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Delicious Edible Gifts For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate mom but not every mother out there is super easy to shop for. There are plenty of moms out there who don’t need anymore stuff, either because of space issues or she just has everything. Instead of things, consider gifting mom some of these edible gifts for Mother’s Day this year – they’re certified delicious!

These gifts are also great to give to a mom in your life that you want to honour, but don’t necessarily know too well. Think office gifts, something for your neighbour, and so on.

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The Best Edible Mother’s Day Gifts and Gift Basket Ideas

You can’t just pick anything when it comes to tasty gifts, though. You have to be thoughtful! I chose these gifts not because they’re edible (or drinkable) options, but also because they feel like thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts too.

Mother’s Day Fruit and Chocolate Box

With a delicious assortment of fruit, high end chocolates, and other goodies this is one of the best “one stop shop” edible Mother’s Day gifts we could find out there.

The best part? You can have it direct shipped right to her house for a perfect solution to long-distance gift giving.

Stained Glass Roses

Made from marzipan, these stained glass roses are absolutely beautiful. Give them on their own or use to create your own unique edible creation that will really wow mom this Mother’s Day.

You can even choose a custom color palette!

Dipped Shortbread Cookies

Simple yet stunning, these dipped shortbread cookies look almost too good to eat. Grab mom’s favorite flavor (you can choose from strawberry, vanilla, matcha, or lavender) or order an assortment.

Perfect for sharing!

Teabloom Gift Set

If mom hasn’t tried one of Teabloom’s products before she’s in for a treat. You eyes aren’t tricking you, that really is a flower inside the teapot. This unique brand of tea actually creates a blooming flower inside the teapot as it brews the botanical blend.

Not only does this gift set come with the teas, it also has this stunning Buckingham Palace inspired regal teapot set, complete with tealight warmer.

Strawberry Pistachio Meringue Bark

Edible and stunning to look at, this meringue bark is flavored with strawberry and pistachio for an unique blend of flavors that stand out against your run of the mill bakery treats.

Wine Subscription

Bonus points if you’re paying your own mom back for all the stress you’ve caused over the years! Instead of giving mom one thing for Mother’s Day, a wine subscription is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

There are quite a few options to choose from out there, but this one is the cream of the crop. If you don’t want to give mom a monthly commitment, you can also send a one time wine gift or quarterly bottles.

meat and cheese gift set

Meat and Cheese Gift Set

This pairs well with the wine subscription but still makes a great gift on its own too. If you want to put together a nice gift basket, but aren’t sure where to start, this one has it all done for you. Complete with delicious snacks that anyone can appreciate!

Edible Picture Pralines

These make such thoughtful and unique edible Mother’s Day gifts! That isn’t the packaging you see there, these pralines are actually topped with an edible photo of your choosing.

Alcohol, Beer, or Seltzers

Listen, not all moms are the gift basket and cookies type. They might not even be the wine drinking type. If the mom on your list is more into beer, seltzers, or other alcohols they really do make great edible (or drinkable, in this case) Mother’s Day gift ideas.

tea sampler self care assorted

Tea Sampler

I know that these feel like generic gifts, but as a tea drinking every time I’ve received one of these samplers it’s been a delight. Get mom something that shows you’re thinking of her, like this self-care themed option. Pairs well with a new mug!

Gourmet Candy

Mom’s probably moved past wanting sweets as gifts, but this delicious gourmet French-style candy is truly the exception. Made from real fruit puree in small batches, it truly is a one of a kind treat.

Edible Butterflies

Move over frosting, we have a new icing on the cake here. These gorgeous pastel butterflies are actually made from an edible wafer making them the perfect addition to homemade (or store bought, we won’t tell) Mother’s Day cakes and cupcakes.

Mother’s Day Cookies

These cookies are cute gift ideas to send on their own, or order a bunch for a thoughtful way to spoil all the moms in your life.

belgium waffles set

Belgium Waffles

Even if you’re not a great cook you can still give mom a gourmet Mother’s Day breakfast she doesn’t need to cook! These fresh baked waffles come ready to serve for both breakfast and desert.

Cakesicle Set

These delicious cake pops are designed to look like ice cream bars or popsicles. I love everything about this edible Mother’s Day gift: the packaging is pretty, it says happy mother’s day inside, and it includes both yummy cake and some edible cookie dough.

movie night gift set

Movie Night Gift Set

This would be a great one for a mom with young kids or who loves popcorn. It comes with 5 different popcorn seasonings, plus gourmet kernels for a tasty night in.

assorted cheese set

Assorted Cheese

I have yet to find a woman, and especially mom, who doesn’t love cheese. This is like… The best cheese. So many flavors for her to sample in this gourmet Wisconsin cheese gift set.

Funny Mother’s Day Gift Box

This one’s kind of gross but if you want a funny edible gift for Mother’s Day it’s also kind of amazing. Choose the funny saying you think suit your mom best and then have this “surprise” sent right to her home. (PS. It’s milk chocolate, in case you were wondering.)

dried fruit gift box for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gourmet Dried Fruit

If mom like sweet treats but doesn’t care for chocolates and baking this gourmet dried fruit gift box is a perfect edible Mother’s Day treat. Made to look like candies, each of these artisan dried fruit parfaits has no added sugar or preservatives.

Gardening Kit

It’s not immediately edible, but gardening kits are a great way to give mom a hobby and something she can eat at the end of the season. If she’s not into growing veggies, consider giving an edible flower garden kit instead.

If you’re still not sure what edible gifts you can get mom for Mother’s Day you can always take her out to brunch or dinner! Better yet, get in the kitchen and cook your mom, grandma, mother in law (or all 3) a home cooked meal to show your love. Of course, that’s not always possible; in that case, a gift card to mom’s favorite restaurant is definitely the way to go.


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