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40+ Ridiculously Fun Lego Gifts for Adults

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Didn’t you watch the Lego Movie? It’s not just for kids. Whether the Lego lover in your life is all President Business with their collection or a little bit more Wildstyle, you can be sure these lego gift ideas for adults will “click”.

Fun Lego Gifts for Adults

Bring On The Lego Gifts for Adults

Get your wallet ready because we sure have a “builders” list for you. These gifts go really well with the adult Lego sets that they’re always coming out with! 

Custom Lego minifigure

Customized Minifigure

I actually found out about these because my kids’ dentist has one of herself, how cute! This is an amazing one of a kind gift idea for an adult Lego fan.

There’s almost limitless combinations of faces, hair, clothes, and accessories so you can get a really close replica!

OliaDesign 1 X Build-On Brick Mug Red 12 Oz Coffee Mug

Build on Brick Mug

There’s no better way to drink your morning cup of coffee (or 5th at work…) than while carefully securing Lego bricks to the sides.

Lego Schematic Posters Set

Lego Schematic Posters Set

This set of 3 posters are laid out like blueprints. It’s a more adult take on Lego art and would look great hung almost anywhere in your home!

Minifigure Multi Building Bricks Ice Cube Trays & Candy Chocolate Molds for Melted Chocolate & Crayons - Birthday Day or Party Favors - Set of 2, Much Fun for Robot Lovers(Blue & Yellow)

Brick Ice Cube Tray

Novelty ice cube trays are always in style. These guys can also be used as a mold for chocolates and candy, too.

LEGO Four Blocks Adult T-Shirt-Grey (X-Large)

Four Blocks Shirt

This shirt has a simple Lego brick design in 4 different colours. The vintage, washed out tone gives it a more mature look.

Lego tie apparel lego gift for adults plush

Lego Bowtie

Perfect for those super important brick building engagements or simply wearing to work. Chances are everyone knows they’re a Lego fan already so this won’t really be a surprise.

Bowties are cool. Lego bowties are cooler.

The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets: Identification and Price Guide

Lego Sets Collector’s Guide

If they’re a Lego collector, or even just an enthusiast that likes to see Lego’s history, this book is perfect. It features over 2000 of the most collectible sets on the market. If building Star Wars decor is their speed, check out our list here to help them out. 

BUILDING Blox CANDY Blocks (1 pound bag)

Lego Candy

You’re never too old for candy – especially the kind that you can snap together and build delicious structures with. If they prefer chocolate, our Christmas for chocolate lovers is bound to have something for anyone year round. 

Assorted Lego stud earrings for adult women and men

Stud Earrings

These “stud” earrings are a little different than you’d expect. They come in a variety of colours and featured Lego studs on the end.

EverBlock Modular Building Blocks Combo Pack, White, 26 Block

EverBlock Set

These giant modular building blocks fit together just like Lego. The only difference is they’re a foot long and can be used to create real world structures like desks or section off rooms.

D-CLICK TM Blocks Shape USB High speed Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive Disk (block red 4GB)

Lego Memory Stick

This USB stick is perfect for holding backups of all their Lego manuals or something less important. It comes in a variety of colours and memory sizes.

Lego star wars hand stamped keychain for dads

Lego Lightsaber Keychain

These keychains have a Lego Star Wars Lightsaber attached to them. Personalized hand stamped messages make it more special.

LEGO Stationery 9 Pack Graphite Pencil

Lego Pencils

If you have to write something down, why not make it with a Lego pencil. These have a topper where you can attach your favourite minifigure.

Mlikero 2 Pack Display Case for Minifigures Action Figures Block,Removable Acrylic Minifigure Display Case Box Storage with 3 Movable Steps for Collection Bricks Blocks Toys ,Models Minifigures…

Minifigure Display Case

Now they will have a secure and fashionable way to display all their special or collectible minifigures.

Custom made lego wallet gift

Lego Wallet

One of those ironic gifts because they probably don’t have any money to put inside after spending it all on Lego. Maybe it can hold their VIP card.

Customizable Interchangeable Building Block Snapback Hat, Flat Bill Baseball Cap - Stylish Entertainment and Fun Activity - Black

Lego Hat

The hat that they can style again and again! Pair it with some extra bricks so they can make some creative designs on this hat as soon as they recieve it.

The LEGO Architect

The Lego Architect Book

Learn about a variety of architecture all through Lego. There’s inspiration and even instructions for 12 different structures inside.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 92177 Expert Building Kit, Snap Together Model Ship, Collectible Display Set and Toy for Adults (962 Pieces),Multicolor

Adult Lego Set

Probably the best go to gift ideas for adult Lego fans: a Lego set. Now that there’s a whole line of adult-oriented builds out there, there’s no shortage of great options for all skill levels and interests.

Pictured is my absolute favorite set (that I personally own) – the Lego ship in a bottle.

