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Easter Classroom Gifts for 2nd Grade Students

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Holidays are tough. It’s hard to choose something everyone is going to like, especially when buying for a whole classroom of 2nd grade students. Here’s some Easter classroom gifts for 2nd grade students that will have them hopping with delight at school this Easter.

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Classroom Gift Ideas 2nd Graders Will Love for Easter

All of these classroom gift ideas are just what second grader students want this Easter! If you need more ideas, try these gifts for 1st grade and 3rd grade classes too.

Easter Classroom Gifts for 2nd Grade Students: Four Bunny glasses shown, each eye hole a bunny head and the eye hole in place on the bunnies nose. White, purple, blue, and pink shown.

Bunny Glasses

2nd grade students are a lot of fun because they like being silly. These glasses are perfect to get the class giggling!

Easter crayons

Easter Crayons

Instead of getting them some treats, treat the 2nd grade class to a box of crayons. Of course, they’re a lot more fun when they’re Easter crayons.

Chick Egg Holder

Move over plastic baggies, there’s a new way to gift eggs for Easter. These crocheted chicks are so cute!

Bunny Treat Boxes

These cute bunnies can be filled with the candy of your choice. It’s an easy and super-cute way to make the 2nd grade students smile.

Easter necklaces for kids

Easter Necklaces

Grab a bunch of these Easter necklaces for a pretty, non-candy Easter gift idea. They even have a variety of designs so everyone can get one they enjoy.

Bunny Candy Bars

Wrap up some delicious treats by ordering some of these bunny candy bars. They come all assembled and bulk pricing is available!

Shaped Crayons

Etsy has a lot of choice if you want Easter-shaped crayons, like these cute bunnies. You could print out some Easter coloring pages for a fun gift.

Easter Classroom Gifts for 2nd Grade Students: three pack of plastic eggs filled with M&M candies.

Candy Eggs

What kid doesn’t like Easter candy? Give your 2nd grade students a little treat this easter.

Pinwheel Pencils

Catch a spring breeze with these cute pinwheel pencil toppers. Maybe 2nd grade students will actually enjoy writing now.

12 Easter medals shown, all with pink, green or blue ribbon part with a circle with a cartoon bunny and a cute saying on it.

Easter Medals

A great idea if you’re playing classroom games or having other Easter themed activities or as an addition to treat bags.

Bunny Lollipop Holder

2nd graders will waste no time prying the sucker out of these bunnies hands. After, though, they’ll have a cute gift to play with.

Rabbit Hair Clips

For the little girls in the class these hair ties make a practical gift.

Easter Classroom Gifts for 2nd Grade Students: various Easter themed coloring books and stickers shown.

Coloring book

2nd grade students still very much enjoy coloring books. Grab them something Easter themed like these Disney books that even come with crayons.

Many plastic eggs open each showing it has a different wind up toy in it.

Wind Up Toys

The beauty of giving wind-up toys to older kids is that they can wind them themselves. Students will have a fun time seeing which they get from these pre-filled surprise eggs.

Bunny shaped picture frame with white pom pom as the bunny fur with a picture in the middle of two little girls.

Magnet Picture Frame

Crafts are a great idea for 2nd grade students. This one can be brought home and put on the fridge as an Easter gift for mom, dad, or grandparents.

Bunny Face Lollipop Holders

These lollipop holders are a laugh: they make you look like you have a bunny face while sucking on your treat. Sure to get some giggles in your classroom!

wooden whistles for kids

Wooden Whistles

Or if you’re looking for a candy-free alternative, these whistles do the same thing! Just give them out at the end of the day.

Personalized Bags

It’s really exciting to get something with your name on it. Even better if that something is a bag filled with goodies.

Four foam bunnies each with a pom pom tail. Purple, blue, dark purple, and yellow bunny crafts shown.

Bunny Foam Craft

An inexpensive activity for the class to do. You can hang them up in the classroom to decorate or send them home.

Large pile of different colored plastic eggs in middle of photo with various Plastic animals around it.

Surprise Eggs

They won’t know what they’ll get with these fun surprise eggs and there’s plenty in the box for all your students.

Now that I’ve shared my pics for Easter classroom gifts for 2nd grade students I’ll also share a joke: Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken!

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