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40 Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 40th Birthday

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When your husband has hit the “naughty forties”, there’s no telling what you can expect. Some would even go as far to say that life only begins then. It doesn’t matter what others have to say about turning 40, the fact of the matter is that choosing a gift for your husband’s 40th birthday that will make him want to live another 40 years with you is gonna be tough.

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Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

We’ve made a list of superb gifts that are sure to get your hubby’s heart rate pumping and you the number one person (as you should be) in his life. Here’s 40 ideas to get your started. And don’t worry, we’ve got your wife covered too

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Remote control drone


I haven’t met a man yet who hasn’t wanted a drone. If your husband hasn’t had the chance to pick one up yet, this is definitely a great gift idea for his 40th birthday. Get a good one; they’re definitely worth the extra money.

Custom Painted Portrait

These custom painted portraits from Paint Your Life are so cool! You can have them create anything you want, including a group picture from individual photos. Great for a 40 year old guy who has everything. You could order a family portrait, picture with him and his buddies, or the pets!

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Let’s face it, he can’t drink like he’s in his 20s anymore. It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life!

This machine will have your husband sipping his favorite cocktail in under a minute. Super easy to use, it’s a perfect 40th birthday gift for anyone who enjoys spirits and entertaining.

Plus you can use it too, win-win.

We Tried This One!

hands on with the Bartesian Cocktail Maker in our home

“The Bartesian is the ideal gift for someone who enjoys a nice cocktail but doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. It’s a little pricey, but would be awesome for a milestone birthday gift!” – Everett

Massage chair pad with remote and app control

Massage Chair Pad

If you don’t have the space (or budget) for a full sized massage chair, consider getting your spouse one that can fit onto any chair. These are great for working at a desk or just relaxing. Unfortunately for him (but happy for you, the gift giver) now that he’s in his 40s he’s probably going to use this pretty often.

money and gift card holder tree

Gift Card or Money Tree

Some guys are really tough to shop for. If this sounds like your hubby, bite the bullet and give him cash or gift cards instead. There are plenty of creative ways to give these gifts like with this cool money or gift card holder tree!

I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game

You can pretty much get your husband any board or card games you think he’d like, but I think this would would be a really fun 40th birthday present. Now that he’s lived for 40 years, he’s probably acquired a bunch of knowledge… Right? This game puts that to the test.

Repurposed Retro Gamer Art

Did your husband grow up playing video games in the 80s and 90s? This site has all kinds of cool retro video game accessories that have been repurposed into super cool artwork.

We Tried This One!

“It’s a great way to bring some of that childhood nostalgia into your space without having to hang onto those old controllers collecting dust. Plus it looks cool!” – Everett

A Multi-Combo Game Table for your husband's 40th birthday

Multi-Combo Game Table

Your husband is a kid at heart, so let him play a few rounds of his favorite games – pool, air hockey, or foosball. This rad gift can come with or without expert assembly, so if your husband needs a project, unassembled is the perfect way to go!

This husband's 40th birthday lets him drink in style.

Best 40th Birthday Gift for Your Husband 


What a special gift idea for him. Customized gifts are always such a special way to let them know you really went out of your way to make his gift extra special. Pair it with his favorite bottle for a complete gift. 

VR headset gift idea

Virtual Reality Headset

For the 40 year old who has everything, this headset is the icing on the cake. With HD quality, these glasses are sure to keep your husband chilling on the couch (or in his man cave) all day.

If he loves whiskey, this husband's 40th birthday is perfect.

Customized Whiskey Flavoring Gift Set

Put your husband’s name on a whiskey aging barrel and watch his reaction because he’ll be amazed! This gift is a show stopper and great for the elegant spirit drinker in your life.

He can definitely brew his own with this husband's 40th birthday.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Expand your husband’s pallette with this craft beer tasting kit as a 40th birthday present. Pair with your husband’s favorite beer and make any beer lover “hoppier.”

40th Birthday – T-shirt

Funny shirts are one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for your husband; especially if you can get one themed for this milestone birthday. This T-shirt is a great reminder of what it REALLY means to be 40!

Even If he doesn't like to cook, this husband's 40th birthday will make it fun.

Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

Perfect for any ninja in the kitchen, this samurai kitchen knife set will make your husband smile every time he cooks you a magnificent meal.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

If your husband is past the cool factor of samurai kitchen swords, and into perfecting his skills, a Rouxbe online cooking course might be just the thing. These self-paced courses are available on a variety of topics, or a membership model, and make an excellent gift. He will learn SO much. Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Half penny cufflinks from your husband's birth year for his 40th birthday

These are great milestone cufflinks. This will have your husband looking snazzy for the next 4 decades. If he needs a new hobby and might lose the new cufflinks, maybe get him a metal detector to play with?

For your husband's 40th birthday he can try out some new recipes, like sushi.

Sushi Kit

A fun pair for the above knife set, this sushi kit gives you all the tools you need to create perfect sushi rolls. A great gift for an aspiring chef or a simple sushi fanatic.

barnett crossbow gift idea

Editors Pick – Barnett Crossbow

If you want a really cool gift for your husband’s 40th birthday this might be the ultimate men’s fortieth b-day gift. Great for husbands that are hard to shop for, have everything, or at just kids at heart.

Retro Popcorn Machine

A perfect addition to any man cave, this retro popcorn maker is also cute enough to live in other parts of your house. Your man will love enjoying fresh popcorn with his daily Netflix binge!

Give your husband a wooden wallet for his 40th birthday

Wooden Wallet

If your hubby is a minimalist then this is a great way to keep those notes in check. This is a stylish daily reminder of how much you love him.


Whiskey Tasting Subscription

Don’t know what to get your husband? Why not treat him to something indulgent like a whiskey (or spirit) tasting subscription box. Most of us don’t look forward to turning 40, but this will give him something to look forward to all year long!

We Tried This One!

Flaviar whiskey tasting samples
Flaviar whiskey tasting kit

“As someone who loves trying new spirits out I definitely recommend Flaviar as a gift – especially for men who enjoy the finer things in life.” – Everett

Learn more about our experience with Flaviar on our sister site, Aspiring Winos.

harry potter wand remote

Harry Potter Wand Remote

Let your husband swish and flick the TV on and off utilizing his knowledge of Harry Potter Spells. Your husband is sure to feel extra magical with this gift!

This husband's 40th birthday will have the DJ husband in da house!


For the husband who misses the good old days or is considering a DJ hobby, this turntable is a truly unique gift. Featuring built in speakers and a Vinyl to MP3 function, this turntable is versatile.

Editor’s Choice Husband’s 40th Birthday Gift Idea

Harmsen’s Hockey Bottle Opener

Handmade items made from recycled broken hockey sticks. Harmsen’s Hockey currently offers bottle openers and Wood BBQ grill scrapers as well as custom items and t-shirts.

Leather watch with record face

Leather Watch

Maestro hubby would love you until the end of time with this great piece. If music isn’t his thing, a beautiful new leather watch in a different style will stay with him for years as a reminder of this milestone birthday.

Having comfy shoes is important as you get older so this husband's 40th birthday is a great one.

Men’s Trainer Shoes by Adidas

This trainer shoe will have him finally making use of that gym membership. If you’re husband’s trying to stay in shape (or get in shape) now that he’s entering his 40s, good quality fitness equipment is a great gift idea to help him reach his goals.

Getting an Amazon Echo for your husband's 40th birthday will ensure he finally someone who listens to your husband's orders

Echo Dot

Whether or not your husband already has the Amazon Echo, the echo dot is a great gift for your techie husband, or just the guy who wants life to be a little bit easier. Play music, use as a universal remote control, or ask Alexa questions with this small but mighty device.

men's leather messenger bag

Leather Messenger Bag

Make him the envy of all of his coworkers and co-commuters with a beautiful leather messenger bag that he will be able to use for years.

Beard kit for men

Beard Kit

At 40, your husband needs to step up his beard game. This luxurious kit contains brush, comb, and beard oil – sure to make macking on your husband even sweeter!

Can't go wrong with sweets for your husband's 40th birthday

Sweet Gift Tower

Ahhhh what the hell!! You only turn 40 once! Indulge his sweet tooth with this huge tower of sweets!

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This husband's 40th birthday will help him stay fit.


After you’ve indulged his sweet tooth, a FitBit is the perfect way to help your husband stay healthy. Why not buy matching Fitbits for yourself and him and challenge each other?

This husband's 40th birthday will have him speaking Wookie in no time.

