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20 White Elephant Gifts For Foodies

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If you don’t already know, a white elephant gift is a gift you give not for practicality or cherished, but that’s funny (and often crude). These white elephant gifts are perfect funny gift ideas for foodies and food lovers who already have everything.

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Creative and Fun White Elephant Gifts For Foodies

50 Shades of Chicken

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A parody cookbook named after the popular BDSM series. With a tied up chicken on the cover and a claim to “make every dinner a turn-on” this book will make a great white elephant gift for sure.

Gouda Ideas Notepad

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Do you have a gouda idea you just have to write down right now? Write them here. Each yellow cheese shaped page says “sweet dreams are made of cheese”.

Relationship Mug

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Time for them to fess up and be honest about who (or what) they really love.

Bacon Bandages

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Just in case your foodie has a kitchen related injury! Bacon strips cure everything.

Bento Socks

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It may look like a tasty bento from Japan but it’s actually a disappointing collection of socks. White elephant gift – 1, snack time – 0.

All You Can Eat Panties

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I did say crude, didn’t I? Perfect for a girls only white elephant gift exchange.

Muscular Apron

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Or for the guys you can finally give that foodie the body he’s always wanted. No diet and exercise needed. Honey, why do you want me to wear my apron to bed?

Hot/Cold Pack

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Have a muscle ache and pain that needs to be treated? Maybe there’s some swelling that you just have to ice. A slab of meat will do nicely.

Fries on the Fly Holder

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This genius invention solves the most difficult problem any food lover has: having a place for your fries while you drive. It even clips to your belt like a fry holster.

Moldy Food Bags

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Ewwwww. Make your sandwich look like it’s covered in mold so no one will take it. Bonus points of your white elephant gift includes a sandwich in one of these.

Aggressive Cutting Board

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Yes it’s a pun but it will still make the recipient feel like someone is harassing them every time they go to cut things up. Best. Gag. Gift. Ever.

Abs Shirt

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Sometimes it’s best to give up and be honest with your love of food. Also kebabs are delicious.

Kitchen Sponge Holder

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Give their kitchen sponge a comfy place to rest while they enjoy their food. Sleep well little guy.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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At least it’s a conversation starter, right? Who doesn’t want a mangled leg and shark sitting on their dining room table.

Saw Pizza Cutter

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The most extreme way to slice a pizza. Move over, boring old pizza cutter, power tools are coming through.

Protective Stickers

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If the foodie you’re shopping for has to live or work around people who steal their food then these stickers might end up being more than just a joke.

Pizza Blanket

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Pizza keeps you safe and warm on the inside so let it do the same thing on the outside. This is just the pattern so you’re going to have to get to work making this great white elephant gift.

Peas Spoon

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It’s important to have nice serving ware, especially when you have company over for dinner. This funny gift almost accomplishes that but is stamped with “bitch, peas”. So close.

Dinner Dice

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Not sure what to eat? Let fate decide! This is the perfect white elephant gift for couples because it will help them decide which type of take out to get.

Vintage Electronic Potato Masher

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Just plug in this revolutionary piece of modern technology and watch with amazement as it does absolutely nothing.

Hopefully the foodie you’re giving a white elephant gift to gives you something equally as hilarious. Have fun!

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