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Gifts for Soccer Fans

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Probably, you know someone who is still bugged by the last world cup in Brazil. This person refers to the front yard as the pitch and is a full-on soccer nerd who has been enslaved by the football world. You are probably wondering what you can get him or her, and you have been googling some gifts for soccer fans’ ideas without success.

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Below, you will find some great gifts for soccer fans.

Just one tip: Make sure you know the team of choice so you can pick one of these gifts for soccer fans.

1. Soccer Beanie

Just like the jerseys, this is an obvious item to include as a gift. Most football clubs have an accessories page where you can choose the item of choice depending on your team.

FC Barcelona Beanie

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Beanies are great gifts for soccer fans

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Chelsea Beanie

Beanies are great gifts for soccer fans

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2. Water bottle

Off course, the bottle needs to be customized in line, with the team of choice.

Personalized Custom Water Bottle

Custom water bottle unique soccer gift idea for fans

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3. Soccer Charm

Add them some item that they can hang on their neck because they believe it means good luck. A personalized soccer necklace is a thoughtful gift. They can add their name if they want. This item will also garner some compliments.

Engraved Soccer Necklace

Engraved soccer necklace gift idea for soccer fans

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4. Customized phone case

Everything they own should communicate their love for soccer.

Hybrid Shock Absorbent Case

Soccer fans gift ideas they are going to love - phone case

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5. Lanyard

This should come with the colors of the preferred team. A detachable buckle can be a lifesaver when used as a ticket holder or for hanging keys.

Manchester United Lanyard

Lanyard gift ideas for soccer fans

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6. Soccer ball alarm clock

A soccer alarm clock will mean that you care for them to wake up in time and watch the Premier League Kickoffs.

2015 Football Soccer Clock

gift ideas for soccer fans - foootball soccer clock

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7. Football Manager Game

This record-breaking series will give them the expertise of football management around the world and will better their argument when discussing matters football.

Football Manager 2015

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8. FIFA 15

Need I say more? Soccer lovers will always do with a game of FIFA because it enables them to experience the emotion of the sport.

FIFA 15 – PlayStation 4

Need gift ideas for soccer fans? Try video games

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FIFA 15 (Ultimate Edition) – Xbox One

Fifa makes a great gift idea for soccer fans

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9. Soccer 360 Magazine

A magazine will keep them going by providing comprehensive coverage on matters football.

Soccer 360 Magazine 

Soccer magazine gift ideas for soccer fans

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10. Soccer Jersey

Soccer fans will rarely feel complete without their team’s jersey.

Manchester United Jersey

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11. Premier league calendars

Once you identify the favorite team, you can go ahead and purchase a customized calendar. This gift will give them a chance to show team pride. When they flip the page every month, they will view an action photograph accompanied by a bold statement that will remind them of their love for the game.

Soccer Wall Calendar

Calendar gift idea for soccer fans - they're going to love this!

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12. Soccer Chair

A soccer-inspired chair is a plus gift. It is a charm.

Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag

Soccer chair gift idea for fans - the best gift idea

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13. Soccer Ball Cufflinks

This will be their subtle way to show the world that they are soccer fanatics.

Soccer Ball 3D Cufflinks

Soccer ball 3D cufflinks gift ideas for soccer fans

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14. Soccer Ball Docking Speaker

They need to be psyched with the pre-game tunes, and this is a fun gift to let them do so.

Amethyst Innovations Soccer Ball Speaker

Docking speaker best gift ideas for soccer fans

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15. Fan Custom Pillow

Fans want to communicate a message that they support an individual team. Let them scatter some customized pillows around the house.

Soccer Plush Pillow

Creative soccer fan gift idea - plush pillow

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16. Soccer Key holder

Let them set their keys apart. They will be envied for their loyalty.

Soccer ball with keychain.

Soccer ball with keychain as a gift idea for soccer fans

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17. Soccer Gymsack

A customized gymsack will identify a fan with the team of choice.

