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Best Soccer Coach Gifts

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Everyone always thinks to get teachers gifts, but school teachers are certainly not the only mentors in your kiddo’s life. Soccer coaches have a stressful job, and in all honesty, a lot of them are volunteer-based positions anyway. So why not show them the same appreciation that your child’s other mentors receive? The following are 20 gift ideas that any soccer coach is sure to cherish and appreciate! (We may or may not also have gift ideas for soccer fans too.) 

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The Best Soccer Coach Gifts 

Give your soccer coach a terrific gift to thank them for everything they do. They are going to greatly appreciate something so thoughtful! 

Signables Premium - Paris Saint Germain Neymar JR. - Digitally Autographed Sports Memorabilia - Small Signed Sports Collectible Figurines - Unique Football Figures

Signable Soccer Ball

A signable soccer ball plaque is a great end of season gift for any soccer coach. Gather the whole team, and have them each sign their names, and even jot a quick thank you, if there’s room.

Best Soccer Coach Gifts: Black frame that says Coach thanks for all you do. with signatures all around it.

Signature Photo Frame

If you want a send-off gift that’s a little more personable than just signatures check out this frame that has space for both signatures, and a team photo.

Soccer Ball Heartbeat Vinyl Decal Sticker | Cars Trucks Vans Walls Laptops Cups | White | 7.5 X 3 Inch | KCD1210

Heartbeat Soccer Decal

Do you need a small gift, but aren’t quite sure what the coach is into? How about this fun, heartbeat decal? This way your coach can choose where exactly she wants to place it.

White notepad with a soccer ball and name on the bottom.

Soccer Notepad

Notepads are wonderful for various reasons. However, personalized notepads are even better yet. Plus, can one really ever have too many notepads?

Crown Awards Crystal Soccer Trophies, 3' Mini Crystal Soccer Ball Pedestal Trophy, Great Soccer Coach Gifts Prime

Crystal Soccer Trophy

Don’t you think your coach deserves a trophy, too? After all, would your teammates receive their own, without the coach’s help? Take a look at this awesome, mini, soccer ball trophy.

MCS MBI 9.6x8.5 Inch Soccer Theme Scrapbook Album with 8x8 Inch Pages with Photo Opening (865482)

Soccer Scrapbook

How sweet would it be to gift a scrapbook packed with some of the season’s most memorable moments? Have each player create their own page to add to the scrapbook, and maybe leave a page or two blanks, for the coach’s own use!

GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board with 2 Dry Erase Pens

Soccer Plays Clipboard

Sure, the coach can verbally repeat plays over and over again, but what’s really going to make it set in is this plays clipboard. It has a dry-erase surface, and soccer field diagram to jot down play after play.

Soccer Playbook for Coaches: Coaching Success, Winning Playbook, Championship Winning Coach, Success-Driven Coaching: Easy-to-follow instructions for ... Set Plays, Helps Improve Soccer Performance

Soccer Coach Playbook

A dry-erase board can come in handy during practice, but when it’s time for the big game this soccer coach playbook is likely going to get a lot more use.

Greatest Coach Keychain, silver with a round charm that says a great coach is hard to find and impossible to forget with a soccer ball charm.

Greatest Coach Keychain

Not only will this keychain keep Coach’s keys handy, but he can also attach that frequently used whistle. Even if the whistle is used a little too often.

Vinylcation Soccer Lanyard for Kids, Men, Women, and Sports Fans - Long and Soft with Detachable Buckle, and Split Ring Keychain for School, ID Badge, or Work

Soccer Ball Lanyard

If you are already getting your coach the keychain listed above, check out this soccer ball lanyard. It will keep both their keys and whistle nearby, at all times. Plus, it comes in a bright color, to help make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the grass.

Framed artwork showing the different parts of a soccer cleat.

Soccer Cleats Art

This isn’t your average artwork that most people have hanging around in their homes. No way. This is even cooler, and any soccer coach would love to possess this canvas décor.

large Soccer ball pillow.

Soccer Ball Pillow

Do you need a gift to compliment the previously mentioned soccer art? This is it right here! Choose from just a pillowcase, or order the pillowcase and insert together, so it’s ready for lounging on!

Personalized Solid Rosewood Pen Set for Soccer Coach

Personalized Soccer Pen

Everyone loves a good pen to write with. However, personalized pens always seem to become favorites. Well, this personalized pen comes with its very own case!

Etched Beer Glass, man holding up a custom beer glass.

Etched Beer Glass

Whether it’s after a close game, or a super long, draining practice, sometimes it is nice to head home, sit down, and relax with a favorite beverage. Etched glass is sure to make that drink even tastier.

Four set of wooden soccer ball coasters.

Coaster Set

You would never think coasters would be a fun gift, but pair these nice, soccer ball coasters with the coach’s favorite beverage, and they are sure to be a hit!

Soccer Bath Bombs - 3 Pack - Soccer Gifts for Boys and Girls and Women, Soccer Coach Gifts, Soccer Team Gifts, Soccer Accessories for Girls, Soccer Coach, Soccer Bracelet for Girls, Soccer Balls

Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

Not everyone drinks to relax. In fact, many find a nice, warm bath to be extra soothing. Especially after they’ve been chasing up and down the sidelines. Soccer ball bath bombs are just the perfect gift idea for sore, tired coaches.

Light grey zip up hoodie with a soccer ball on it with COACH CAM in red.

Zip Up Sweatshirt

We all know that soccer goes on no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature kicks out as us. Gift your coach this personalized, quarter zip sweatshirt, to wear during those chilly practices and games.

Three silver water bottles with a name and soccer ball on it.

Personalized Water Bottle

If you want to gift your coach a water bottle, perhaps consider one that will help keep his hands free. After all, chances are his hands are going to be full anyway. Fortunately, this stainless steel water bottle comes with a clip that can attach to a gear bag.

Each of these presents will bring a smile to your soccer coaches’ faces! 

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