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20 Gifts for Forgetful Friends

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As the resident forgetful friend, it was hard for me to not forget these gifts, but these are the ones I remembered and approve of. Some people struggle with remembering, so why not give them a gift to put a smile on their face and help them keep track of things they might need to remember. From planners to all kind of reminder gadgets and everything in between.

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Our 20 Favorite Gifts for Forgetful Friends

Simple Elephant Planner

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Help your forgetful friend plan their days in style with this helpful top rated planner.

Reminder Wristband

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This wristband vibrates to remind you to stay on task and is meant to be helpful with ADHD.

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

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This product reminds you to drink water at least once an hour when you’re busy and fits on most bottles.

TimerCap (Medication Reminder)

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Did You Feed the Dog?

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Simply slide the button to mark when you’ve fed the dog – it seems simple, but is very helpful for forgetful folks.

Eric the Memo Elephant

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Write things you shouldn’t forget on this whiteboard coated elephant.

Mini Monthly Planner Set of 2

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If you want something to carry with you, these mini planners are the perfect solution to forgetfulness.

Desk Organizer

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Organization can help with forgetfulness, and this organizer will help anyone remember where they put the bills (in the bill folder, obviously!)

Pink Elephant Large and Small Sticky Notes

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These cute elephants will help anyone remember a task or event.

Can’t Remember Sh*t Reminder Book

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Remind yourself of your engagements with a hint of humor.

Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

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Don’t forget your keys, wallet, or anything else you need when you walk out the door with this helpful door knob organizer.

Headset Holder

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If you know someone constantly losing their nice headphones, this headset holder is the perfect way to keep them organized.

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign

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Never forget if the dishes are clean or dirty again with this sign.

Wristwatch Sticky Notes

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Better than just writing on your hand, attach this sticky note to your write and you’re sure to remember that important thing!

Key Finder

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Attach one of the wireless keychains to your keys or other important items and always be able to locate them.

Cable Clip

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If cords seem to slip away from you, this is the perfect product to keep you organized.

Grocery List

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Even when forgetful people write grocery lists, we still forget things we need – like entire categories of food, so this list is a great resource.

Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard Sheet for Fridge

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Attach this baby to your fridge and write down ALL THE THINGS!

Jewelry Organizer

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Never lose another earring with this simple jewelry organizer.

Magnetic To Do Lists

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A 6 pack of to do lists will surely help any forgetful friend remember day to day task.

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