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How to Buy Lingerie for a Bachelorette Party

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Wondering how to buy lingerie for a bachelorette party? These simple tips and ideas can help you find the perfect gift for the bride-to-be!

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So many people are embarrassed about buying lingerie for someone else, but why? Think of it as a fun piece of clothing that showcases off the fun side of your friend! The good news? There are a ton of varying ways that you can buy lingerie to gift to the future bride.

If you’re wondering how and where to find lingerie, these tips will help!

Search Online for a Fun Outfit or Lingerie Piece

Assorted lingerie options

With so many great online stores, it can be easy to find the perfect piece of lingerie. Don’t just settle for one online outlet either. Really take your time and see what options are out there. You may find a ton more selection with better pricing if you’re just a little bit patient as well.

Ask the Bride to Be What She Likes

woman wearing white sweetheart-neckline wedding dress inside vehicle

Why guess when you can ask her what she prefers? So many times people tend to spend money on clothing or items that will never, ever get worn or used. Instead, just ask! And while it can be an uncomfortable and awkward situation, it’s not any worse than having her open up a gift item that she’ll never use. Go ahead and just ask, that way you know that your money is being spent on something that she loves.

Figure Out Her Size Before Buying as Well

Measuring for underwear

Don’t guess when it comes to sizing! Let the bride-to-be know that you’re going to be purchasing lingerie for the bachelorette party as a gift for her, and just ask her what her size is. It will not only save to time but the frustration of trying to return it later down the road as well. (and heads up – lingerie isn’t an easily returned item)

When in Doubt, Take Her With You

Lingerie in a store display window

There is where stores such as Victoria Secret or other brick and mortar lingerie stores are great. you can literally walk in the door and see the product right then and there. And while you’re taking that trip to the mall, go ahead and bring the future bride along with you, too. You can then gauge her interest in certain pieces over others and get a feel for her sense and style.

Ask the Future Groom for Recommendations

Groom covering his mouth

After all, he’s the one that is going to be seeing it! Pick his brain about what type of lingerie he may like to see and then take those suggestions and search and see what you can find.

If You’re Uncomfortable About the Entire Situation, Let Someone at the Store Choose for You

Some people are just truly uncomfortable with buying lingerie. And that’s okay! If that is you, don’t fret. Just simply head to the store and let the salesperson know that you’re needing a bit of help. They’re more knowledgeable than you are about the options so they’ll be able to pick out a few options and choices right away.

Don’t let the thought of buying lingerie for the bachelorette party make your nervous or uncomfortable. In all reality, it’s one of those traditions that females tend to do to gift their friend getting married something a little “wild” and crazy. Have fun with the buying process and try out the tips above. You may find that after it’s all said and done, it wasn’t really that big of a process as you thought!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be more prepared the next time that you head out to buy lingerie!

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