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20 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Mom

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Your mom’s 50th birthday is coming up and you have no clue what to get her! While you don’t necessarily want to highlight how old she is, there are several gift ideas for your mom’s 50th birthday that would be meaningful and be something she really cherishes. It could be something as simple as a framed picture, a decoration, a coffee mug, or something else entirely. Here are some of my favorite picks:

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Just in case she might have everything. And if you are shopping for your wife’s birthday, check out our list here .

Custom Heart Shaped Wooden Decoration

Hanging birthday sign

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If your mom is a grandma, then this grandparents heart shaped wooden decoration with the grandkids’ names on the plaques is the perfect gift. She can hang it up where she can proudly show whoever visits her. Grandmas truly love bragging about their grandchildren, it’s usually one of their favorite things to do!Wine country gift set

California’s Wines subscription

California wine gift

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Sign Mom up for a subscription wine box (or a one-off gift selection). From international to domestic, red, white, rose or a selection, she can enjoy new bottles for her new decade. This is the most popular wine subscription service in the US!

Home is Where Your Mom is Picture Frame

Home is where your mom is picture frame

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Who else feels as if being with their mom makes them feel like they are home? Even as we get older, that is often true. They were once the center of our whole universe and often keep a vital role in it.

Custom Photo Coffee Mug

Moms are sentimental so this is great 50th birthday gift ideas for your mom

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This custom photo mug is another cute choice. Place a picture of you, one of their furbabies, or a grandchild on the mug. She will enjoy drinking her coffee, tea, or hot cocoa from this cup day after day. Pretty much anything personalized is going to be a hit as gift ideas for your mom’s 50th birthday.

Ollio Ballet Shoe Faux Suede Flats

Cute for 50th birthday gift ideas for your mom.

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Flats are comfortable and versatile, so it is something she will use and can wear for a long time. Plus they come in quite a few cute colors!

Heart Locket with Initial

Heart shaped locket

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Moms adore jewelry, and what better way to say happy birthday and I love you all at once than with a heart shaped locket with their initial on it?

White Rose Jasmine Gold Tub Spa Bath Gift Set

50th birthday gift ideas for your mom who needs to relax.

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Everyone deserves to have a night of relaxation once in awhile, so get your mom this luxurious spa bath gift set to use from the comfort of her own home. If your mom likes to work from the bath, we have you covered there too. 

Personalized Name Bracelet

Customized name bracelet

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Another lovely jewelry gift for your mom to cherish, one that will have her name on it and is sure to make her smile every time she looks at it.

Breakfast Tray with Legs

If she likes breakfast in bed, this is great for 50th birthday gift ideas for your mom.

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Breakfast in bed is a classic, and such a sweet gesture. The first step would be getting this nice breakfast tray with legs that she doesn’t have to hold up to eat off of. Then you cook her up a nice, delicious breakfast to enjoy and put a huge smile on her face!

Carole Hochman Women’s Floral Quilted Robe

50th birthday gift ideas for your mom that are comfy just like her.

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Robes are comfortable and handy to have to wear around the house, before bed, in the morning, or just to relax in. This one just happens to be floral print and soft quilted fabric!

Brentwood Mini Donut Maker

If she likes to bake, this is great for 50th birthday gift ideas for your mom.

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Donuts are delicious, so if your mom is a donut fan, get her this mini donut maker so that she can make batches of them in her own kitchen!

Women’s Heart Shirt

Heart t-shirt

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Hearts represent love and this shirt is simple, yet adorable. Your mom will love wearing it and pointing out to everyone that she got it from you!

Spa De Soleil Rainbow Souffle Exfoliator Scrub

Nice daily exfoliant for your mom

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If getting your mom a whole spa kit doesn’t appeal to you, snatch up this colorful exfoliator scrub for her!

Starbucks Tumbler

Personalized starbucks cup

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For your coffee-loving mom, especially a Starbucks fan, this tumbler is a cute birthday gift for her to drink her water or iced coffee from. You could even fill it with little mementos, or anything else that she might appreciate, when you give it to her.

Photo Album with Flower

Photo album with flowers on it

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Photo albums are always a good idea to give to your mom, filling them with memories and fun pictures that she is sure to enjoy as she flips through and relives those cherished memories.

Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Essential oil bath bombs

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Bath bombs can be a nice birthday gift for your mom so that she can pamper herself at home after a long day or week.

Personalized Notebook with Birds

Coil ring notebook

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Everyone needs a notebook, to jot down messages or notes throughout the day. This notebook with her name on it will be even more special.

“It took me 50 years to look this good” Coffee Mug

It took me 50 years to look this good mug

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A gift that actually does accentuate how old she is, but is humorous. She will appreciate the thought behind it and the message it portrays!

Taxi with Initial Keychain

Cute taxi keychain

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If your mom ever referred to herself as a taxi service when you were younger, having to take you and your siblings everywhere, then this taxi keychain with her initial on it would be a perfectly thoughtful gift for her.

Dainty Infinity Necklace

Infinity necklace

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A mom’s love is forever, so this infinity necklace represents her forever love for you and your forever love for her.

Vera Wang “Princess” Perfume

Perfume is a great 50th birthday gift ideas for your mom.

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Perfume is a nice gift, it always makes a woman feel prettier and more noticeable, and that is probably no different for your mom. A pretty scent always works best and Vera Wang surely has one in her “Princess” perfume!

There are so many options as gifts for your mom on her 50th birthday, try out any one of these gifts as they are sure to be pleasers!

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