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Best 29 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

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Congratulations on 29 years of marriage! These are a selection of handpicked 29 year anniversary gifts for him you won’t want to miss. The 29th anniversary theme is furniture, which is perfect for getting him set up with something special. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect modern 29 year anniversary theme gift he’ll love for the next 29 years to come!

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Furniture Themed 29 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Furniture gifts don’t all have to entail new pieces for your living spaces, either. They can grow to include furniture related products that will make his life easier! Find the right one of a kind furniture themed gift to commemorate his 29th anniversary out of these must have gifts.

Safco Ergonomic Garage Chair

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This is a work bench or drafting table chair that’s packed with comfort. It features an ergonomic design making it a cozy solution if he likes spending time out in the garage or workshop!

Artificial Interlocking Grass Tiles

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These are a set of indoor/outdoor grass tiles that might seem unusual at first glance. What makes these unique is that they’d be a thoughtful gift if he’s an avid golfer! Hook up your husband with a set of these to spruce up his golf simulator space.

Carl’s Golf Simulator Enclosure Impact Screen

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Right, of course! What good is grass turf tiles without a golf simulator screen to go with them? Give him something to brag about with this unforgettable 29 year anniversary gift! This screen will work with any golf simulator system to upgrade his game!

Furniture Dusting Spray

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This is organic dust spray which will help keep his favorite chill-out spots in tip-top shape! This is a great alternative to caustic and smelly chemical cleaners he’ll love to use.

Horseshoe Drink Holder

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What says happy 29 year anniversary like a handmade drink holder? This is a one of a kind item that will compliment his hangout space perfectly!

TLC Furniture Wax

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This restorative wax and cleaner make a great accompaniment to any 29 year anniversary gift! Perfect for polishing furniture, you can rest assured it’s made from natural ingredients.

1960s Retro Swivel Armchair

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This retro style armchair is a great 29 year anniversary gift for him! This chair is pure style. It’s that retro look every guy would love to have in their office, bedroom or lounge.

Adirondack Foldable Chair

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This is a great piece of lawn furniture for him to enjoy as a 29 year anniversary gift. From chilling in the backyard to living it up at the beach this summer you really can’t go wrong!

Hanging Bedside Storage Caddy

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This nifty little organizer is the perfect touch to add to the bedroom. It’s a handmade milt-pocket holder for a phone, ipad, or books! This one of a kind gift is an ideal furniture themed anniversary gift he’ll adore.

Large Hexagon Tray

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This tray is perfect for ottomans and coffee tables! It’s a handmade boho decor themed anniversary gift that’s practical and stunning. You can be sure all of his remotes and controllers will be at home on this unique furniture gift for him.

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Dolly

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This fully functional and capable hand truck is great for moving any new furniture gifts! If you’re looking for a practical 29 year anniversary gift that fits the theme, this dolly has got you covered! His back will thank you!

Fantasy Football Trophy

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Does your husband enjoy fantasy football as much as the next guy? This little trophy is everything. It fits the furniture theme of the 29 year anniversary gift. Is there anything better than letting him know who’s the champion of his fantasy league?

Ostrich Feather Duster

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This is a classic wood-handled duster that’s great for collecting dust around the house. If you need something to motivate him to keep his office or man cave on the tidier side, why not reach for one of these?

Floor Stand Toilet Paper Holder

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Industrial design has totally taken over, and this piece is no exception! Give him the 29 year anniversary furniture themed gift he deserves with this rustic handmade toilet paper holder! (You definitely won’t have to worry about him forgetting to replace the roll now!)

Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

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Need a way to get all of those furniture themed gifts into the house? These moving straps will make his life a whole lot easier. Good for two lifters and up to 800 pounds, these save the stress on your back when lifting new furniture pieces.

Interlocking Exercise Mat Black Foam

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These tiles are a perfect 29 year anniversary gift for him if he’s been talking about working out more! Great for hardwood floors, unfinished basements, and garages alike! These will soak up impact as well as protect floors.

Metal Storage Shelf

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Let me level with you. I’m a guy myself, and we have this strange affinity for these metal shelves. Seeing as the 29th anniversary gifting theme is furniture, this is a match made in paradise! Grab him one of these metal steel wire shelves for organizing all of his clutter!

Rolling Garage Cabinet

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This small rolling cabinet acts as a perfect organizer for tools! Not only that, but it’s also ideal for storing automotive accessories, car washing clutter and more! Grab him something to spruce up the garage for a great 29 year anniversary gift idea.

Lauraland Leather Recliner

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You know we couldn’t go without including one of these. And the truth is, he’s probably mentioned wanting a classic black leather recliner for his 29th wedding anniversary, right? This is a heated, 360 swivel, massage capable chunky black leather recliner chair that truly has it all!

Tiger Strap Ratchet Tie Down Set

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These 20ft ratchet tie-downs are the ideal furniture themed accessory gift for his 29th anniversary present! This heavy-duty set will tackle any furniture moving job, great for outfitting your new place with the latest and greatest furniture!

Hopefully, you’ve found that perfect, one of a kind 29 year anniversary gift for him that truly says it all! These unique selections feature a whole host of anniversary gifts that fit the furniture gifting theme for 29 years of marriage! Is there anything else that you think would make a really unique type of gift? Let me know!

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