Arsenal Gymsack

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18. Soccer Scarf

Since you want them to practice their loyalty, induct them into the cult of the soccer scarf

Liverpool F.C. Official Scarf

Soccer fans will love this soccer scarf gift idea

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19. Soccer books

Chances are high they like reading, and as the saying goes ‘knowledge is power.’

Finding The Game By Gwendolyn Oxenham

All soccer fans will appreciate soccer themed book gift ideas

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The Ball Is Round – A Global History of Soccer by David Goldblatt.
All soccer fans will appreciate soccer themed book gift ideas

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The Miracle of Castel di Sangro by Joe McGinniss

All soccer fans will appreciate soccer themed book gift ideas

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Among the Thugs by Bill Buford. 

All soccer fans will appreciate soccer themed book gift ideas

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How Soccer Explains The World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization by Franklin
All soccer fans will appreciate soccer themed book gift ideas

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20. Soccer Videos

There are several, but settle on those that are entertaining.


Victory soccer movie gift idea for soccer fans

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ESPN Films 30 For 30: Soccer Stories

ESPN soccer stories unique soccer gift idea

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Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin soccer great gift idea for soccer fans

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As a bonus, you can send them a unique soccer gift that is packed with game watching goodies.

Super Soccer Fan Sports Gift Basket

Soccer themed gift basket gift idea

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Other Bonus Gifts include:

Football boots, Season tickets, and the match-specific ball

More Gifts for Soccer Fans

Soccer, football Americano, foosball, no matter what they call it, someone you care about is a diehard soccer fan. So when you need to get them a gift, why not get them something soccer-related? Here are even more great gifts that any soccer fanatic is sure to love!

Soccer Coasters

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These custom, handmade soccer coasters are a great gift. They are coated in epoxy, to give them an extra-long life!

Lego Soccer Grandstand

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Who doesn’t love legos? The soccer grandstand legos are a fun gift idea for soccer fanatics of nearly any age.

Soccer Whiskey Glass

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For those evenings when their team just isn’t playing very strong, or they simply want to indulge in a hard beverage.

Hot Cocoa Mug

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This is much more exciting than your average coffee mug. This mug has an attached soccer goal, to fling your marshmallows into!

13.5 oz Glass

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Not only can this glass be used for just about any beverage, but it can also be personalized!

Wireless Soccer Mouse

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What a great idea for the soccer-loving techie in your life!

Hover Soccer Game

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This hover soccer game is soft enough that it can be played indoors on rainy days. Adults would even likely get a kick out of it! Pun intended!

Soccer Elastics

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Do you have a little lady in your life who can’t get enough soccer? If so, she is going to love pulling her hair up in these super cute, soccer elastics!

National Geographic Soccer Book

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If your soccer fan is a youngster, National Geographic makes wonderful books. This book about soccer will not disappoint!

Inspirational Soccer Keychain

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A keychain is a perfect gift for a teen who adores soccer and could use a little inspiration. Even adults could certainly get some use from this keychain!

Soccer Bracelet

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Not only is this love soccer bracelet absolutely adorable, but it also comes in multiple colors, and even has the option to add earrings or hair elastics!

Wooden Puzzle

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Puzzles are a great way to help pass time. Check out this awesome, three dimensional, wooden soccer puzzle! It even makes a great decorative piece!

Cupcake Toppers

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Treat your soccer fan to some locally made, gourmet cupcakes, topped with these adorable cupcake toppers!

3D Barcelona Puzzle

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Although a puzzle has already been mentioned, this 3D Barcelona puzzle is too cool, not to mention. Maybe you’ll even want to include a note of encouragement, as this puzzle does look a bit tricky!

Soccer Mug

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Every soccer fan needs a soccer ball mug! This one is sure to be a hit! And the best thing is, it isn’t sphere-shaped, which would make it awkward to hold, and take up lots of space in the cupboard!

Barcelona Drawstring Bag

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Whether the recipient is a kiddo who could use the bag to transport their clothes to a sleepover, or a teen or adult who could use this for a gym bag, it is sure to get frequent use!

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