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Gift Giving Etiquette in Australia

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In Australia, gift giving is pretty relaxed. That is true of many other things there as well! Australians are known for being down to earth. Along those same lines, they prefer people who are authentic, sincere, modest, and humble, and who have a sense of humor. There is usually a reason for a gift to be given, as they are not known for being spontaneous gift givers. Australians are casual and relaxed, even when it comes to business settings. They prefer to use first names at the initial introduction and beyond. If you are giving a gift to an Australian, keep it simple and thoughtful.

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Australian Gift Giving Customs

  • If you are invited to someone’s home for dinner, bringing a box of chocolates or some flowers is a great gesture for the host or hostess. You could also choose to bring a bottle of quality wine as well.
  • Small gifts are customary among family members, close friends, and neighbors for birthdays and Christmas.
  • If you are invited to a barbeque, bring wine or beer for your personal consumption. If it is particularly informal, though, then you should bring your own meat.

Giving Gifts to Australians

  • Gift cards and certificates are called “gift vouchers,” and gift baskets are called “gift hampers” in Australia.
  • Gifts are opened by the person receiving them when they are received.

Business Gift Giving Customs & Etiquette in Australia

  • It is customary to exchange business cards at the initial introduction.
  • Business gifts are not expected but are pleasant. You should tailor your gift to their business or hobbies when giving them a business-related gift.
  • Gifts are typically given for goodwill and gratitude purposes, celebrate accomplishments, and cultivate positive relationships with clients and business associates.
  • Avoid giving gifts that may be seen as a bribe.

Gift Giving Occasions in Australia

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Retirement
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • Easter
  • Saint Joseph’s Day
  • All Saints Day

Gift Giving Tips in Australia

  • Eco-friendly gifts are particularly welcomed, as Australia is part of the green movement, and they find value in recycled and eco-friendly gifts. These could include reusable shopping bags, items made from natural fibers, and others.
  • An illustrated book from your home country can be a welcomed gift.
  • The thought that goes into your gift is more important than the gift itself.
  • A preserved food item from your home country can make a good gift choice as well.

Gift Giving Don’ts in Australia

  • In business settings, avoid gifts that could be seen as a bribe.


Gift Giving Traditions in Australia

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