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Easter Cupcake Recipes

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Find the perfect cupcake to make this Easter season with this collection of Easter themed cupcakes! Bunnies, flowers, chicks, and even keto and gluten free options! Check out all the Easter cupcake recipes below!

Easter Cupcake Recipes for Kids and Adults

Let’s get hopping and start planning what you will be making this Easter season! Desserts are always a must, especially if you have kids around. You want to offer something sweet, delicious, and eye pleasing. It’s even better if it’s something you can bake with your kids. Many of the cupcakes listed below are simple and fun to create.

Allowing kids to feel involved and be creative is a win-win for parents. If you are planning a dessert for an adult only party there’s also many delicate and beautiful cupcakes listed.

Make the Easter Rush Easier

We know how busy Easter time can get. Between finding enough goodies to fill your kids Easter baskets, planning your Easter feast, and finding the PERFECT dessert you just don’t have a lot of time!

That’s why we put together this list of every type of Easter cupcake you can imagine. Hoping that we can help ease some stress of the holiday.

Cupcakes made from scratch to ones using a cake mix – you can find the perfect option.

Yummy Cupcake Options for Those With Dietary Restrictions

What makes this list of cupcakes even better if we have included some gluten free, Keto friendly, peanut free, and healthier options. Not only are they easy to make but they still look good, taste good, and are sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

It’s always daunting trying to find desserts that work for every dietary restriction and still taste good. Planning to make some for a classroom party can be hard since many kids have allergies, it’s why it’s important to find one that is peanut/nut free, maybe even lactose friendly, and gluten free.

Check out our list below to find the perfect cupcake today!

Easter Cupcake Recipes

Find the perfect cupcake to make this Easter season with this collection of Easter themed cupcakes! Bunnies, flowers, chicks, and even KETO and Gluten free options!

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