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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Band Director

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Quirky, fun, and able to conduct an entire room full of loud instruments, band directors are a vital part of any musician’s life. With their attention to detail and ears for delicate harmonies, they can make groups of woodwinds, brass, and percussion play music that takes the audience to a completely different musical world. For that alone, band directors deserve some great gifts. Here are 20 gifts you can give your band director to thank them for all of their hard work.

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Band Director

You’re Nothing but Treble T-Shirt

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Nothing says “thank you so much for all that you’ve done for our band” than a funny t-shirt to wear around the classroom.

Beethoven Refrigerator Magnet

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Want to be a little bit more serious with your band director? Try this inspirational quote from Beethoven himself.

Music Note Jewelry Set

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A beautiful copper necklace with matching earrings. Perfect for the more feminine band director.

Music Magnetic Page Markers

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Have you noticed that your band director is always losing their spot while directing? Help them out with these cool little reusable magnetic page markers.

Creative People Throw Pillow

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You can never have too many pillows! What’s a better present for a teacher than something both comfortable AND inspirational.

Conductor Cufflinks

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Perfect for the big night of the performance.

Without Music, Life Would Be Flat T-Shirt

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It’s true! This is a perfect addition to your band director’s wardrobe.

Music Tote Bag

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Carrying all of those music scores to different venues can get tiring. Your music director will really appreciate having an appropriately themed tote bag to carry everything in.

Queen of the Baton Mug

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The music director is here and ready to save the day, one cup of coffee at a time.

Band Director Small Metal Statue

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This statue is the perfect little gift to give your music director if they have a desk. It gives off the “I’m a musician, a teacher, AND handy” vibes.

Ceramic Wall Plaque

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Who doesn’t love quotes? This ceramic wall plaque can go in the classroom or in the home.

King of the Baton T-Shirt

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A slightly less silly T-Shirt for any band director.

Queen of the Baton T-Shirt

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And one for the female band director as well.

Wooden Conducting Baton Case

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Every band director needs a place to hold their conducting stick. They will definitely appreciate being able to have a gorgeously classic case for it.

I Heart Band Decal

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Help your band director let the world know that he or she inspires musicians to play music with this car decal.

Periodic Table of Music Genres Poster

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This poster is the perfect addition to a band room.

Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen

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Now your band director can write quotable quotes with a pen with a quote on it.

Funny Coffee Mug

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Is your band director one of those people who are adamant that the “#” symbol is and forever will be a “sharp” sign? We’ve got the perfect coffee mug for you to give them!

World’s Best Band Director License Plate Frame

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Let your band director know that they are the absolute BEST with this license plate frame.

Inspirational Music Quote Poster

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Plato was definitely on to something with this quote. Music is important, and the people who teach music are even more important. Give this poster to your band director to let them know just how important their job is to you.

Band directors definitely deserve to be thanked for their hard work. Which gift are you going to give your band director this year? Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments and let us know if you get one of these! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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