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60 Best Geeky Groomsman Gifts

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So you’re getting married? Congratulations! Now it’s time to ask those wonderful friends and family members to stand by your side and support you on your wedding day. These geeky groomsmen gifts are just the ticket to sweeten the deal when asking someone to be a groomsman or as a thank you for their support.

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The Best Groomsman Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

Plus, let’s be honest here, you really want to suck up to the group of guys who are going to be responsible for planning your bachelor party. So get them one of these cool, geeky, nerdy, awesome gift ideas, so they know how grateful you are for them in your life.

Best Geeky Groomsman Gifts: Star wars bottle opener.

Star Wars Bottle Opener

You can choose an alignment for your groomsmen or give them one that suits their personality best. Either way, this geeky groomsman gift is a perfect small gift idea that most guys actually use.

Gengar purple Pokémon flask.

Pokémon Flask

This Pokémon inspired flask is perfect for those geeky original fans who are now old enough to get married, even if we don’t feel like it sometimes.

Clear beer pint glass etched with Mario face and custom name below.

Mario Pint Glass

This pint glass will give them an extra life! Well, they’ll at least feel like they’ve gotten one after they down a favorite brew in this Mario themed pint glass.

VictoryStore Can and Beverage Coolers - Custom Nerdy Wedding Can Cooler, Achievement Unlocked', Set of 25

Achievement Unlocked Can Holders

Life would be a lot more fun if you got achievements for accomplishing milestones. Give them a little taste of that by using these customizable can cozies to ask someone to be your groomsman.

Wooden square keychain holder that says It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Dangerous To Go Alone Keychain

This one is a reference from the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES. In the game you get a sword, and this key holder has four on it. Because you never know when you may need it.

Red leather wrapped silver flask that says Just Enough Dakka in black font.

Warhammer Flask

Another video game/table top RPG reference, another geeky groomsman gift idea. This one is referencing Dakka, a material from Warhammer that gives Orks an advantage.

Super Plumber Warp Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler

Warp Pipe Can Cozy

If you want to keep drinks cool while also keeping that condensation off your hands, this is exactly the gift you need. It also happens to look like a retro version of the Mario warp pipe, which means it’s even more awesome.

God of War Stein

Instead of a piece of glassware, make your groomsmen buddies feel really badass with a wooden custom-made mug. You can order these personalized with their names on them, so everyone will know who their heroes are.

Game of thrones decanter set.

Game of Thrones Decanter Set

They’ll stay warm all winter when you gift them this decanter set inspired Game of Thrones. You can order the items individually or get them a whole set as a great thank you gift for a groomsman.

LEGO Bowtie

You can buy these in two different sizes and pick whichever center color matches your wedding the best. You’ll have to decide if you want to stick some more bricks to this or not, though.

Handmade Ties for Men:Skinny Woven Slim Tie Mens Ties-Thik Necktie Colorful Building Blocks Brick Neckties for Every Outfit

LEGO Brick Necktie

If you’re a LEGO fan but aren’t quite committed to the LEGO bowtie, this is a great compromise. It still looks classy but still has a cool LEGO brick design.

Star Trek Lapel Pin

This is what we call compromise with your spouse to be. Give one to each of your groomsmen and bring a little bit of geek to an otherwise conventional wedding with these

Geeky belt buckle, blue and silver.

Geeky Belt Buckle

Another great groomsman gift idea that they can wear on your wedding day! Gift everyone matching geeky belt buckles, like these ones made from recycled circuit boards.

Gave over socks, red and black.

Game Over Socks

A little self-deprecating humor can be fun sometimes. Gift these funny socks to all your groomsmen to wear on your wedding day to remind you of what’s to come.

Geeky Boutonniere with light saber, blue phone booth, and more.

Geeky Boutonniere

You can’t go wrong with a little geeky reference in your groomsmen’s wedding attire. This one is inspired by Doctor Who, complete with a sonic screwdriver and TARDIS.

