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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nonno

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As a bona fide Italian, let me show you some of my best gift ideas for nonno this Father’s Day. You might be thinking, “What is it he really wants?” Tie clips aren’t the only reliable go-to out there, find the unique and make nonno proud!

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Authentico Father’s Day Gifts Nonno Will Love

Get the big guy what he really wants, something to brag to his amicos about!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nonno - Italy Travel guide Book.

Italy Travel Guide

Get nonno back to his roots with this handy travel guide! Tuscany? Rome? It’s all here! (Pair with some plane tickets for a real surprise!) Grab one of these travel guides for a different kind of father’s day gift.

Silver pasta maker with fresh pasta being made.

Pasta Maker

Nothing beats a good hobby. You’ll have nonno cooking up a storm with this gorgeous kitchen accessory. Italian men love showing their prowess in the kitchen, and nothing beats homemade spaghetti.

Nonno’s Garage Handmade Sign

It’s all about originality folks! Beautifully carved and painted, this piece is to die for. Get nonno one of these gorgeous handmade signs this father’s day. Let his buddys know who’s garage their drinking in!

Gondola Greeting Card

Father’s day calls for something special. This 3D designed card features a gorgeously designed Venetian gondola, it makes the perfect finishing touch to the perfect gift!

Silk Necktie

Some may say it’s cliche, but we know looking good never goes out of style! Let nonno show off his heritage with this timeless silk tie featuring the colors of the Italian flag against a blue silk backdrop.

Silver and black Pizzelle Maker, opened to show two being made.

Pizzelle Maker

Nonno probably misses the taste of some freshly baked Pizzelle, his favorite espresso snack. If he can’t get to a good bakery hook him up with a classic Pizzelle maker, Nona not included.

World’s Greatest Nonno

You heard it here, and you know it’s true. He’s one of a kind, a down to earth and respectable nonno! Grab him this T-shirt to let all his friends know he’s the best around!

Authentic Balsamic Vinaigrette

Great for gift baskets, this vinaigrette is ideal for marinades, salads, and dressing. Nonno would appreciate a bottle of this to really bring his recipes to the next level!

Proraso shaving accessories, red and grey tin with a cartoon man touching his face, inside shaving accessories.

Proraso Shaving Accessories

If you really want to knock his socks off, grab Nonno a classic Italian man’s staple! This 3 piece shaving cream and toning formula will really impress him this father’s day! Make it a gift basket with some other Italian must-haves and become the family favorite!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nonno - Scopa Deck card game.

Scopa Deck

Nonno loves a good game of cards, and if he doesn’t know Scopa take the time to teach him! This classic Italian card game with a specialized set of cards will have him hooked.

Mastering pasta book, cover of book showing flour and pasta being made.

Mastering Pasta Book

Something to go with his shiny new pasta maker, this pasta making book is everything he needs to get going making the best spaghetti, gnocchi and more! Give nonno the tools to spoil himself with this cookbook!

The Godfather Trilogy on DVD

The Godfather Trilogy

Look this one might just be for laughs, but you can’t go wrong with some of the greatest films ever made! Bonus if he hasn’t seen the trilogy yet you’re doing him a serious disservice not introducing him! Grab this for Nonno and spend a movie night with him.

Italian Leather Wallet - brown leather with many pockets.

Italian Leather Wallet

This genuine brown leather wallet is the key to any man’s heart. I’ll bet Nonno’s wallet hasn’t been upgraded for several decades, this bifold wallet with a hand I.D. holder will keep him organized and proud.

Thanks for checking out some authentico gift suggestions for Nonno this father’s day! Let us know if you picked one up for him, and don’t forget to tell us what he thought! Felice padre Giorno!

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