at night.

Polly Pocket Collector Compact with 2 Micro Dolls, Heritage Keepsake Collection Starlight Castle, Collectible Toy

Polly Pockets

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Polly Pockets are still made to this date but they sure look different and just aren’t as cool as these amazing ones we had in the 90’s!

Hasbro Gaming Bop It! Electronic Game for Kids Ages 8 & Up

Bop It!

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Pull it, twist it, and BOP IT! This classic game came out in a big way in 1996! It’s still made today with some updates of course.

Socker Boppers Inflatable Boxing Pillows - One Pair Boppers – colors will vary, Box and Bop, Durable Vinyl, Active Outlet That Aids in Agility, Balance and Coordination, Safe Fun Indoor or Out

Socker Boppers 

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I can still hear the commerical for these! Every parents “favorite” toy that more often than not ended with one sibling crying.

Buffalo Games Hella 90's - Pop Culture Trivia Game Brown

Trivia Game

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Have all the feels with this trivia game that’s sure to bring back the very best memories.

250 Assorted Pokemon Cards with Rares & Foils


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Pokémon was insanely popular! It had kids begging their parents to help them catch them all!

Furby Model 70-800 White 'Snowball' Series 1 Electronic Furbie

OG Furby

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These creepy little fur balls came out in the late 90’s and were on everyone’s wish list. They’ve recently made a come back bringing joy to all the 90’s kids who are now parents. Click here for the new version.

Game Boy Color - Dandelion (Renewed)

Game Boy Color

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If you were lucky enough to get one of these in the 90s we know this brings back all the memories! I had this exact yellow one and played non stop pokemon on it!

Pog Retro Kaps Neon Orange Storage Tube Starter Set Game Includes: 20 Pogs & 2 Exclusive Slammers


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There are still a number of people trying to figure out what Pogs are, for those of you who actually know how to play the game of Pogs this classic game kit is for you.

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap Board Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up,Classic Kids Game

Mouse Trap Board Game

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Did this game every actually work? Yet we bet you or someone you knew had this one.

Goosebumps Retro Fear Set: Limited Edition Tin

Goosebump Books

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Goosebumps were VERY popular in the 90’s. Not only did you have to get the newest book when it came out but they also had a creepy TV show on.

Sanford® Mr. Sketch® Watercolor Markers, Scented Assorted Colors, Set Of 12

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

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There are a lot of scents that people enjoy smelling: fresh flowers, clean laundry, and Mr. Sketch Scented markers. Yes, there are fans of the markers which range in smells from mint to cinnamon. Use these when coloring your 90’s coloring book!

100 Pieces Butterfly Hair Clips Butterfly Clips for Hair 90s Girls Butterfly Clips Mini Hair Clips Butterfly with Box Mini Butterfly Clips Cute Clips Hair Accessories for Women (Clear Color)

Butterfly Hair Clips

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Every girl in the 90’s had a bunch of these fun little butterfly clips!

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