White box with math cufflinks, silver.

Just in case your groomsmen need to “size up” the situation. These cufflinks look like a triangle and protractor, ideal for any unexpected math problems.

Three geeky bow ties, tan, black, and white.

Geeky Bow Tie

Instead of referencing one thing, have everyone look like a classic geek! These wooden bow ties definitely will look geeky, but also awesome, matching on all your groomsmen.

Black socks with white font that says Game over player 1 Alexander Groom with a game controller on them.

Custom Dress Socks

Some of the best groomsmen gifts are the ones that are customizable. Make each one of your best buds feel like special your wedding day by gifting everyone a pair of these geeky dress socks.

Comic Book Boutonniere

Another alternative to real flowers, these handmade paper boutonnieres are made from recycled comic books. A nice nerdy addition to your wedding party’s suits!

Comic book necktie, covered in POP BANG BOOM comic style words.

Comic Book Necktie

Everyone in your wedding party should have matching ties, or at least the ones you pick out. Get your groomsmen each one as a gift idea so they can bring out your inner geek (and theirs) during the ceremony.

Brown leather wrist strap watch with white face with geeky math on it.

A Nice Watch

This is especially great if your groomsmen aren’t the type to already own a nice watch to wear on your wedding day. Of course, get them something with a geeky twist like this nerdy math watch.

Circuit Board Tie Clip

If you don’t want geeky neckties (or can’t convince your spouse to be to agree), opt for something classy and more subtle. These recycled circuit board tie clips look great while still reminding everyone that you’re a geek. Perfect.

YUMILY Mens Funny Character Superhero Dress Socks Wedding Groomsmen's Socks 10-13,Vivid Color

Superhero Socks

If you’re looking for a groomsman gift idea that they can not only wear to the wedding but also wear again after then these Marvel socks are a good option. Gift them each a pair or all 5 for a groomsman gift.

Four wooden coasters each with a pair of D-20 cufflinks, blue, purple, red and green shown.

There isn’t much more iconic than the D-20 if you’re a tabletop gaming geek. Particularly if you have an affinity for DnD. Make your friends (and let’s be honest, probably your DnD gaming group) wear these great geeky cufflinks at your wedding.

Two Gameboy enamel pins, one black and white and one teal and darker teal.

Gameboy Enamel Pin

This Etsy shop also has listings for a bunch of retro game consoles, so no matter what kind of gaming geek you are, there’s a pin for you, which is perfect if you’re looking for something to gift to your groomsmen that can also be worn on their lapel.

Three black sunglasses with Mario cartoon print on them.


If any part of your wedding is going to be outdoors, you’ll all definitely be wanting sunglasses. Give everyone a coordinating pair for a great photo op!

Little boy wearing a white dress shirt with Pac man suspenders and bow tie on.

Pac Man Suspenders and Bow Tie Set

Don’t leave the Jr. Groomsmen out of the gift-giving! This set is perfect for the boys in your wedding party or your ring bearer.

Floppy Disk Coaster Video Game Memorabilia Nerd Office Set of 6 Floppy Disk Decor Computer Geek Gifts Gifts for Geeks and Nerds Cool Office Gadgets Nerdy Gifts for Men Programmer Mug Party Coasters

Floppy Disc Coasters

Remember, floppy discs? They’re pretty much obsolete now, so you might as well use it a drink coaster. This would make a great geeky gift idea for your groomsmen for sure.

Wooden cutting board cut out to look like the millennium falcon.

Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Practical gift ideas for your groomsmen like this Star Wars-inspired cutting board are a nice way to say “thank you” while giving something they can actually use.

Wooden sign that says I Solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Up To No Good Sign

This is probably the motto for the bachelor party, too. Give your Harry Potter geek groomsmen this sign to hang up in their houses or man caves.

Light blue coach with a large Anime tapestry in black and white above.

