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20 20th China Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Find the perfect present by looking at these 20th China Anniversary Gifts For Him! As your 20th-anniversary approaches, you are looking at more and more China gifts that just don’t seem to fit your husband. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places, perhaps a China gift is something not as traditional as you imagine, or maybe you can get him a China gift and pair it with something he would like even more. That’s where this list comes in.

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20 Unique China Anniversary Gifts For Him

Celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary in style with these terrific presents. 

Mid Century Modern Atomic Syracuse China Fruit Bowl

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For the husband who is a huge fruit fan, a China fruit bowl to keep all of his fruit.

Clara Craft Royal Tara Scotland Rampant Lion China Mug

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Your husband is as fierce as a lion!

Cathay China Oval Serving Plate

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If he loves to cook, he definitely needs an oval China serving plate to serve the food on, especially when it is something that you love to eat or when you are having a dinner party.

Heart-Shaped Bowl

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Remind him how much you love him with a bowl shaped like a heart. He can use it for ice cream or other desserts, or he can put it on his dresser to set his watch and rings in at night.

Royalty Porcelain 57-Piece Bone China Banquet Dinnerware Set for 8

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If he wants things a certain way whenever you have company, family or otherwise, for dinner, this dinnerware set is the way to go.

ZENS Lifestyle Salad Bowl

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Great for serving salad at dinner together, whether it be the traditional leafy salad or macaroni or potato salad.

Robot Fine Bone China Butter Dish

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Robots are cool, but so is having a dish for your butter!

Longpro Marble Gray Ceramic Bone China Coffee Mug with Spoon

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This mug is terrific and is sure to be a hit for your husband! Plus, it is still super manly!

Blue and White China Pottery Delftware Cufflinks with Bird

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These stunningly handsome blue and white China pottery Delftware cufflinks with the bird will look amazing with his suit for the next special occasion you two have, or even on your date night for your 18th wedding anniversary.

Serpentine Hand Carved China Pendants

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Make him a masculine necklace with one of these serpentine hand-carved China pendants. They even have the hole drilled into them already.

Dowan 10-Ounce Desserts Bowls

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These are great for desserts such as ice cream, or for sides or salads to go with dinner.

Lenox Embassy 5-Piece Place Setting

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Help him feel like royalty when you serve him his meal with this fancy place setting.

Jusalpha White China Tea Cup and Saucer Set with Spoon

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If he entertains a lot and serves coffee or tea at those functions, he will like having a fancy set of teacups to serve them in.

Blue Old Gristmill Sleigh Ride Set- Cups and Saucers

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The blue Old Gristmill sleigh ride design on the cups and saucers mean that these are anything but boring.

Liverpool Crosby Iron Men China Mug Set

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Now the both of you can have matching mugs to drink your coffee from each morning when you sit together at the table at the same time.

European Royal England Bone China Ceramic Tea Cup

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These European Royal England bone China tea cups come in some unique colors: bright green, orange, and yellow.

Vintage Tepco USA China Restaurant Plate

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This vintage Tepco USA China restaurant plate is not the usual, but isn’t flashy either, which can be just perfect.

Annovero Cereal Bowls Set

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Now when he eats his morning bowl of cereal before leaving for work, he is doing so in style and in bowls with unique designs

City to Cottage Handmade Teal Blue and White Polka Dot Large Teapot

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For the husband who loves tea, you or he can now make tea in style with this polka dot large China teapot.

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If he is a kid at heart, he will enjoy tossing mini marshmallows in the hoop as he drinks his hot cocoa.

Your husband is going to love all of these unique and thoughtful gifts for your 20th wedding anniversary! 

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