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20 Gift Ideas for the Year of the Monkey

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The Monkey is the ninth of 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle, those born during the year of the Monkey are said to have very magnetic personalities, witty, and very intelligent. If you are planning on buying the monkey in your life a special Chinese new year themed gift we have created the perfect gift list for you! Check out our complete gift ideas for year of the Monkey below.

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Perfect Gift Ideas for the year of the Monkey

You will have no problem finding the perfect gift for those curious, smart, and even at times called caught monkeys in your life! Choose from traditional gifts, funny gifts, and even some super unique gifts from our list of gift ideas for the year of the monkey below.

The Year of the Monkey: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac (Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, 11)


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If you are looking for the perfect year of the monkey gift for younger kids this one’s perfect! I love this book because it explains all about the monkey, Chinese new year, and overall is just a fun read!

PinMart Chinese Zodiac Year of The Monkey New Year Enamel Lapel Pin

Enamel Lapel Pin

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Lapel pins are always a fun gift, they can be used basically anywhere, even on suit jackets for those working in a professional setting.

Boom Trendz Year Of The Monkey Chinese Zodiac Ceramic Dinnerware Set | Includes 16-Ounce Ramen Noodle Bowl and Wooden Chopsticks Asian Food Dish For Home & Kitchen Kawaii Lunar New Gifts red One Size

Ramen Noodle Bowl

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One Chinese tradition done around Chinese new year is eating long noodles which means long life. This monkey ramen noodle bowl that comes with chopsticks would be a great gift for anyone!

3dRose Chinese Zodiac Year of The Monkey Chinese New Year Red, Gold and Black - Puzzle, 10 by 10-inch (pzl_101848_2)


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Puzzles are always a fun gift! You can make it a family evening with this Year of the monkey puzzle.

MONIYA Adjustable Red String Bracelet Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign 2023 New Year Lucky Rabbit Bracelet for Women (Monkey Bracelet)

Red String Bracelet

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Red and gold are very lucky colors in Chinese culture so this bracelet not only looks good but you are giving them luck as well.

SKL Home Vern Yip Zodiac Monkey Hand Towel Set, White Small

Hand Towel Set

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Everyone needs hand towels! This two piece set has a monkey embroidered on it making them even better.

GOLDCHIC JEWELRY 18K Gold Plated Amulet Necklace Lucky Charm Pendant 12 Chinese Zodiac Necklace Monkey

Gold Lucky Coin Necklace

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Lucky coins are a great gift and even better when made into a necklace to represent extra luck and good fortune.

Goldenwave Creations Asian Oriental Chinese Zodiac Poster Year of the Monkey: 1932, 44, 56, 68, 80, 92, 04, 2016

Zodiac Poster

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This zodiac poster is a great gift, it can be displayed anywhere. It lists traits, personality, and information about the year of the monkey.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Mug, Chinese New Year, Chinese Monkey Zodiac, Year of the Monkey Mug, Lunar New Year, Monkey Horoscope


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Who wouldn’t want this amazing Year of the Monkey coffee mug!? It has a beautiful Monkey design in lucky red.

3dRose Doreen Erhardt Stars of Zodiac Collection - Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey in Traditional Red, Gold and Black. - Wine Bag (wbg_173251_1)

Wine Bag

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Grab a one or two bottles of their favorite wine and place them in this amazing Chinese new year themed monkey wine bag.

Natural Monkey Jade Pendant Gold Jade Xiuyu Men and Women Models Zodiac Monkey Jade Pendant Huang Xiuyu Birth Year Body Jade Pendant

Jade Pendant

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Jade is a very lucky stone in Chinese culture, this ones carved into a monkey family – making it the perfect gift for those who are very family oriented.

BRASSTAR Golden Resin Feng Shui Statue Monkey Chinese Zodiac Home Office Table Top Decor Figurine Gift Collection PTZY108

Golden Statue

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Gold in Chinese culture means good luck, good fortune, and wealth. We love this one because it’s Shaped like a monkey making it perfect for those you wish all those things upon and those born during the year of the monkey.

Year of the Monkey: 140 pages - Lined - Monkey Themed / 猴年 / Lunar New Year / Chinese Zodiac Notebook / Journal / Notepad


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Journals are always a nice gift, everyone can use one. Keeping notes, for school, work, or even for writing down their thoughts and feelings.

Year of The Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Lunar New Year Trucker Cap Black


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Hats are great gifts! This one comes in many different colors and sports a red monkey (for luck) and the Chinese symbol for monkey in white on it.

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Perfect for any younger person or anyone who is young at heart! Create your own little year of the monkey figurine to play with or proudly display.

Goldenwave Creations Asian Chinese Zodiac Keyring Monkey: 2 design pack keyrings:, Birth years 1944, 56, 68, 80, 92, 04, 2016


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Keychains are always a practical gift for someone since everyone can use one! This one has information about the monkey on one side.

3dRose Chinese Zodiac Year of The Monkey Chinese New Year Red, Gold and Black Mouse Pad (mp_101848_1)

Mouse Pad

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If the person you are buying for uses a computer this one’s perfect! It’s a stylish Chinese new year year of the Monkey themed mouse pad.

3dRose - Chinese zodiac symbol. Yellow on black talisman. The year of monkey - Light Switch Cover - (lsp-325351-1)

Light Switch Cover

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Hey, everyone has light switches! This one has an adorable golden monkey on it.

Beekeeping Gift for Animal Lovers Beekeeping Supplies Men Women White Gray Multicolor T shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

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How cool is this long sleeve shirt?! It comes in other colors but we think the white one looks pretty awesome.

3dRose Chinese Zodiac Year of The Monkey in Traditional... - Bathroom Bath Rug Mats (rug-173251-1)

Bath Mat

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Bath mats that also bring luck? Yes please. This one has the lucky colors and a monkey boldly on it.

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