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Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors

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Ah, band directors are indeed chaos coordinators. They help a group of individuals (young to old) come together to make beautiful music. Band directors work with so many people to see one common goal come to fruition, and they do it with such detail and precision. Band directors are a huge part of a musician’s life, and they should be celebrated with a gift! Check out our list for best gift ideas for band directors below! 

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20 Gift Ideas for Band Directors

Here are 20 gift ideas that any band director could use and enjoy. From practical to downright fun, there’s something for the band director on your list!

“I’m a Band Director” Blank Notebook

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors blank notebook

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Gift your favorite band directors a notebook for journaling, brainstorming, planning, or whatever they want to write. You could even write a note in the cover for when they use it.

Periodic Table of Music Genres

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors periodic table for music genres

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This periodic table makes a great discussion piece for a classroom or a rehearsal hall. Band directors can talk about all the different styles of music included on the table.

Music Silicone Molds 

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors music silicone molds

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Are you looking for something practical and light-hearted? Try music note silicone molds. Endless possibilities with these. Band directors will love having these to make ice, chocolates, wax figures, and so much more! 

Gift Cards

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors gift cards

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Band directors spend A LOT of time in classes and rehearsals, which often takes them away from their families. Try giving them a gift card for a nice meal or event out on the town. You could also get a gift card to a local music venue or music store!

Band Director Dictionary Print

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors dictionary print

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A fun band director quote is superimposed onto this dictionary page. The dictionary page is yellowed with age and use, but it makes a beautiful dΓ©cor piece for an office or classroom.

Composing Template Stencil

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors music composing stencil

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Band directors have to manage rewrites on the fly all the time. This template helps them keep their notes neat and readable for anyone who needs to read the score.

Music Note Clips

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors music note clips

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These clips help keep music in place, pages secured, and more. Lightweight, colorful, and sturdy, these clips are useful in performance and the classroom.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors coffee sampler pack

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Many band directors are go-go-go for most of the day. Put a little pep in their steps with a caffeine boost.

Band Director Off Duty Shirt

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors off duty tshirt

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When it’s the off-season, it’s the off-season. Help your favorite band director celebrate being off duty with this fun shirt!

Sticky Notes Booklet

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors sticky music notepad

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Any band director will enjoy leaving a “musical note” somewhere. These musical sticky notes are perfect for adding a little harmony at school, home, or the office.

Back and Neck Massager

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors back and neck massager

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You’ve seen band directors carrying stands, awkward instruments, water, and then waving their arms all about while they’re conducting. Help them get a little muscle relief with this versatile massage tool.

Small Screwdriver Set

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors mini screwdriver

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Band directors fix many issues – tiny valves, slanting stands, and other instrument issues. Sometimes, a tiny screwdriver is all they need! Get them a set that can be placed in a rehearsal hall or classroom.

Music Score Coasters

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors coasters









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These coasters are made with reclaimed musical scores. Made on wood, tile, or slate, these are great for any music lover and band director. 

Everyday Care Package Snack Box

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors snack box

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As mentioned before, band directors can have a grueling schedule. A well-curated snack box based on things they like can go a long way in keeping them fed and happy.

Name In Music Wall Art

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors name in music wall art

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Get your band director’s name made into a real, playable piece of music. The wall art comes as a PDF for you to print and frame!

Vinyl Record Wall Clock 

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors vinyl record wall clock

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Every classroom or rehearsal space needs a fun clock to keep rehearsals on track! This musical clock comes equipped with LED lights to brighten up any room.

Printed Sheet Music Organizer

Best Gift Ideas for Band Directors music sheet organizer

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Perfect for keeping music in place, plus they won’t have to turn any pages! The perfect way to help any music director stay organized. 

Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock chimes

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These chimes are ideal for getting the band’s attention to start a rehearsal or quiet them down when things get crazy! This set is an excellent addition to any classroom or rehearsal hall.

Metronome Tuner

 metronome tuner

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Any band director needs one of these – especially if they work with beginner musicians! This tuner, metronome, and tone generator are all in one easy-to-carry pocket-sized device.

Engraved Quote Pen

Band Directors engraved pen

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Featuring Beethoven’s famous quote, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy,” this fine pen is great to give to a band director. It’s collectible with a wood-colored finish and refillable, so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

What would you give your band director? Would you add anything else to this list? Comment with your ideas below!

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