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60th Diamond Anniversary Gifts

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Congratulations! You, or your loved ones, have made it to your 60 year wedding anniversary! This is a really big one, that is why it is the “diamond anniversary!” It doesn’t have to just be a diamond ring, or the like, there are some really amazing gift ideas listed below. Make sure to check them out!

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Memorable 60th Diamond Anniversary Gifts

Alternating Marquise Round Diamond Ring

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This alternating marquise round diamond ring is simple, yet elegant.

Dainty Rhinestone Choker

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Rhinestones look a lot like diamonds, and she will love wearing a dainty rhinestone choker for your 60th anniversary.

Personalized Framed Heart-Shaped Diamond Art

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A perfect piece of decoration to fill your home with that represents your 60th wedding anniversary, is a personalized heart-shaped diamond art with your names and the date of your wedding on it.

Gold “Love” Ring with Diamonds

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Express your love for each other with a gold “Love” ring with diamonds on it.

Anchor Necklace with Blue Diamonds

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You two are the anchor that steadies each other!

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

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You are not getting engaged, but engagement rings make beautiful gifts for wedding anniversaries too.

“Love” Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

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Love has gotten you two through some tough times in your marriage and is at the centerfold of your lives together. Wear it close to your heart on a necklace too.

Custom Diamond Dust Glitter Photo

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This custom diamond dust glitter photo is a beautiful piece that will look lovely in your home.

Gold Butterfly Necklace with a Diamond in the Middle

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Something a little different, yet still as amazingly beautiful is this gold butterfly necklace with a diamond in the center.

Diamond Shape Keychain

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If money is a bit tight, a diamond shape keychain is a simple and lovely gift to commemorate your 60 years as husband and wife.

Morganite Engagement Ring

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Yet another beautiful engagement ring for this wedding anniversary, and it is super fancy. If you made it 60 years and want to show your love with something that is more flashy, then this is the piece to choose.

Diamond Shape Earrings

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and she definitely needs some diamond shaped earrings that will go with any outfit and are great for when you are on a budget and still want something meaningful for her.

Diamond Dual Bezel Setting Solitaire Ring

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The two diamonds in this solitaire ring are a great way to represent the two of you and all that you have gone through to make it to 60 years married.

White Gold Diamond Infinity Necklace

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You have been together this long, you will be together for infinity!

Tall Concrete Diamond Sculpture

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This tall concrete diamond sculpture will be a special decoration piece in your home. You can set it on the mantle, a bookshelf, or wherever you choose.

Purple Rhinestone Folding Cane

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When you need a cane, the best one to have is a purple rhinestone cane that can fold up for easy transport!

Treble Clef Diamond Solitaire Ring

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Write the lyrics of your song and give them with this treble clef diamond solitaire ring this year.

Diamond with Initial Charm Necklace with Wax Cord

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While not a real diamond, this diamond with an initial charm on a wax cord necklace is unique and fun.

Starfish Diamond Necklace

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For the beach lover, a starfish diamond necklace is a great choice for your 60th wedding anniversary!

Diamond Lip Balm Holder Keychain

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Diamond lip balm holder keychain so she never loses her lip balm again!

Celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary with a fun, and unique, diamond gift! No matter what you choose, it is special because it comes from the heart.

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