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20 Father of the Groom Gifts

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A gift to the father of the groom from the couple is meant to be just as meaningful as he is to your lives. He raised the groom and taught him to be the man he is today, and that means a lot to both of you. Check out some of these awesome ideas for him.

Thoughtful  And Fun Father of the Groom Gifts

“Thanks for showing me how to be a great man and husband” Personalized Engraved Wooden Watch

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A great way to thank your father for showing you how to be a husband, and a great man in general, is this personalized engraved wooden watch. However, watch out for the waterworks!

“To love me like your own is the true definition of a father” Keychain

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From the bride to the father of the groom, who loves her like his own already!

“Dad, a son’s first hero” and Photo Cufflink

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A son’s first hero is always his dad and these cufflinks, one personalized with a photo of you or both of you, will be the icing on the cake to his suit.

Personalized Socks

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Personalize these socks with a short saying, his name or initials, or whatever else you feel like putting on there.

“I hooked the best father-in-law” Fishing Lure

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If you hooked the best father-in-law, you will definitely want to get him this fishing lure that says as much.

Bicycle Tie Clip

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Help him keep his tie in line with this bicycle tie clip, which would be especially fitting if he is a biker or loves to bike.

“I survived my son’s wedding” Flask and Shot Glasses Set

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When the father of the groom has survived his son’s wedding, the flask and shot glasses set shall come out to celebrate.

“I can’t keep calm, my son’s getting married” Shirt

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No one can keep calm when their kid is getting married, but at least now people will know why he is acting so crazy!

“World’s Best Dad” Wood Gift Box

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He is the world’s best dad, put some keepsakes, mementos, or notes in here for him. He can also put his keepsakes from the wedding inside of it and whatever else he chooses.

Sitting Dog Cufflinks

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These sitting dog cufflinks are awesome for the dog-loving father of the groom.

“I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my father” Personalized Wooden Picture Frame

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It’s hard to argue with, you wouldn’t be the man you are today without your father to be there to guide you and teach you.

“You’re not bad for a father-in-law” Coffee Mug

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He’s certainly not bad for a father-in-law!

“Father of the groom” Leather Money Clip

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This unique leather money clip is a great way to commemorate the event for him.

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Wallet Card

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Get a great quote or a note engraved on this personalized wooden keepsake wallet card for him to keep in his wallet. Each time he sees it or takes it out, he will remember how much you mean to him.

Personalized Docking Station

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With all the technology these days, it’s only natural that you get him a personalized docking station for his phone and whatever else he needs to set on top of his nightstand or dresser at night.

“Father of the groom” Bottle Opener Keychain

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This bottle opener keychain that has his role in the wedding on it, will come in handy when he needs to pop open a beer after all is said and done.

“Love you, dad” Personalized Tie Bar

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A simple saying that means so much!

“Dad, thank you for being by my side then, now, and forever” Photo Frame

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He has always been by your side, and will continue to be!

“Dad, thank you for helping me build my life” Quote Hammer

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He helped you build your life, now you can help him build something with this quote on a hammer.

Personalized Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated is important for everyone, including the father of the groom!

These are all amazing gifts for the father of the groom. Consider what he will enjoy the most, or what will mean the most to him, and he will love whatever you get him for this momentous occasion in your lives.

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