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Coffee Mugs That Will Cheer You Up in the Morning

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We get it, honestly we do. We know not everyone is a bright and cheery person in the morning…well at least not until they get their coffee. However, with one of these coffee mugs, you will find yourself becoming more cheerful while your coffee brews.


Here Are 25 Coffee Mugs That Will Cheer You Up in the Morning!

Take a look at this selection of feminist coffee mugs, too.

PARACITY Coffee Mugs Set of 2, Double Wall Coffee Mug 12 OZ, Glass Coffee Mugs with Handle, Insulated Coffee Mug for Cappuccino/Latte/Coffee, Borosilicate Glass Coffee Cups for Kitchen/Travel

Double Wall Insulated Coffee Mugs

The best thing about coffee is that delicious eye-opening smell. These insulated coffee mugs keep the smell lingering while keeping the heat in and protecting your hands. This would definitely cheer me up. 

No products found.

My Final Thought…

Before (or after?) coffee, this may or may not hit the spot for those around you.

But it will make you grin.

Nofinis Heat Changing Sensitive Mug - Cool Coffee & Tea Magic Color Change Cup Battery Meter Charging Design Ceramic Mug Gift Idea for Mom Dad Women & Men

Tech Battery Color Changing Mug

Know when you are charged and ready for the world with this cute little mug. Knowing you aren’t leaving the house without a full battery is enough to brighten up even the worst of days.

Mug that says "I'm not always a bitch. Just kidding go fuck yourself"

I’m Not Always a….

This mug is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you read it. The phrase will never grow old.

Allures & Illusions Gigantic Coffee Mug - Worlds Largest Coffee Cup (10.2' x 6.7')

World’s Largest Coffee Mug

What could ruin your day when you have a mug big enough to drink just the exact amount of coffee that you need without having to go back for refills?

Go Away, Not Yet, How Can I Help You - 13oz Clear Glass Coffee Mug - Funny Office Humor Gift Bosses and Employees Gift Secretary Day - By CBT Mugs

Go Away Coffee Mug

This mug will keep you smiling each morning because it will keep other housemates or coworkers from disturbing you until they see it is safe.

Have a Nice Day Funny Mug with middle finger on bottom

Have a Nice Day Funny Mug

Laugh to yourself as everyone around you wonders why you’re sending these mixed messages.

Cute Funny Black Cat Coffee Tea Milk Ceramic Mug Cup 12 oz Christmas Birthday Best Gift

Cute Little Black Cat Mug

Who can resist a cute little kitty and it comes with a matching spoon too.

This is My Meeting Mug

Walk into work, get to business, and don’t worry about telling your employees that they are dismissed either.

InGwest. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 ounce. Changing Color Mug for you and your friend. Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug. Novelty Heat Sensitive Mug With Funny Smile

Morning Mug

Watch your mug wake up and smile at you brightly when you pour in your coffee. What a great way to start the day.

Surprise Shark Mug

You know when something scares you early in the morning and then you realize its fake and you cannot stop laughing? Hopefully, you spot it before pouring your coffee in though.

Funny I Don't Know How To Put This But I'm Kind of A Big Deal 11 Oz White Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cups For Funny Gift Mug

I’m a Big Deal

Nothing makes a day turn around than when you realize and confirm that you are “Kind of a big deal”.

Zak Designs Despicable Me Kevin Minion 3D Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug for Hot Drinks, 14 oz

Minion Mug

If you love Minions, this mug will bring you loads of cheer each time you use it.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug Cup 8 oz Funny Electric Stainless Steel Automatic Self Mixing & Spinning Mixer Cup Home Office Travel Gift

Self-Stirring Mug

That moment when you realize that you don’t have to stir your own coffee.

Hidden Message Mug

Add a little pick me up or secret message to the bottom of your cup. You can remind yourself to have a good day or customize it with your favorite inspirational quote.

This would also make a really thoughtful gift idea for a coffee lover.

BigMouth Inc. Prescription Coffee Mug - Large Funny Prescription Coffee Cup - Unique Pharmacy Gifts - Hilarious Novelty and Gag Gifts for Doctor - Dishwasher-Safe Ceramic Pill Bottle Coffee Cup - 12oz

Coffee Prescription

This aint no coffee addiction, it’s medicinal! Just follow the directions on the bottle and you’ll be off to a brighter morning in no time.

Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug

Choose someone or something that’s guaranteed to cheer you up every morning when you see their face (so not your spouse). Pets and kids are good options!

Daily Reminders mug

Daily Reminders

This one has a selection of inspiring words and phrases that will help your morning get off to the right start. Choose your favorite color for an extra pick-me-up!

Disney Jack Skellington Mug

Jack Skellington Mug

How can anyone be in a bad mood when looking at the face of this mug? If you (or someone in your life) loves the Nightmare Before Christmas we have some more great ideas here too.

Funny Mug - I May Have Over Trusted that Fart - 11 OZ Coffee Mugs - Funny Inspirational and sarcasm - By

I May Have Over Trusted That Fart

You can’t help but laugh after reading this, especially if it turns out to be true.

DKISEE Ceramic Mugs I'Ve Cut Back To Just One Cup of Coffee A Day White Gifts Funny Coffee Mug Tea Cups 11oz

I’ve Cut Back to Just One Cup of Coffee a Day

Secretly laughing because you know it’s true, even if it is one huge cup of coffee each day.

No products found.

Festive Elephant Shaped Coffee Mug

This bright cheery mug is sure to brighten up any coffee drinker’s day.

Funny Guy Mugs Shhh There's Wine in Here Ceramic Coffee Mug - 11oz - Ideal Funny Coffee Mug for Women and Men - Hilarious Novelty Coffee Cup with Witty Sayings

There’s Wine in Here

This will get you some looks early in the morning, while you smirk to yourself.

Coffee keeps me going until it is acceptable to drink wine - 11 OZ Coffee Mug - Funny Inspirational and sarcasm - By A Mug To Keep TM

Coffee Keeps Me Going

How can you not start the morning off right when you are reminded that in a few hours you can have another one of your favorite drinks?

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 10 Oz, App-Controlled Heated Coffee Mug with 80 Min Battery Life and Improved Design, White

Ember Mug

You know what makes me happy? Coffee that never gets cold. This one’s a little pricey but you deserve it so treat yourself to a temperature controlled smart mug… They’re so worth it!

The coffee mug, such a go-to gift idea. But, why? Because they are so much fun. I love this list of Coffee Mugs That Will Cheer You Up in the morning. They certainly made me smile. 

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