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5 Memorable Gifts for the Newlyweds

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As many of you already know, purchasing wedding gifts can become a mundane and tedious task.  Whether you choose a crystal serving tray straight from the wedding registry or opt to write a check for the soon-to-be bride and groom, these gifts are hardly unique or awe-inspiring.

Here are some unique and memorable gifts for the newlyweds in my life! They aren't going to forget these ideas, they are so creative! Wedding presents = solved.

It’s no surprise that a trend amongst modern-day wedding guests is to break the barriers in gift giving. To make giving more memorable this wedding season, we have a list of five gifts that are practical and humorous – perfect for your closest friends and family members that are preparing to tie the knot.

Here Are Some Memorable Gifts for the Newlyweds

Monthly Wine Clubs

Help facilitate ongoing celebrations for this new union by sending hand-selected gourmet wines. The new couple will anticipate and receive a shipment enthusiastically each month, which may help create lasting romantic memories.

Couples Cooking Class

Intertwining kitchen responsibilities can be difficult at first. By gifting the newlyweds with a couples cooking class, they can learn from professional chefs to have fun in the kitchen while sharing responsibilities and creating delectable dishes.

Honeymoon Fund

Today, many engaged couples actually start honeymoon funds in addition to or to replace the traditional wedding registry.  However, if your soon-to-be-married couple skipped the honeymoon fund, you can still gift them with a surprise experience to take place during their honeymoon.  If they haven’t planned a honeymoon as of yet, you can purchase a one night stay or a couples massage at the best local resort in town.

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenups in Scottsdale and beyond are growing in popularity. Rather than just about protecting oneself in the event of a divorce, prenups can actually provide important advantages for both partners in a marriage. In fact, they are often used to plan for future affairs and arrange things legally in ways that are mutually beneficial to both spouses. There are many positive reasons that couples are obtaining prenups. For your closest engaged friends, prenuptial agreement help in Scottsdale can be a very realistic gift.

Therapy Sessions

Marriage counseling is currently a huge trend, which may be part of the reason why divorce rates have actually dropped. If you’re especially close to the soon-to-be husband and wife, you may want to help them stay in the honeymoon phase permanently by giving them pre-bought therapy sessions. The conversations that come out of pre-wedding counselling sessions can continue and the couple settles into life as newlywed couple.

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