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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers

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Whether she’s a seasoned grandmother or celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, these gifts are the perfect way to show all the grandmothers in your life you care.

As Mother’s Day approaches, you might be at a loss what to get your grandma for Mother’s Day. Shopping for her does not have to be hard. That’s why these handy lists exist.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers

Show your grandma love for helping you come into the world with one of these meaningful and beautiful gifts!

“My favorite people call me grandma” Shirt

Cliche, maybe, but very true. Her favorite people are the ones who call her grandma!

“Glam-ma” Glittery Wine Glass

Every grandma needs a glittery wine glass to drink her wine from, right?

Personalized etched clear casserole dish, this one with a large S and the Simmons kitchen below.

Personalized Etched Casserole Dish

If your grandma loves to cook, and especially if she has signature dishes, she needs this personalized etched casserole dish to cook and serve her casseroles and desserts.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers: Personalized bookmark.

Grandma Bookmark

Help grandma keep her place in her favorite books with this adorable and personalized bookmark to mark her spot.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers: Flower shaped cookies and a cookie jar.

Flowers & Gardening Cookies

When grandma loves to garden, she will also love these tasty flowers and gardening cookies for Mother’s Day.

Dusty rose t-shirt with black font that says "The best moms get promoted to Grandma"

“Just promoted to grandma” Shirt

For the new grandma, she needs a shirt to show off that promotion!

“World’s Best Grandma” Coffee Mug

Simple, but so meaningful at the same time. She will smile so big when she sees her “World’s best grandma” coffee mug.

Silver keychain with a round charm that says No one can ever fill your shoes, with a shoe charm beside it.

“No one could fill your shoes” Shoe Keychain

Keychains are great Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers. Let’s face it, no one could possibly take her place!

Hands holding a picture frame that says Grandchildren fill a space in your heart.

“Grandchildren” Picture Frame

Her grandkids make her life so much better, more exciting, and more full of love. Place a memorable picture in the frame and give it to her for Mother’s Day this year.

“Grandma” Necklace with Birthstones on a Tree

Every one of her grandkids are cherished, and placing their birthstones on this tree necklace is the perfect way to keep them close to her heart.

Two t-shirts shown, one purple, and one dusty rose colored.

Spoiling Grandma Shirt

Grandma loves spoiling her grandchildren, no doubt about it!

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Best Grandma Socks

Grandma is great, so her socks should reflect that about her!

Birthstone Tree of Life Necklace, Screw Open Floating Charm Locket, Included 24 Birthstones & 2 Family Tree Plate, Birthday Gifts for Mom, Mother, Grandmom, Daughter, Son (Engraving)

Family Tree Floating Charm with Birthstones Necklace

A little bit of a spin on the other necklace above, this family tree necklace is unique in that the birthstones float within the necklace. No one will be able to keep their eyes off of this necklace.

Giftgarden I Love You to the Moon and Back 7 Color Change LED Cake Topper with Red Roses, Cute Stuff Gift for Christmas Girlfriend Wedding Women Mom Kids Birthday Anniversary Couple Valentines Grandma

“I love you to the moon and back” Heart Shaped LED Figurine

If “I love you to the moon and back” is your grandma’s favorite way to say I love you, she needs this heart shaped LED figurine with that quote on it.

Light brown frame with black font that says I'm lucky to call you grandma love Clare. With a photo of a little girl in it.

“I’m lucky to call you grandma” Picture Frame

You are lucky to be able to call her grandma. It is such an honor. Give her the gift of this picture frame and put a beautiful picture of the two of you inside.

Floral Infinity Scarf

She needs this floral infinity scarf to keep her neck warm, and to make a fashion statement!

Large tan tote bag with black font that says "Grandma's goodie bag"

“It’s going to be OKAY, GLAMMY is here” Tote Bag

Everything is better when grandma is there, especially if she brings some goodies in her new tote bag.

“Much loved grandma” Keychain with Birthstones

You love your grandma beyond measure, show her with a keychain with you and your siblings (and possibly cousin’s) birthstones on it!

Wonder Woman DVD 2017

Wonder Woman DVD

Since grandma is wonder woman, she needs the Wonder Woman movie to watch. Maybe pair the DVD with some popcorn, wine, and whatever else she needs to be able to make watching the movie a super fun event.

Mother’s Day is a huge deal to the mothers in your life, and that includes your grandma! Make sure you get her something nice that shows how much you love and appreciate all she has done for you!


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