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20 Candy Themed Accessories We Definitely Want to Be Our Office Gift Exchange Gifts

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These fun gifts that are candy themed will be a great gift for your holiday exchange because everybody loves candy.

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Candy Cane Hair Barrette

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Perfect for a gift exchange at Christmas time, candy and holiday themed.

All Sorts Key Chain

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for the licorice lover in the office, this is a great gift idea

Marshallow Tie

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this is a fun tie for an office exchange for the fun employee who will pop it on right away.

Silk Scarf

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Fun candy hearts scarf with all the fun wording that the recipient will like.

Pineapple Whip Air Freshener

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this is a great gift that will make the recipients car always smell like candy.

Candy Corn Hat

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there is always one person that loves candy corn so this is a great gift

Lollipop Pens

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A candy themed gift that will look great on any desk and are also functional.

Neck Brooch

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This candy themed gift is a great addition to the office gift exchange

Strawberry Shortcake Pencil Holder

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This gift goes back in time, so would be perfect for anyone in the office who grew up in the 80’s


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These are great buttons for an office gift exchange that look like really tasty cookies

Dog Tag

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for the office mate who is a dog lover as well


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who doesn’t love gummy worms J

Cookie Cutters

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candy themed cookie cutters for the baker in the office

Phone case

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a candy covered phone case is a great choice

Hair Tie

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a super fun hair accessory for the gift exchange

Gum Ball Machine

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sometimes in a candy themed gift exchange, it’s a great idea to give actual candy in this gumball machine.

Bow Tie

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This M&M’s bow tie is a great choice


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suspenders are always a fun gift for a guy in the office

Coffee Mug

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everyone loves coffee at the office so this gift is perfect.


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a candy themed apron for the cook in the office.

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