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Best 44 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

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44 years together is traditionally celebrated with electronics, however some now use groceries as their theme of choice. Why the recent change? And, groceries? I know what you’re thinking, but there’s a lot of really unique and gift-worthy things that fall under this umbrella. These 44 year anniversary gifts for him are some gift ideas he definitely won’t forget!

44 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Creative 44 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

An anniversary can be practical, funny, memorable or all of the above! I’ve scoured around for some truly one of a kind 44 year anniversary gifts for him that make a great surprise. These gifts combine the best in both of the 44 year anniversary themes. (Groceries and electronics). He’ll love the practicality and creativity of these awesome 44 year anniversary gift ideas! 

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Kitchen tablet holder for his 44 year wedding anniversary

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This handy little tablet holder hooks onto any cupboard! It makes an ideal recipe holder, combining the best of the electronics and grocery gifting themes! Maybe he’ll make you an unforgettable 44 year anniversary dinner!

Keychain Grocery Cart Coin

Grocery store cart coin for him

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For the Canadians out there, this little thing is a lifesaver! It’s a small grocery cart coin that hooks on to your keychain. No more forgetting your coin and skipping on a cart during his next grocery trip.

Travel Power Strip

44 year anniversary travel power cord gift

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This is a fantastic multi use USB charging station. It also makes a great 44th anniversary electronics gift for him! Because what guy doesn’t need to charge his gadgets?

Video Camera Sunglasses

Camera glasses as a gift for his 44th anniversary

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An awesome gadget for his 44th anniversary electronics gift, these glasses will be a hit. They’re not just a pair of sporty sunglasses! They’ll also let him record his favorite sports and activities in full 1080p.

Karecel Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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He’s going to love this pair of rechargeable hand warmers for his 44th anniversary! This is an electronics gift that’s practical and thoughtful, not to mention handy! (Sorry…)

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Magnetic phone mount for his car 44th anniversary gift

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Using a magnet on the back of a cell phone, this holder allows for easy hands-free phone use. Not only is this a great electronics themed 44 year anniversary gift, it will also keep him safe!

Funny Reusable Grocery Bag

Reuseable grocery bag for his grocery themed anniversary gift

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This is a hilarious grocery bag proclaiming his love for romantic walks down the produce aisle! Give him the best 44 year anniversary grocery gift! (Or at least the most practical one!)

Bagsmart Electronic Organizer

44 year electronic anniversary gift

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One thing all of us hate is untangling chargers and wires on long trips. This is a great practical gift for him so he can organize all of his electronic chargers. It even has a small pocket making it really useful especially for guys with a work phone.

90 Piece Electronics Repair Kit

electronic themed anniversary phone repair kit gift

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Any dad or husband would be over the moon to receive this gift! The perfect electronics themed anniversary gift, it comes in a 90 piece set. What goes better than a home repair gift for a husband’s 44th anniversary??

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Floating speaker electronic themed gift

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Keeping with the electronics theme, this floating bluetooth speaker can definitely take the cake! It will set on his desk or mantle and play his favorite tunes while floating in mid air!

XP-PEN Drawing Tablet

Creative drawing tablet electronic gift for his wedding anniversary

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Spark his creativity with this awesome 44th anniversary gift! He’ll love the features of this perfect electronics anniversary gift.

Unique Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons cooking gift for him

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If you’ve got him shaking his head every time he just needs to add a ‘drop’ or ‘dash’ these are perfect! These measuring spoons will measure out exactly one, ‘drop’, ‘dash’, or ‘pinch’ of anything. They’d make a memorable and funny grocery anniversary gift.

Tea Bag Holder

Clever moose tea bag holder gift

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If he’s a tea drinker he’ll be over the moon with this adorable moose shaped gadget. This is the perfect handmade gift for his 44th. It’s both practical and thoughtful, and he’ll be glad his teabag isn’t falling to the bottom of the cup anymore.

Reusable Produce Bags

Reuseable produce bags grocery anniversary gift

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This is another thoughtful handmade grocery themed gift. These reusable produce bags will cut the waste out of grocery shopping. Not only that, handmade gifts are the perfect idea for a 44th anniversary.

Vintage Memorette

vintage collectible grocery store themed anniversary gift for him

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This truly makes the ultimate grocery themed anniversary gift for him. If you peg him as forgetful, this memorette is the ideal gift. It acts as a folding grocery list with selectable analog grocery options so he won’t come back empty handed!

Recipe Cutting Board

cutting board customized with his favorite recipe cooking themed anniversary gift

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This cutting board will come personalized with his go-to recipe! Truly original, you can’t find this handmade beauty in stores. It makes the perfect grocery themed anniversary gift and he’ll more than appreciate how useful it is!

Oak Magnetic Knife Holder

Wooden magnetic knife holder gift idea for him

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I can tell you for certain, this is one thing every guy wants in the kitchen. This original handmade oak magnetic knife holder is a great grocery themed gift for his 44th!

Thanks for checking out our top 44 year anniversary gifts for him! We’ve got you covered, whether you’re thinking of a grocery or electronics themed gifts. If he’s into sports and you don’t think any of these would be quite the right fit, we’ve got those too! What have you seen gifted for men’s 44th anniversary gifts? Good luck and happy gifting!

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