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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas (That Don’t Involve The Strip Club!)

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When one of your best girlfriends is getting ready to tie the knot, it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate! Bachelorette parties can have a bit of a negative reputation for getting a little out-of-control, but there are plenty of ways to let loose and have a great girls’ night (or day) without getting too naughty.

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Hands Down The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Here are just a few ways to put together a party everyone in your group will remember for years to come!

Take a cooking class together. For the foodie friends who love to eat, consider kicking off an evening with a hands-on cooking course. Learn how to recreate your favorite restaurant dishes or ethnic cuisines and pick up some fun new skills in the kitchen. At the end, you’ll sit down together and eat the food you’ve prepared.

Hire a photographer. Everyone will be all dressed up for the night – you might as well take advantage of it! Schedule a surprise photo shoot for the bride and your crew before dinner, at one of the spots on your bar crawl (with permission from the bar, of course!) or at a scenic stop along the route. Bring along some silly props to make the experience extra special.

Grab a table at the nearest dueling piano bar. Dueling piano bars offer an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Most play pretty popular stuff – classic throwbacks, pop hits, and other songs you’d recognize – so your group can sing along as loudly (and badly) as you want. Let them know you’re partying with the bride, and she might get a moment in the spotlight!

Plan a pool day. You don’t always have to celebrate out on the town! If you’re partying with a bride who would prefer a low-key affair, don’t drag her out to a noisy nightclub. Instead, find an awesome hotel or Airbnb with an Instagram-worthy pool. Kick off the morning with poolside mimosas and move on to your beverage of choice as the day moves on. Don’t forget your sunscreen! The last thing you want is a sunburnt bride before the wedding!

Head out on a scavenger hunt. Create a checklist of picture-worthy moments to capture and head out to cross ‘em off your list! Go big and use a party bus or limo to shuttle you between locations, or create a route by foot to tackle with your crew. Get creative and come up with a hunt on your own, or find an app or local company that’ll coordinate one (for a price).

Find your way into a speakeasy! A throwback to the Prohibition era, a speakeasy is a bar not easily found by the general public. Some have unassuming entrances on busy streets, while others are accessible through back rooms of bookshops or ice cream parlors. Do some research and call ahead to see if you need to make a reservation – these spots are usually pretty trendy and are small by definition.


These are just a few fun ways to spend a bachelorette party without getting too risque! How have you celebrated the bride-to-be? Share your favorite bachelorette party plans in the comments!

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