Editor’s Choice Husband’s 40th Birthday Gift

Star Wars Chewbacca Bath Robe

Sherpa lined and decked in galaxy-tier style, this Chewbacca bath robe features a sound chip so your husband can roar away! This is the coziest and most hilarious gift for your husband’s 40th birthday

Cotton Kurta yoga shirt

Cotton Short Kurta

Help him look stylish and stay cool this summer with a luxurious kurta – don’t worry, you don’t have to be a yogini to pull it off. These shirts scream sexy-casual!

This husband's 40th birthday will have him being a master artist in no time.

Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet

This gizmo will have hubby unleashing his creative side. It’s perfect for the gadget loving husband and the creative guy.

Bluetooth headphones make a great gift for husband's 40th birthday.

Bluetooth Headphones

Perfect for use in the gym or at home when doing a project, these headphones are wireless and waterproof.

Mountainable spice rack for the kitchen

Mountable Spice Rack

If hubby is the master chef in the home, this spice rack will help him get organized. Tell him you want to “spice up” your lives.  ;-)

Personalized guitar strap gift idea

Personalized Guitar Strap

Help him remember his name when he gets caught up in the flow of the music. Or, at the very least, let everyone around him know who his guitar belongs to. A 40th birthday is a great time to get your husband something thoughtful and personalized. Or get your musician (or wanna be guitarist) husband a new guitar for his birthday to go with this strap!

Your husband's 40th birthday is a big milestone, give your husband a way to keep special memories with a memory book

Wooden Memory Box – For Photos and Memorabilia

This nifty handmade wooden box book will keep his things all in one place. Collect memories of your time together and his life to fill it, making it a wonderful sentimental gift. Alternatively, fill it with fun dates!

The best husband's 40th birthday gift for someone who likes to party

Beverage Pump

He’ll be the star on game night. This is the perfect fortieth birthday gift for your husband who loves to have a good time with friends. Make sure this is unwrapped before the 40th birthday party starts!

Gift ideas for your husband's 40th birthday | Milestone Birthday Ideas | Gift Guide for Husband | Fortieth Birthday Presents | Creative Gifts for Men | Celebrating Forty | Birthday Party Gifts for Adults
Your husband's 40th birthday is Time for him to start a new hobby.

Bourbon Making Kit

If your other half is an avid bourbon drinker, let him try his hand at making his own with this kit – complete with a cask! This is a very fun gift that will keep him entertained for ages and give him a new memory to share with friends.

HP Sprocket

For the photographer, the HP Sprocket is the perfect pocket photo printer. Even the man who has everything needs this gift!

An alternative to 3D printer, this 3D printing pen will make your husband's 40th birthday a happy one!

3D Printing Pen

If your husband fancies himself an artiste, this pen is sure to keep him busy creating 3d masterpieces all day!

Morning coffee after age forty gets a lot better with a coffee maker as a husband's 40th birthday gift.


Step up your husband’s coffee game with this espresso machine built for leisure. Look forward to fresh brewed espresso every morning when you gift this to your caffeine obsessed husband.

Keeps his whiskey cold without watering it down, a win win for a husband's 40th birthday gift.

Whiskey Wedge

This classy gift will help your man enjoy his whiskey on the rocks without the usual side effect of watered down whiskey.

Your husband's 40th birthday means you get your own personalized whiskey set.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Sett

A great gift to go along with the above whiskey themed gift, this set includes a whiskey decanter and four whiskey glasses, all personalized by you specifically for your husband.

Your husband's 40th birthday is a great time to Bring your husband back in time by giving this vintage style shaving kit for his

Shave Kit

Help your husband shave like a gentleman with this Gentleman Jon Shave Kit. The kit includes everything needed for a true gentleman’s shave, so your husband will enjoy a quality shave.

Give a personalized beer mug for your husband's 40th birthday

Personalized beer Mug

On its own or paired with the above gift, this mug is sure to make any beer lover smile. Personalize with initials, a funny saying, or their nickname, but whatever you write, he’s sure to go back for a second pint!

Personalized Docking station

Personalized Docking station

Personalize this gift for your hubby to remind him of you. Plus it will keep him organized… you know there are some husbands who need help!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of unique gift ideas for your husband’s 40th birthday. Oh, and if you’re planning a birthday party for this milestone birthday we have ideas for that too! We add new finds as we come across them, enjoy.

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