Anime Tapestry

You can order this tapestry in a variety of sizes, depending on how big of an impact you want to have on your groomsmen. How awesome would this be hanging in their garage or game room, though?

Two black framed meme posters.

Fancy Framed Meme Posters

Who doesn’t love meme gifts? These turn a popular meme into a high class looking art piece for a fun twist on home décor. Don’t forget to have it framed!

getDigital Doormat You shall not pass - Carpet Entrance Rug Front Door Welcome Mat - Made from coco coir fibers - Orange-Brown, 23.62 x 15.75 inch

You Shall Not Pass Mat

If you’re a geek chances are your groomsmen are geeky too. Gift them some funny unwelcome mats like this one with the famous Lord of the Rings quote.

Black frame wall art showing all the shades of beer.

Beer Wall Art

The chemical composition for beer isn’t beryllium and erbium, but putting the two elemental symbols together does spell it, which is close enough.

D-20 Coasters

These would be a great thank you gift for geeky groomsmen for after the wedding. Add in a case of their favorite beer for an even better surprise.

Star Wars Not The Bag You Are Looking For Droids C-3PO/R2-D2 Luggage Tag

Star Wars Luggage Tag

If they’re going to be traveling to attend your wedding, include some geeky luggage tags with your “will you be my groomsman” gifts. This Star Wars one is a great choice (and perfect reference).

Best Geeky Groomsman Gifts: Horde Soap.

Horde Soap

The Horde is one of the main political factions in WoW (World of Warcraft). This soap is excellent for washing all the blood off their hands after a tough battle, or just being clean for your wedding.

Genuine Fred, E.M.T Insulated Lunch Tote - The Original Emergency Meal Transportation, Waterproof Lined Bag to Store & Transport Meals, Snacks & More- White Elephant Gift - Perfect for Medical Workers

Organ Transplant Cooler

What’s inside? Probably not human organs, but it’s funny and geeky all the same. Do your friends a favor and fill it with their favorite beverage for a great groomsman gift idea.

Close up of a mans beard being groomed with a beard comb.

Tool of Grooming

This little geeky groomsman gift idea packs a lot of punch. First of all, it’s a D&D reference. Secondly, it’s a personal gift that your groomsmen can actually use.

Doctor Who Sleep Mask

If you’ll be staying in a hotel, and especially sharing one, give your groomsmen their own sleeping mask as a gift. Of course, it wouldn’t be a geeky gift if it was just a regular mask: so look for ones that suit your interests like this Doctor Who sleep mask.

Two soaps that look like old video games.

Geeky Soap

Give them one or give them all four! Your groomsmen are going to love these geeky soaps, and even better, they can actually use this gift.

ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp - Color Changing LED Lamp - Perfect for Fans of RPGs and Chemistry

LED Potion Lamp

You can tap this lamp to choose the color and watch it magically transform to all the classic potion colors. (Red for healing, blue for mana, etc.)

Magnetic Poetry - Geek Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA

Geek Magnetic Poetry

Your groomsmen can go from just regular men to poets in a matter of seconds! Just gift each one a copy of this geek magnetic poetry kit to unleash the writer inside.

Five t-shirts shown, four black and one white.

Matching Groom and Groomsman Shirts

The best shirt choice to hand out as groomsman gifts on the night of your bachelor party or other wedding party events, that’s for sure.

The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains: Oddball Criminals from Comic Book History

Legion of Regrettable Villains Book

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. This book is filled with the most regrettable supervillains that were ever dreamed up in the land of comic books.

Black t-shirt with yellow font that says Come to the math side we have (pie symbol).

Funny Math Shirt

This funny math shirt says come to the math size, we have pi. It would make a great shirt to give out at your bachelor party, too!

