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20 Gift Ideas for Fans of Bob’s Burgers

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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift to give the Bob’s Burgers fan in your life, don’t have a crap attack – you’ve come to the right place. Whether they’re a Linda Belcher worshipper or more of a Gene Belcher identifier, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find gift ideas for even the most devoted fan!

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Gift Ideas for Fans of Bob’s Burgers

Butts Red Moleskin Notebook

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It’s no secret that butts are Tina Belcher’s favourite thing in the world. And why wouldn’t they be? Show the butts of the world some love with this red moleskin notebook, perfect for scribbling down butt-observations.

Kuchi Kopi Cross Stitch

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Throughout Bob’s Burgers, Kuchi Kopi shows up in the oddest of places, even making an appearance in Bob Belcher’s panic-enduced hallucinations. Pay tribute to this adorable yet slightly sinister character with this ready-to-hang cross stitch!

Louise Belcher is My Spirit Animal Mug

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If your friend is fluent in sarcasm, hates pretty much everyone and isn’t seen without their favourite hat, chances are they probably worship Louise Belcher. Let them show off their love with this fabulous dishwasher-safe mug!

Burger Crown Leggings

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Burgers cover pretty much all of the major food groups – vegetables, protein, and bread. These Bob’s Burgers-inspired leggings will ensure that the humble burger is respected and adored the way it deserves. Available in pink or blue!

  • Erotic Friend Fiction/Fan Fiction Planner Stickers


Make sure your friend never misses a chance to write their erotic friend fiction with these planner stickers. These stickers are durable and suitable for a large range of different planners as well as scrapbooks and journals. Just make sure the fiction doesn’t end up in the wrong hands!

  • Custom Crystal Louise Funko Pop

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This custom Funko Pop figurine is basically any diehard Bob’s Burgers fan’s dream. It’s totally unique, and each glass crystal has been stuck on by hand. It even comes with a mirror to achieve the optimum amount of glitz!

Cat Butt Coaster Pattern

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Linda Belcher’s sister Gayle is an artist, known best for her collection of “animal anus” paintings displayed at Bob’s Burgers. This cat butt coaster pattern will not only allow your friend to crochet to their heart’s content, but they’ll be creating some coasters that are 100% Gayle-approved.

Tina Phone Case

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Speaking of butts, why not show your friend just how much you love theirs? This phone case is available for a range of different phone models in a range of different styles, and is certain to protect your friend’s “asset” for years to come.

Gene Belcher Famous Lines Print

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Adorable, loveable, and squishy Gene features front-and-centre of this art print, paying tribute to what is arguably his best line from the series. This print is sure to spice up any Bob’s Burgers fan’s wall!

Louise Pink Bunny Hat

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This pink bunny hat is a vitally important part of not only Louise’s identity, but also the whole show itself. Louise is never seen without this hat, and now your friend won’t be either! The ears are bendable and the hat is available in any size you could require (yes, even for a newborn)!

Inspirational Tina Bracelet

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It really doesn’t get much better than this chic, Tina-inspired bracelet. Made of aluminium and stainless steel, you can also add a polymer clay charm for good measure: either a cheeseburger or, you guessed it, a butt.

Flirt a Little Wall Hanging

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Not only is this wall hanging handmade and totally funky, but giving it as a gift will ensure you’re always there for your friend as their wingman/wingwoman! Now they’ll never forget these wise words from Tina Belcher.

Bunny Ears Stud Earrings

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These adorable and subtle stud earrings would make the perfect present for any Bob’s Burgers fan. They’re stainless steel plated and come in either silver, gold or rose gold, so you can make sure they fit in perfectly with your friend’s aesthetic!

Hand-Knitted Butts Beanie

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Speaking of subtle, this hand-knitted beanie probably isn’t. But why would it need to be when we’re talking about butts!? If you feel like screaming your adoration for a certain body part from the rooftops like Tina, this is the beanie for you.

Bob’s Burgers-Style Custom Portrait

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There aren’t many presents I would want more than this one. Get your friend a personal, priceless gift of themselves, Bob’s Burgers-style. Once you’ve got the print, the possibilities are endless – wall prints, mugs, t-shirts – anything!

Defend Butts Enamel Pin

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This is the last butt-related item in this gift guide, I promise. This lapel pin comes in either pink or blue and is black metal-plated for durability. Defend what is important.

Louise Phone Case

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Louise Belcher is one of Bob’s Burgers most-loved characters, and it’s really no wonder. She’s sassy, sarcastic, smart and strong-willed, and takes no nonsense from anyone. If Louise is your friend’s favourite character too, this phone case is the perfect present!

Wine Helps Me Drink Print

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If your friend doesn’t get drunk, they just have fun, then this Linda Belcher print belongs on their wall. Perfect for anyone with a two-bottle-a-night job! Alright!

Bob’s Burgers Stickers

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No surface is safe from these Bob’s Burger-inspired laminated stickers. Notebooks, drink bottles, mirrors, fridges, cats – the possibilities are endless!

Bob’s Burgers Quote Print

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Tina is the hero we deserve, and the one we need right now. Instantly downloadable and available in any size you desire, now your friend can keep a constant reminder of their spirit animal on their wall forever.

Have you found the perfect Bob’s Burgers gift for the fan in your life? Let us know if you purchase any of these awesome items! We’re @uniquegifter on Instagram and @ugifter on Twitter.

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