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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Employees

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Choosing gifts for employees is never an easy task, but on Mother’s Day, it may be even harder. They all have different tastes and may not be happy with the same thing, so do you get them all the same thing or do you get them each something that is unique to them? The choice is up to you! The following list should help you figure it out though!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Employees

These gifts are perfect for work! Whether you want to give something to your coworkers for Mother’s Day or need the perfect way to show your employees how appreciated they are there’s something here for every workplace and budget.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Employees: Two red travel coffee mugs with silver shiny font that says "Today's goal keep the tiny humans alive".

“Goals today: keep the tiny humans alive” Glitter Mug

If your employee has young children, then their number one goal is always to keep the tiny humans alive.

See through trophy shape light up that can be customized with any text.

Any Text Trophy Award

You can customize this trophy award with anything you want, from “Best Mom and Employee” to “Most Compassionate.”

Vanilla Bean Highly Scented Natural 3 Wick Candle, Essential Fragrance Oils, 100% Soy, Phthalate & Paraben Free, Clean Burning, 14.5 Oz.

Vanilla Bean Soy Candle

Simple, yet delectable, this vanilla bean soy candle will bring a pleasant and tasty scent to their home or office space.

Many clear round lollipops with colorful butterflies inside on a wooden stick.

Butterfly Lollipops

If buying a more personal gift is just too much to ask from you, then these pretty butterfly lollipops will certainly do the trick.

Silver keychain with a round charm that says "no one can fill your shoes" and a high heel charm beside it.

“No one could fill your shoes” Keychain

Whether you mean at work or as a mom, no one could ever fill her shoes the way she does!

Clear stemless white glass with light pink font that says Tiffany on it with a light pink drink in the wine glass.

Custom Name Wine Glass

After a hard day of working and being a mom, she needs a wine glass with her name on it for sure!

Five different colored skinny steel monogrammed cups with straws: purple, pink, teal, navy, and black shown.

Skinny Steel Monogrammed Cup With Straw

Help her stay hydrated at work or play with a skinny steel straw cup that is monogrammed with her name.

Company luggage tag, white luggage tag with blue font of CTMS travel group company.

Company Logo Luggage Tag

If she travels a lot on her own, or for work, she needs a luggage tag with the company logo on it.

Navy round mouse pad with pink roses and green leaves all over it, with a black computer mouse halfway on the mouse pad.

Floral Circular Mouse Pad

Floral mouse pads are simple and pretty, and perfect for any office setting job!

A Gift Inside Spring Fling Chocolatey Covered Oreos by Love Berries

Spring Cookies

No one can say ‘no’ to cookies!

“Day off” Shirt

This “Day off” shirt is a perfect wardrobe choice for their day off.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Employees: wooden slab with test tubes filled with tea leaves and a white flowered tea pot beside them.

Tea Test Tubes

A little taste of loose leaf tea can be a huge gesture, especially if she loves tea and enjoys tasting different kinds!

Personalized hardwood keychains on a dark keyring.

Personalized Hardwood Keychain

Fancy and simple, these maple pieces will quickly become the highlight of her daily necessities.

Four white notebooks each with a different flower on it and a name below.

Personalized Floral Notebook

A personalized floral notebook is a great idea, giving her a place to keep track of her thoughts and notes throughout the day.

Silver keychain with a life ring on it and another charm that says thank you.

“Life ring” Thank You Keychain

Your employees are your life savers, what better way to tell them that on Mother’s Day than to give them a keychain that says as much?

Personalized post it note holder, wooden base with a name above and post it notes on it.

Personalized Post-It Note Holder

Every employee needs a personalized post-it note holder! You can choose between a smiley, heart, or daisy with their name.

White coffee mug with a black handle that says "I'm not here to be average. I'm here to be awesome" in black font.

“I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome” Coffee Mug

She’s an employee and a mom, she is not at work or at home to just be average, she wants to be awesome!

Home Basics Dinner is Poured Wine Shape Ceramic Spoon Rest Cooking Utensils/Ladle/Spatula Holder for Kitchen Countertop/Stovetop/Dinning Table, Teal

Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

You can choose any phrase to put on this wine bottle spoon rest, and she will have the perfect place to set her silverware or cooking utensils.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Not only is she a mom, but she is a team player!

Red Wine Sangria Mix

A little taste of heaven for that after work pick me up.

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be fancy. They can be simple and beautiful at the same time, and that goes for the gifts for your employees as well. Which one do you think they will love the most?


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