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Nisa is a copywriter intern, mother and dog owner. When she's not writing, you will find her in nature taking long walks, picnics and meditating. She's a hardcore fan of sugar, watching TV series and a serial loser of pens.

When a colleague decides to leave a job to find new pastures, the feeling of emptiness is extremely common. Getting the perfect gift to remember you by, is a disconcerting task. We’ve compiled 20 of the dopest gifts yet and any one of these will have your soon to be ex colleague singing like Rihanna, …

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Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl | two year old girls | 2-year-old daugther gift ideas | What to buy my niece for her birthday | Christmas presents for my toddler | Granddaughter gifts | Presents for Toddlers

Not only are two year olds going through the Terrible Two’s they are also well on their way to the Terrifying Threes! It doesn’t matter what her personality is like, a great gift is the first step in winning her little heart over. We have first-hand experience when it comes to gift shopping for headstrong …

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Pairs of Cufflinks that Make a Perfect Gift | Cuff link gifts | Cufflink gift ideas | Father's Day Gifts| Christmas presents for Dad | Birthday presents for Grandpa | Gifts for Guys | Gift Ideas for Men | What to buy my Dad for a gift | Husband gifts | Boyfriend presents | Anniversary present ideas

When deciding to go with cufflinks as a gift, you are already on the right track. Buuuuutttt, choosing the right cufflink is definitely not so easy. You need to send the right message across and that’s why we’ve decided to help you choose the right ones. We’ve chosen 20 cufflinks, as gifts, that would either …

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Thoughtful gift ideas for step mom | Stepmom gifts | Christmas Presents for My Step-Mom | What to buy my step mom | A birthday present idea for a step mom | Step family gifts

Not all stepmom’s are the wicked witches portrayed on television. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s a stepmom or your biological mom, cos they’re just that good. Showing some appreciation every now and then goes a long way. That is why we compiled a list perfect enough to buy each item for your own stepmom. …

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