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20 Gift Ideas for Leaving a Job

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When a colleague decides to leave a job to find new pastures, the feeling of emptiness is extremely common. Getting the perfect gift to remember you by, is a disconcerting task. Thankfully these gift ideas are perfect for someone leaving a job, so grab one and make them feel special before they start the next chapter. 


Gift Ideas for Leaving a Job

We’ve compiled 20 of the dopest gifts yet and any one of these will have your soon to be ex colleague singing like Rihanna, Work! And if they’re retiring, you can also try these retirement gift ideas to find more gift-giving inspiration. 

An Inspiring Travel Book

National Geographic destinations of a lifetime book

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Nothing says “Bon Voyage” better than a great travel book.

Soy candle – saying goodbye

Soy candle gift ideas for someone leaving a job

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sOying good-bye with this gift will light up your ex-colleagues heart.

Mug – Funny gift

Mug with a funny saying

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And if this is how you feel.. Why not?

Quoted – Pen

Hemmingway pen

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This gift will be ideal for any Ernest Hemingway fan.

Retired – Sash

Retired sash for someone leaving a job

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Great gift for a retired person… A great reminder for those who just won’t go on retirement.

Binaural headsets


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This gift is perfect for that ex-colleague that always hogs the radio stations.

Funny gift – Mug

Funny coffee mug

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Hmmm, what pot?

Faeries – Music

Fairies music CD

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This gift will have them floating around like butterflies and faeries.

Throw cushion

Just one more chapter throw pillow

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This gift is an ideal tool for a little inspiration and motivation.

Fly safe – Keychain

Fly safe keychain for someone leaving a job to travel

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Give this gift for an ex-colleague emigrating to another country… A new city is fine too.

Camouflage pill case

Cute pill case

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For just about any sort of pill.

Pencil case – Do more of what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy pencil case

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Great advice for someone about to embark on a new journey.

Vintage Ukrainian shawl

Vintage Ukrainian shawl

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This shawl will keep you ex coworker will keep warm in this shawl for many years to come.

Harry Potter – Ipad case

Harry Potter map Ipad case

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Guess the magic wand is replaced with an Ipad case.

Best Intern ever – Tshirt

Best Intern ever t-shirt gift for an intern leaving their job

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Give this gift to your ex intern as motivation to keep going.

Wizard of Oz Bookmark

Wizard of oz bookmark

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Give this to an ex partner, if their name is Dorothy and they moving to Kansas. Or anybody that’s wild about the wizard of Oz.

Spoon Bookmark

Funny spoon bookmark gift

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And if ex ally was notorious for catching forty winks at work, this gift will be a superb reminder.

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