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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 9 Year Old Boy

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Are you searching for the perfect birthday gift for a 9 year old boy? Look no further! You’ll find something perfect for him on this list of 20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) birthday gift ideas. These gifts are fun but also sneakily educational too!

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 9 Year Old Boy

Big Bag of Science Works

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This Big Bag of Science Works will get any 9 year old boy hooked on science!


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Get him ready for that career at Google with this mini at-home robot! It’ll help him to sharpen up those coding skills for sure.

Glow in the Dark Lab

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Help the 9 year old boy you know to light up the house with this glow in the dark lab!

Star Wars Ant Farm

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Get that Stars Wars fan intrigued by zoology with this ant farm all the way from the planet Jakku!

Sport Science Kit

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Does he love football, basketball or baseball? Whichever is his favourite sport, this kit will show him how to use science to perform like a star!

Construction Kit

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Get that 9 year old boy engineering already with this cool creator construction kit!

Egg Drop Kit

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Warning:this may get messy! Boys will develop their problem solving skills with this egg drop kit.

Kitchen Science Kit

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Help future chemists turn their home into a science lab with this kitchen science kit. They’ll enjoy trying out their own experiments including making a lemon battery and table top volcano!

Disgusting Science Kit

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What 9 year old boy isn’t going to love having a go at these disgusting experiments?

Wowee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

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These are the remote controlled cars of the future! Boys will love racing REVs around with their friends using smart phones as controllers.

Makey Makey

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Next birthday you’ll be paying for patents as he gets inventing with this Makey Makey Invention Kit!

Big Bag of Science

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Boys will be entertained for hours with this big bag of science. There’s enough experiments to last them until college!


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Dot is an amazing gift! Boys will love learning to code as they turn Dot into loads of different gadgets including an alarm clock, fortune teller and electronic instrument.

Snap Circuits Arcade

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Snap Circuits teaches electrical engineering the fun way! This arcade is no exception. Boys will love snapping the circuit together and then gaming all day long on their creation.


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This 3Doodle pen is a brilliant way for 9 year old boys to transform their imaginative ideas into solid reality.

Marble Run

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This is a game that will never grow old! It’s great for developing those basic engineering design skills and is seriously fun at the same time.

Forensic Science Kit

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If you know a 9 year old boy who loves detective books or shows, they’ll love this forensic science kit. CSI here he comes!

Battle Bots

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Boys will be inspired by robotics once they start playing this fun battle bots game with friends.

Planetarium Projector

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Space lovers will enjoy falling asleep to the distant sights of our galaxy every night. He’ll be dreaming of his future intergalactic adventures!

Slime Lab

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Boys will get seriously excited about chemistry after get stuck into this slime lab!

Are you ready to buy a gift that the 9 year old boy you know will really love? These STEM gifts will excite and inspire him. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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