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Best 29 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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It’s that time again! Your anniversary is approaching, and you are now in need of a gift for your lovely lady. After coming up with 28 ideas from all of the previous years, you may be feeling like it’s getting impossible to come up with an anniversary gift that your wife will enjoy. Well, look no further. Here are 20 gift ideas that your wife is sure to appreciate!

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29 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

She is going to love all of these presents and that you took the time to get her something sweet and special. 

Song Necklace

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This necklace is one of a kind and can be personalized with the sheet music from a song of your choice. Consider the first song you listened to a couple, or maybe even the song you first danced to.

Yoda Mug

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A Star Wars loving wife is absolutely going to love drinking her coffee or hot cocoa out of this brand new mug. Isn’t it about time for you to add a new mug to the collection anyway?

Matching Cooking Aprons

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You know she loves it when you prepare meals together in the kitchen. She’s going to love it even more when you’re wearing nothing but these cute matching aprons!

Adventure Together Map

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Not everyone has intentions of visiting every state, and that’s okay! For those of you who do minimal traveling, check out this fun map print, that can include four different cities that you have visited together.

Tabletop Decor

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If you are looking for the perfect little piece to adorn a tabletop, these cute, 24K gold hearts are just the right size. It even comes packaged in a velvet bag, inside of a box, so you won’t have to worry about those wrapping skills of yours!

Anniversary Pillow

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Most women would agree that you can never have too many pillows. Why not add one more to her collection, only this one will remind her of just how many days you’ve been married. Just remember to customize the number of days to 10,585!

Personalized Message in a Bottle

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How romantic would it be to draw your lady a relaxing bubble bath, on a quiet evening? And how surprised would she be to slide in and find a sweet message in a bottle, floating in the water, from hers truly!

Around You Willow Tree

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Willow Tree sculptures are another one of those things that you can never have too many of. As your relationship grows stronger, this beautiful sculpture can help symbolize your bond.

I Love You Jewelry Set

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Not only will you be gifting your fabulous woman a gorgeous pair of purple, heart earrings, but this set also includes a matching necklace, with the phrase, “I love you,” in 120 different languages.

I Still Do Frame

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Those newlywed photo frames are now long gone, but check out this sweet frame, made from pine wood. Have it personalized with both of your names and your anniversary.

Leather Passport Cover

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Are you an adventurous couple who loves traveling across the borders and the seas? Perhaps you’ll find this personalized, leather passport cover to be just the right gift.

Leather Luggage Tag

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Check out this fun, personalized, leather luggage tag. It matches the leather passport up above and will make finding your luggage even easier on the conveyor belt at the airport.

Fight a Bear Mug

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If you are looking for some humor, you are going to find it in this mug! Fill it up with your sweetie’s favorite beverage, and enjoy the laughter as she reads it for the first time.

Best Wife Notebook

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How about a brand new notebook that she can jot down her thoughts, notes, lists, or other memos? After all, she is the best wife!

Slate Coasters

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Do you have a habit of setting your beverages on the furniture? Set two of these personalized, coasters on your end table, with a drink for each of you. Then call your lovely wife in and say, “Surprise!”

Romantic Music Box

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This hand carved, a romantic music box is going to make the perfect decorative piece for any room in your home. Choose from the romantic figurines or the warm position figurines.

Photo Clip String Light

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This one will take a little extra effort on your part, but if you have some favorite photos just clip them to the string light, hang it, and voila!. Your wife is going to be so surprised to walk in and see the wonderful memorable moments lit up, right before her eyes!

Engraved Steel Mirror

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The best part about this steel mirror is that it can be customized with whatever words you want! You will have up to 4 lines to customize as you see fit!

Stainless Steel Flasks

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Doesn’t every couple need a set of his and her flasks to celebrate their anniversary? These are fabulous!

Thank You For Being My Wife Coffee Mug

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If this mug pretty much sums up your marriage, you need to get this hilarious cup for your wife! 

Thank you for checking out our Best 29 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her! This gift guide is sure to make her excited and give you some inspiration. 


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