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50th Gold Anniversary Gifts for Her

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The big 5-0 anniversary is here, and 50 means gold! You might be wondering, what are some great gold gifts to celebrate this momentous wedding anniversary? Well, worry no more, there are plenty of beautiful ones to choose from in this list!

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Stunning 50th Gold Anniversary Gifts for Her

Gold Infinity Necklace

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You can’t go wrong with a gold infinity necklace, because after all, you two are together for infinity!

Navy and Gold Mini Wedding Photo Album

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A navy and gold mini wedding photo album is a great way to commemorate those wedding pictures, and even pictures of you two and the life you have built together since the day you got married. This one is easy to carry around as it is smaller and not bulky!

“Happy 50th Anniversary” Pillow with Gold Lettering and Love Birds, Personalized with Names and Dates

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The two golden love birds on this pillow are celebrating 50 years as a married couple. Personalize it with your name and the date of your wedding, and it will quickly become one of the best additions to your bed set.

Gold Fingerprint Necklace

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What is more personal than your fingerprint on a gold necklace?

Gold Leaf Dangle Earrings

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These beautiful gold leaf dangle earrings will look elegant on her ears for whatever occasion comes up.

“The best is yet to come” Gold Foil Print

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You two have been married for 50 years, but the best is still yet to come! Remind her with this gold foil print she can hang up on the wall at home.

“50 Years” Gold Necklace, Personalized with Names

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Simple, yet the fact that it comes from you and is personalized with your names makes it really special.

Simple Gold Ring

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For the woman who doesn’t like fancy things as much, a simple gold ring will make her super happy.

Gold Plate Personalized Soundwave Bracelet

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A soundwave of your voice saying “I love you” or another phrase that only you two understand on a gold plate, and on a bracelet, will be something that she cherishes for a long time.

“You had me at chardonnay” Wine Glass with Gold Glitter

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If she loves chardonnay, she will love this gold glitter wine glass.

Gold Personalized Ballpoint Pen

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For the wife who writes a lot or likes to have a bunch of pens throughout the house, this gold ballpoint pen that can be personalized will be a great gift for her.

Rose Gold Crown Ring

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She is your queen and always will be!

“Spooning since ______” Gold Foil Print

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You two have been spooning for fifty years, wow!

Tiny Solid Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

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A tiny solid gold crescent moon necklace is a great representation of all those nights you have spent together, or that you love her to the moon and back.

Gold Faceted Round Stud Earrings

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Both beautiful and simple, she will enjoy wearing these gold faceted round stud earrings to special events!

White Gold Silk Sequin Decorative Pillow

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What a lovely addition to your living room would this white gold silk sequin decorative pillow be!

Gold Coordinates Bar Necklace

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Put the coordinates of where you met, or where you got married, on this gold bar necklace and you will never forget where it was.

Engraved 50th Gold Glass Anniversary Plate

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Plates and other dishes were given to you when you first got married, so a great way to commemorate your 50th wedding anniversary is with an engraved 50th gold glass anniversary plate, right?

Custom Name Gold Ring

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Get her name or your name put on this custom name gold ring and it will be a source of comfort whenever she wears it.

Tiny Diamond Cross Gold Chain Necklace

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Every woman of faith would love to receive a tiny diamond cross necklace on a gold chain for their 50th wedding anniversary. It is always something that will bring a lot of meaning to their life.

Gold is fun, whether it is real gold or gold colored. What a lovely wedding anniversary to celebrate!

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