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20 Easter Gifts Ideas for College Students

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Just because your teenager is away from home at college doesn’t mean you have to stop with Easter gifts. I am going to share a variety of items below that would make perfect Easter gifts for your college student. Brighten their day with a little love sent their way, and help make them feel special and like a kid again! I know I always loved care packages when I was away, it makes you feel really cared for and loved.

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The Perfect Easter Gifts Ideas for College Students

Snack Time

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Instead of an Easter basket of goodies, you can send a box of snack goodies that will sure to please their taste buds and put a smile on their face.

Sticky Note Organizer

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If your teen loves to be organized than this is a fun gift. Full of bright colors that scream Spring and will help keep them on track for their classes.

Personalized Bracelet

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A perfect filler for an Easter basket and it is a stunning personalized bracelet, perfect for Easter.

Bath Soaks

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Let your college student relax after a long day of hitting the books with this homemade lavender bath soak! A great way to recoup, get sleepy and rest before tomorrow comes.

College Student Cookbook

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This cookbook is great for easy recipes your teen can make while they are away from home. Slip some money inside so they can load up on groceries to make the recipes.

Insulated Water Bottle

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When you are in college your always on the go, make sure they have a nice water bottle to keep their water cold as they are going from room to room for more homework and studies.

Harry Potter Hair Ties

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Have a kiddo who loves Harry Potter? These are fun hair ties that will be fun for them to use for their next pony tail!

Backpack with Charging Port

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Upgrade their backpack with one that has a charging port built in! Talk about convenience and lots of room to carry all your teen’s supplies they might need.

Portable Charger

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Don’t let your teen use the excuse their phone was dead, hook them up with a portable charger. That way they can always have a way to charge their phone. Good excuse for more time to talk with them on the phone when you miss them!

Pac Man Wall Art

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If your teen loves to play video games, they might enjoy this fun Pac Man Wall art they could hang in their apartment or dorm room.

Fun Shirt

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Send a fun shirt that fits every college students menu of food. Pizza is a must when you are in college.

Splatter Hoodie

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Send your boy a splattered hoodie with Spring colors in honor of Easter. Keep them warm and give a little style to their wardrobe.

Jordan Almonds

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You can never go wrong with that crunch you get from a chocolate covered almond, Jordan almonds are the best. They are spring colors which are perfect for Easter.

Bath Bombs

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Another item to have sent to your college student, to help them relax after a long day of studying.


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Help your teen stay organized with a daily planner. They can jot down notes, events, and more in a fun way. They have tons of styles to choose from.

Grip Holder Mount for Phone

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These are great to offer a nice area to grip your phone for searching or playing on it. They are also called pop sockets.


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Headphones are great so if you are having to watch something and your dorm mate is asleep, you won’t wake them up. These are noise canceling which is great if your kid needs to watch something in a loud area.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils are great for so many things, and helping boost energy and focus could be great for a college student. They run on minimal sleep and might benefit from diffusing some oils when they are studying or relaxing.

Sharpie Markers

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You can always use markers and school supplies, and why not send a fun box of markers full of fun colors to change things up for their note taking and more.


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Send some fun new sunglasses to keep their eyes protected against the sun. You can find so many really neat styles to choose from.

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