Why So Ever Bards Dispense Profanity: A Party Game Based on The Works of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Party Game

Instead of traditional groomsmen gifts give them something they can actually enjoy: like a party game. Choose one that suits each of their personality so your gang will always have a good variety of games to play at get togethers.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? New Phone, Who Dis? - The 100% Offline Text Messaging Party Game - Board Games for Adults, Fun Games by Relatable

Funny Party Game

Yet another party game choice, this one is generic enough that almost everyone (at least with a sense of humor) will have a good time. The perfect game to accompany a few drinks!

Black boxer shorts that says Roll for initiative.

Roll for Initiative Underwear

Oh, dear. Not the kind of Dungeons and Dragons reference most people expect to see in their daily lives. Give it to your groomsmen and buy a pair for yourself for the wedding night.

Geeky Keychain

Keychains are a small gift that can easily be kept as a long term reminder of your wedding. Give them something that symbolizes your geeky nature, like this Star Wars keychain that can be ordered in your choice of lightsaber color.

Thor's hammer that's a pen.

Thor Pen Holder

It will look like Mjolnir is sitting on their desk, but this replica actually serves a purpose beyond defending the Galaxy: it’s a pen holder. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so maybe it’s also mightier than the magic hammer.

Portable Power Battery Bank Pack Charger for Cell Phones with Built in Cable, External Battery Fast Charging Mophie USB C Power Bank Charger 6000mAh, Small Mini Power Bank Battery Backup

The Best Geeky Groomsman Gift – A Portable Charger

This is the gift you give your groomsmen before the wedding or when you’re first asking them to stand up for you. Wedding days are long and often at venues with little or no power. Help your groomsmen keep their phones charged so they can be reached by the babysitter or keep taking photos all night long.

No products found.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Eating any kind of food is much more fun when you are using lightsaber chopsticks. The best part is that they are completely reusable too. No waste that way. 

Chemist’s Spice Rack

Anyone who is into science or even a chemist teacher will get a huge kick out of this spice rack. Not your average run of the mill spice rack. 

NES controller duffle bag.

NES Controller Duffle Bag

This is handy if your groomsmen will have to travel for the bachelor party or the wedding. It’s also just a practical bag they can use for weekends away or going to the gym.

Retro gamer cassette tape wallet that looks like a game of Pac man.

Retro Gamer Cassette Tape Wallets

These handmade Pac Man wallets are so cool! You can order them in your groomsmen’s favorite colors, too. For a creative idea, it would be cool to gift one of these wallets with a note inside asking them to stand up for you.

Red tie with various super hero tie clips on it.

Super Hero Tie Clip

I really like this gift idea because it’s both practical (something your groomsmen can wear at the wedding) and there’s a huge selection. That means no matter what your geeky superhero affiliation is you should be able to find a SUPER tie clip for the special guys in your life.

Get everyone a matching tie clip, or assemble your very own league of wedding day superheroes!

Five role playing character travel mugs

Role Playing Character Travel Mug

If your groomsmen are also your D&D or other TTRPG gaming buddies skip the traditional gifts and get them each their own custom class travel mug. Psst, these are also great for keeping drinks cold too.

Zelda breakable pot with rupees.

Zelda Breakable Pot With Rupees

This is another great gift idea if you want to combine geeky gift giving with asking someone to be your groomsmen. Add a note inside along with the rupees and have them break the post – Zelda style. Don’t worry, it can be rebuilt for a fun collectible that any gamer will appreciate.

Geeek Club Robot Building Kit - MXC Two Legs Walker - DIY Robotics Set - STEM Robot Kit for Kids - Educational Science Toys - Printed Circuit Board Engineering Toys - Build Your Own Robot Kits Gift

Model Kit

If you’re already breaking tradition with geeky groomsmen gifts why not go all out and get your buds something really unique? There are so many fun options for adult models (like Lego) but I like how unique this real working robot is.

These geeky groomsman gifts are a lot of fun for any nerdy wedding party. Hopefully, your spouse needs little convincing to put all the geek gifts you want on the wedding registry.

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