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20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

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Mother’s Day has easily become one of my favorite holidays, as we get to celebrate women that have taken on one of the most challenging jobs in existence- Motherhood. Not only do I treat my own Mom on this day, but I like to treat my fellow Mom friends as well. If you’re anything like me, this list of 20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends will be a total game changer. Check it out below.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Silly Socks

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Socks can be a simple yet, really effective, Mother’s Day Gift. Socks that come with a little bit of humor are even better.

Floral Scented Rose Flower Bath Soap

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After a long day of Mommin’, it’s always nice to wind down with a nice warm shower. A floral scented Rose Flower bath soap would be a nice bit of added luxury.

Funny Quote Coffee Mug

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There’s nothing like a good laugh over a warm cup of coffee. A mug embellished with a funny quote makes an awesome Mother’s Day gift for your fellow Mom friends.

Crystal studded flowers in a vase

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For those Mommas that aren’t fans of live flowers, these crystal studded flowers in a vase make an absolutely beautiful gift.

Spa Gift Basket

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All of us Moms could use a little extra TLC. A spa gift basket allows us to treat ourselves from the comfort of our own home.

Bath Bombs Kit

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Help a Mom make self-care a priority by enticing her to a nice luxurious bath using these bath bombs.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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As a fellow Mom, trust me when I say that, keeping the house clean can be a never-ending battle. A robot vacuum cleaner would be a super helpful tool to gift to a Mom.

Coffee Mug Warmer

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Am I the only Mom that has to constantly reheat my tea and coffee several times because I get so busy? Probably not. A coffee mug warmer is a dream come true.

Funny Wine Glass

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Good laugh and good wine, sounds like an awesome combination. Gift your friend a funny wine glass to help them wind down at the end of the day.

4 in 1 Multi-Function Kitchen Set

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For the Mom that enjoys meal-prepping for the family, this 4 in 1 Multi-Function Kitchen Set will be a total game changer.

Anti-stress Coloring Book

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Mommin’ can get quite stressful at times. This anti-stress coloring book is a good tool to use to save one’s sanity.

Stainless Steel Wine Chillers

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Nothing like a nice chilled wine to help you relax. These stainless steel wine chillers make a really great gift.

Family Tree of Life Centerpiece

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A Centerpiece that centers around your family is a gift that is so easy to fall in love with.

Essential Oil and Diffuser Set

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An essential Oil and Diffuser set is a great self-care gift for a fellow Mom.

Shiatsu Massager

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This massager is sure to quickly become a Mother’s most favorite gift of all-time. A quality massage from the comfort of one’s home (or even while traveling) definitely sounds like a winner.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Opening wine bottles can be a bit of a pain. However, with an electric wine bottle opener, you can get those bottles opened in record time without the hassle.

Sleep mask

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Sleep masks can really make a difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. This is a super effective, and inexpensive, product to gift to a Mom.

Date Night Box

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It can be difficult to squeeze in a date night once Parenting comes into play. However, this date night box brings the date right to you. No babysitter required.

Funny Box Sign

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Laughing is a great stress-reliever. Encourage your friend to laugh more with a funny box sign.

100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming book

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This humorous book is the perfect way to find the funny side of parenting. I’m pretty sure we can all relate to many of the milestones mentioned.

Motherhood doesn’t always have to be work, work, work. Self-care, playfulness, and luxury can easily be incorporated into the Mommin’ routine with the right gift.


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