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20 Gadget Gifts for Dad

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If your old man is a gadget nut, then it’s time to find him something that can make him smile. Dads are often overlooked when it comes to finding a unique gift, but not if you put in a little more effort.

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Whether your dad is an outdoor person, loves his phone, or fancies spy gadgets, we’ve got you covered. Give him an edge with the latest gadgets out there and let him know that you are a proud child. Here are some great gadget gifts for dad.

Gadget Gifts for Dad


Well…is he prone to losing his wallet? His keys? Or cannot recall where he parked? Get him a tile tracker that he can attach to these important items. He will be able to locate his essentials with the help of an accompanying app that can detect the Bluetooth signal. If his phone is lost, Tile can make it ring even if it is on silent mode.

Touchjet Pond Projector

First, this gift can fit into the palm of his hand. Second, it can turn any flat surface into a big touchscreen. He will be all smiles.

Portable External Hard Drive

Backing up and transferring information is vital in the modern era. This beautiful piece will store tons of photos and documents while making a statement on his desk.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home

Talk about synchronizing the TV, gaming consoles and entertainment systems. This gift will serve as his ultimate remote control, replacing other remotes cluttered in the living room.


Technology is on the move, and he needs the latest ‘beast’ in the market. Look no further than a powerful and versatile machine.

Fitbit one

Fitbit One is a great choice for him in keeping track of his activity. It can measure the distance travelled during the day and monitor his sleep at night. For health tracking, all the information can be transferred to a computer or smartphone.

Griffin Twenty

Using this digital amplifier, he will bestow Bluetooth playback capabilities on old speakers.

Power Reserve

When he goes out camping, his phone battery may run low. This power back up will help boost his smartphone.

Stylus pen

This pen functions as a level, screwdriver, ruler, stylus, ballpoint pen, and flathead.

Portable Speaker

Music anytime and anywhere. An active dad will need this ‘big sound in a little package.’ When he is out cycling, he will answer calls without skipping a beat.

Polaroid Zip Printer

This small Bluetooth printer can wirelessly connect to his smartphone and print out photos.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

During an outing, a 360-degree sound will be appreciated from this small-sized device.

Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard will come handy considering the number of smart gadgets that are finding their way into the living room.

Wireless earphone

Apart from being wireless, this earphone has an in-ear heart rate monitor.

E-reading device

It’s time he stops straining his eyes on a tablet or smartphone. Reading on an e-ink screen is better. Another great feature is being able to turn the page without lifting a finger.

Go Pro Hero

A camera with waterproof capabilities and full HD recording is a plus for him. This camera means stunning video quality and photos taken from unusual angles. This device will certainly take him back and keep him youthful.

Fitness watch

Do not buy any ordinary watch. He needs a unique one that can help him get fitter. Using this device, he will track his calories, skin temperature, and sweat.

Digital frame

This is the best way to ensure he keeps memories alive without having to dig out old family albums. He will have the ultimate photo viewing experience because he has an option of creating a playlist from the uploaded collection.

Amazon Fire TV

He needs a digital media player that can stream digital video/audio content to a HD television. With this device, he will be able to watch high-definition streams. As a bonus, you can subscribe him for the premium channels.


You may think that because he has a phone he is satisfied. No! He is aware of the latest trends, and he wants to keep up. Get him a trendy phone.

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