Funny yolo Lego inspired hat for adults

LEGO Inspired Yolo Hat

This fun Lego inspired hat comes in adult sizes and would be a perfect gift idea for an adult LEGO fan who was travelling somewhere like Legoland. Or just to get them out in the sun.

LEGO Iconic Chess Set 40174, 2 Players

LEGO Chess Set

This 2 in 1 chess and checkers set is a great gift idea for adult fans. Not only do they get something to build and display, it’s also a functional game.


Organizing Cubes

This set of 3 organizing baskets are an official LEGO product. They’re great for storing LEGO, sorting bricks, or even used for other things around the house. They even zip closed and have a clear top so you can see what’s inside!

Walk Across LEGOs for you Shirt

There’s nothing more romantic than being willing to endure pain and suffering for someone else. This shirt says it all: “I would walk across legos for you.” Swoon.

LEGO Brick, Crimson, One Size

LEGO Brick Backpack

You can get this awesome bag in their favourite LEGO brick colour! The studs on the front of the brick are actually pockets, too.

Colourful Bracelet

Made from a rainbow of LEGO brick colours, this bracelet is super cool and trendy for adult lego fans to wear. Since it’s stretchy it should fit most people which is great when you’re buying a gift.

LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze Building Kit (769 Piece)

LEGO Maze Building Set

This DIY maze is a super cool LEGO gift idea for adults. It can be built and rebuilt over and over for a variety of challenge mazes to play.

Printed all over lego socks for adults

LEGO Socks

These are super cool and trendy! They come in three adult sizes to choose from so you can get the perfect fit for your gift.

It’s like stepping on Legos without any of the pain.

LEGO Brick Calendar 853195

Brick Calendar

Everyone needs a trusty perpetual calendar in their home or office. Adult LEGO fans will love that they can build this one themselves. It’s a practical LEGO gift idea!

Lego ghost minifigure made from silver

LEGO Ghost Minifigure Pendant

Instead of being made from LEGO bricks, this Minifigure is actually made from silver. It puts a stylish twist on LEGO fashion and makes a perfect gift idea for adults.

LEGO Canvas Tote

Official LEGO Tote

They can carry their LEGO store purchases, their groceries, or anything they want in this super handy LEGO tote bag. It also snaps closed so things are less likely to fall out.

Lego movie spaceship guy logo hoodie

Spaceship Guy Hoodie

This is inspired from the LEGO movie. The hoodie has the same design as the clothes spaceship guy (Benny) wears in the films.

Disguise Men's Lego Iconic Foam Adult Hands, Yellow, One Size

LEGO Foam Hands

Or, if you really want to go all out with your LEGO costume gifts, you can get them these foam LEGO hands too. They completely cover your hand for a more authentic look.

Lego art with van gogh quote

Brick and Quote Art Print

Not every gift you buy for adult LEGO fans has to be actual LEGO. This art print is LEGO brick inspired but has a stylish, minimalist design with a Van Gogh quote in the middle.

Lego flame earrings

LEGO Flame Earrings

If you’re shopping for a gift idea for someone who loves LEGO and wears earrings this is probably one of the coolest choices you can find. They’re made from actual LEGO flame pieces!

LEGO Brick Separator Key Chain 853792

Brick Separator Keychain

Give this gift to save a life. You never know when you might need to separate some LEGO bricks on the go!

Bins & Things Clear 3 Tier Stackable Storage Containers with lids 18 Adjustable Compartment for Calico Critter, Hot Wheels, LOL OMG or Mini Toy, Lego storage organizer - Portable Box w/Carrying Handle

Sorting Box

How else do you make your LEGO neat, organized, and easy to find the right brick? These dividing box are perfect for working with large sets or just general brick organization.

Handmade lego themed blanket pattern

Handmade LEGO Blanket

If you really want to wow an adult who loves LEGO make them a brick themed blanket. It’s a perfect throw to snuggle up under while watching the LEGO movie.

Gorilla Super Glue, Two 3 Gram Tubes, Clear, (Pack of 1)


The dangerous substance Emmett has to stop from destroying the city in the LEGO movie. Better known as super glue. Some LEGO fans, especially adults, like to glue their sets together.

Lego Brick Playing Cards

Lego Brick Playing Cards

This pack of lego brick playing card comes with two decks. Perfect for family game night… Or playing poker. You could even bet your minifigures to really raise the stakes.

Lego Salt and Pepper Set

Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Lego kitchen item you (or the Lego loving adults on your gift list) never knew you needed. These are designed to look like supersized Lego studs. According to the Lego store, they’re upscaled 600 times.

Lego Gift Wrapping Paper Lego Bricks Set

And Don’t Forget The Wrapping Paper!

The Lego loving adult in your life is definitely going to love you after getting one of these gifts. Then again, you could always get them more Lego…

There are so many cool Lego items out there for all the adults in your list. If you’re still stumped, you can’t go wrong with one of the adult Lego sets out there or even a gift certificate to the Lego store so they can get their own goodies.

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